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How 3 Political Blunders Stole August Christmas from HH

Headlines How 3 Political Blunders Stole August Christmas from HH


HH flanked by Mr Mwamba and Dr Banda_1
HH flanked by Mr Mwamba and Dr Banda_1

Now that the elections are over and the dust from Dununa reverse has somewhat settled, Lungu and his PF followers are basking in August Christmas, while HH and his followers are still in disarray still piecing together how the Grinch (ECZ), a grouchy, watermelon looking like creature supposedly stole Christmas from HH. Let’s hope and pray that come December 25, Santa Claus will return everything HH has been claiming to have lost and will be the guest of honor at the Lungu’s Christmas dinner.

Political pundits say that in 2015 is when should have won the elections to a new comer Lungu, who campaigned only for 21 days. This August 11, HH’s loss is really tough, and it is understandable that HH is upset after such a shocking loss.

Politics like in sports, winning depends on executing the best strategy that gives a candidate or a team the best chance to vanquish the opponent. In my hey days as a boy in Mufulira, it was always frustrating losing soccer to a team you are convinced is an inferior competitor to you. Now as a grown man, I know better that the outcome of sports is not dictated by who has stellar statistics on paper. If that were the case no one would beat Brazil in soccer and it would be useless to have world cup competition. That’s why they say, ‘you have to actually play the game to decide the winner’ irrespective of the statistics on paper.

To win sports or politics, you not only need to show up, you need to execute your strategy when it matters. On August 11, UPND as the challenger did not deliver the proverbial Chiluba knockout punch. Thus, HH coming off as a whining (loser) politician, is not exactly the kind of temperament a nation looks for in an ideal candidate aspiring for the office of POZA (president of Zambia).

I will leave the ‘rigging’ allegations to the Cons-Court to decide. However, in my view there are 3 (three) collosal blunders HH made that diminished his chances of celebrating Christmas in August. Let us look at these 3 (three) executive blunders/decisions by HH:

  1. Two Vice Presidents: Dr. Canisius Banda and GBM

There has never been in the history of politics anywhere under the sun where a political party had two sitting vice presidents.  Anywhere in the world except for HH, the choice for vice president is a landmark in presidential campaigns and should serve as a strategy in deciding the outcome of the elections. For presidential candidate HH with no political experience, the choice of making GBM as VP along with VP Dr. Banda in hindsight was the first executive blunder HH made. Not even in the Catholic church will you find 2 popes at the same time lest you cause a schism.

Unless you are running a corporate board room, the choice of 2 VPs was not only mysterious but left most of us confused. What followed leading to the choosing of the running mate, simply fueled unnecessary political innuendos and speculation which raised more questions about HH than his 2 VPs. Who was consulted about this decision? What criteria drove HH to make such a decision?

The choice of 2 VPs is regarded by many pundits as the greatest mystery in Zambian political history.  Not by me, as I am so accustomed to political mysteries that nothing surprises me anymore. If how you make executive political decisions is a symbol of how you will govern, how can you run a complicated entity like a government if can’t even get the basic VP party structure right?

  1. GBM as Running Mate

GBM brought a lot of grassroots strategies that were missing in UPND. I for one understand the logic of making GBM leader of operations. UPND needed a man like GBM to expand the party and attract new members. Anywhere in politics, the choice of running mate should meet three criteria; popularity with party base, favorability with political pundits and voters alike. Running mate should appeal to all voters (including opposition voters), and should have less or zero baggage.

GBM’s political antics as a former PF are well known.  In the game of spades, GBM is what we call a wild card, meaning his influence is unpredictable and can go either way causing you to win or lose. It’s either you love GBM or you hate him. The net effect of the GBM factor was zero. He energized UPND voters, but also his constant barrage of recorded audios of insults (Ka-chakolowa, bafika**) against President Lungu simply energized the PF base. As we can see there is no single elected UPND MP in Northern or Luapula as a result of the GBM factor.

It begs the same questions; who was consulted? How transparent within UPND inner circle was this vetting process? Was Dr. Canisius Banda even considered as a potential choice? How does HH feel/thinks of GBM’s audios disrespecting the sitting president?  All these are important questions that ultimately raises more questions about political judgment, political intuition and style of executive decision making by HH.

  1. The Gang of 4: Sampa, Mumba, Scott and M. Sata

The UPND message of ‘change and forward’ is something that resonated with voters who were disillusioned with PF. The choice couldn’t be clearer between same PF excuses (load-shedding) and HH’s 10-point plan problem solving. HH as a successful business man running for POZA to change the country and not to profit from it. Why would anyone have a problem with that? I too was sold out on the theme of change. I don’t care, let’s just try something new.

When the Gang of 4 joined HH’s campaign they brought many minuses than pluses. They were PF defectors looking for political jobs from HH. The campaign theme remained that of ‘change and forward’ but in reality the Gang of 4 took over UPND and instead of selling the message of ‘change and forward’ they were pursuing politics of personal vendetta against Lungu. The Gang of 4 had no prior relationship with HH. Again, HH as the leader of UPND, one wonders how carefully he took the decision to let the Gang of 4 be the standard bearer of his campaign message. In my view the Gang of 4 had no business in UPND. They left PF because of bitterness and it is their bitterness that erased and contaminated UPND’s theme of ‘change and forward’. How can a party sell the message of ‘change and forward’ by dunana-ling reverse with recycled politicians? The net effect was zero; its either they energized UPND or PF bases.

