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Suspension of MUVI TV licence premature, illegal and a breach of the IBA Act-PAZA

General News Suspension of MUVI TV licence premature, illegal and a breach of the...

PAZA President, Andrew Sakala,
PAZA President, Andrew Sakala,
The suspension of broadcasting licences of Muvi TV, Komboni radio, ITT radio has continued to draw criticism towards the Independent Broadcasting Authority.

PAZA on Tuesday, described the suspension as premature, illegal and a breach of the IBA Act as the three media house were not given chance to be heard before shutting them down.

Andrew Sakala who is PAZA President explained that under the IBA act of 2010, it is mandatory for the board to give a broadcasting station an opportunity to defend itself before a licence can be suspended or cancelled.

He said the act used to suspend the licences gives powers to the board to suspended the stations but that the same act demands that the affected parties be given an opportunity to be heard before such an action is taken.

“The suspension of the broadcasting licences of the three broadcasting stations is premature and illegal because the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) board breached the act by not giving the three stations an opportunity to defend themselves.

“The licences for the three stations were purportedly suspended under section 29 (1) (J) which gives the IBA authority to suspend a licence in the interest of public safety, security peace, welfare or good order. But under the same section 29 (7) , the Act is explicit and demands that before a licence is suspended or cancelled, a licensee must be given an opportunity to be heard. To be specific section 29(7) reads : ” the board shall, before cancelling or suspending a broadcasting licence under this section, give the broadcasting licensee an opportunity to be heard.” Our inquiries have revealed that none of the three stations were given an opportunity to be heard by the IBA board which renders the board’s action null and void,” he said.

Mr Sakala has since demanded that the board rescinds it’s decision and ensure that they follow the law to the letter.

“PAZA therefore demands that the IBA board should rescind it’s decision and follow the law before any action can be taken. It must be noted that section 29(7) was included in the act to ensure that freedom of the media and freedom of expression are not easily violated by way of arbitrary suspension or cancellation of broadcasting licences.

“The IBA board must therefore give the three broadcasting stations an opportunity to state their case before any action can be taken against them. We urge the IBA board to follow the law to the letter and exercise it’s powers as a regulatory board in a cautious and judicious manner.,” he said.


    • when right thinking citizens remain quiet in the face of impunity, the truth suffers. Lawyers should take up this case and apply to court to have this dictatorial decision rescinded. Every one should have a right to be heard before an adverse decisions is against them – that is natural justice!

    • Let Lungu Enjoy, how do you bring innovation in to a country?? they just want their outdated ZNBC which a waste of tax payers money. actually ZNBC should be closed becoz its a shame. Lungu and his PF team are digging their own grave. if people are out of work?? they will never vote for you.. Instead of creating jobs through such initiatives you are killing jobs.. shows how dull PF leadership is.

  1. Good observation by PAZA but the *****s can not heed the advice because they are too obessed with power. They are scared to expose thier foolishness and criminality bunch of fools and *****s indeed God will punish you.

  2. It seems we have incompetent lawyers in Zambia no one reads the said laws ,the Legal counsel to the IBA needs to chucked out.This is another court case !! which IBA will lose

  3. They do not care about professionalism and their ethics for as long as the higher authorities have ordered the closure. It is a pity that we are going down as a country in everything we are doing just because politicians are calling the shots. IBA needs wake and act professional for the sake of the country. It is sad to see such institutions full of educated and learned people acting without following the law that clearly defines their work and those of the ones they are punishing.

  4. I yearn for the time when Zambia will have a dictator. This stu.pidity that is going should not be tolerated. Edgar is being hit right, left and centre, and you f.o.o.l.s think he is not seeing. I yearn for the time when all this nonsense will be dealt with instantly. You can’t pretend that you could not see the danger that to national stability and security that the pictures muvi tv was showing could have led us to. This station could plunged this country into untold conflict. The institution that has a mandate to regulate intervenes and then you see some f.o.o.lish.ness from egocentric fellows who cannot see beyond the politics. Nonsense

    • Dictators unfortunately do have a sad ending; that dictator being yearned for here will not be an exception. Careful for what you wish for, you may just get it and you may get caught in the crossfire.
      The void created by the state media in telling the other side of the story created the situation. The inability of the police to enforce the law fairly will create anarchy, these principles are in the universe and unavoidable.

      Let us wish for peaceful co-existence, we may just have it.

  5. Does media freedom mean no regulatory functions. Andrew Sakala was silent when HH Kalusa insulted a journalist trying to balance a story. What hypocrisy is this from MISA.

  6. We shall give ECL some sweets and he will dance pelete soon.We dont want another Mugabe in zambia.

  7. Anyone can see this Mapoma organisation is a Kangaroo Court. How do you just suspend a licence without a hearing? Who will deliver us from this evil?

  8. IBA like Lungu who has ordered them to close the stations does not respect the law. God will deal with these crooks who have been hired by the biggest Crook Lungu. God will also deal with Christians for Lungu for causing Lungu to turn Zambia into a dictatorial police state. Don’t be fooled by the prayers they are praying. God is not hearing their prayers.

  9. There is total chaos and drama in this country. Why close reputable institutions at the expense of that useless ZNBC?

  10. PAZA or sakala,the majority interest on the face of turmoil caused by irresponsible, immature and selfish interest exhibited by the three media houses prompted IBA to suspend their licenses.

  11. Muvi TV went very far, those UNZA protests they faked with burning tyres and hired voices behind the mic is a very dangerous adventure. Sometimes when you see danger, you don’t exercise democracy, it’s better this way,,moreover Kambwili was always singing about this and they were warned.

  12. Every one has the right to look at things. Can some one tell me they can be free to view pono? Roads have speed limits please observe and comply.

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