I do personally believe that rigging allegations should be fully investigated and a report should be issued for pundits to review and critic. But in politics as in sports, having a plan to deal with crooked referees or elections officials is also part of the winning strategy. These 3 aforementioned stunning political decisions, raised more questions about HH’s political instincts and ability to make executive decisions, than answer questions about HH’s acceptability and likability as POZA. Ultimately voters felt comfortable with Lungu retaining the title of POZA, while creating a narrative of politics of bitterness and personal vendetta has no place in Zambia. Lungu’s winning strategy was right, too, which makes him and his PF followers smart – not the Grinch that stole August Christmas from HH.

Mr. Nsambila Mbolela, is a native of Mufulira-Copper-Belt, currently based in the USA, a founding member of Zambia Institute of Transparency and Accountability (ZITA). ZITA is a Zambian Think Tank non-profit organization based in Canada-Zambia, whose mission is to promote public debate and awareness on issues of good governance, democracy and free and fair market economy in Zambia and Africa as whole. The author is a regular political and economic contributor to this organization.   http://www.zitazambia.com/


  1. The only thing which stole the xmas for UPND is vote rigging….stop all those analysis which don’t make sense…..simple request..lets re count the votes…I don’t see how people shud panic to that request

    • @Twende

      You want the vote to be recounted. I thought this would be more important in Southern Province where UPND cadres threatened with violence and chased poll agents of other political parties. But as for other provinces, poll agents of all political parties were present. So what will a recount yield? The major challenge UPND will have is to prove, as they are claiming, that ECL and Mama Inonge colluded with ECZ to steal the vote from UPND. In court, members of the bench are not interested in claims that cannot be proved. The burden of proof is on UPND.

    • What a useless article!! What cant the writer wait for the outcome of the Judgement before flapping his gums over his opinions? Wait, dear. These results are being disputed for a reason. Just preach peace and not lies.

    • Lusaka Times, you are becoming more and more useless just like Zambia Reports and Daily Nation. Of course we know that you are Pro-PF, but at least you used to be subtle about your bias before. Recently, you have lost it. I dont know whether or not its because you now think that Mr Lungu will rule for the next 5 years and therefore you have nothing to worry about. Your conclusions may just be proven otherwise. All these Empires were great at one point; Egyptian, Babylonian, Medo-Persia, Greek, Roman Empires. Nothing last forever, except the Lord.

    • You people, recounting the votes is not going to help matters.As we make comments on this matter right now the results have probably been tampered with already.

    • That the folly with you UPND chat you are so engrossed in your supposed goodness and intelligence that you never listen to constructive criticism and advise. That’s why you will always lose. The author is spot on GBM a proven GBV monster could never bring any positivity to UPND, C Banda has no spine, no presence, then the disgruntled 4 are just that a negative nothing positive to bring to UPND. None of the 4 has ever succeeded at anything politically without SATA.

      THE NARRATIVE OF VOTE RIGGING IS OVER-USED IN UPND, how can you be robbed 5 times and still believe you fit as a gate keeper of Zambia going for. What happened to all that hype about “we have put measures in place this time to protect the vote”? UPND failed to beat Lungu period. No amount of amalilisho will give them…

    • How do you recount when Mwaliteta has run away with most of the ballots and others burnt in Lukulu fire inferno?

    • The three important issue you be responding to.
      1. 2 VPs sign of indecision and an attempt to ride on two horses and ride on non eventually
      2. GBM came empty handed since he failed to win even what he called his bedroom. Kasama.
      3. Mumba is as good as being in the company of a Dead Man. Politically he is dead. Not even his wife agrees with his uncoordinated political movements. SAMPA is useless No one in matero listened to him and looks too childish. SCOT was rightly called “THE MOST STUPID WHITE MAN” by HH and we all know what the most stupid man can come with. NOTHING Failed to do anything in Lusaka Central. So these issues caused the lose of UPND

    • HH just grow your businesses to the level of the Dangotes of Africa. These peasants are ok and happy in there dwelling. I wouldnt sleep in the bush campaigning when i can be sat comfortably in my mansion watching my money multiply online. You owe me an explaination to why you choose to be insulted and spat at when you could be in an air conditioned office making power moves. You are young HH you’re not like Senior Citizen or BP Kambwili. You could make a come back after 10 or 15 years and contest again. If we fail to find a good president to run Gov, we need a business leader among businesses. We need someone young people can aspire to be in business.

    • But who is panicking between PF and UPND? In any case we have been tipped that there are some foreign elements the cartel has organized to restuff ballot boxes with HH votes. We are waiting and watching.

  2. Zambian politics is about using a party until it jujukas (worn out ) its never about policies or morality. HH lost because the election was rigged period.

    • Your party(UPND) cannot win the election under the leadership of HH, because it has won out and if you are not careful PF(GBM,Sampa,Mulenga,Scott) will take over UPND…..

    • Tell us at what stage the elections were rigged.You had representatives in all polling stations and verification centers at the totaling center.Besides,HH has fours years of practical loss experience.Does it mean he never learns from the rigging he claims takes place each time he stands in an election? The years 2006,2008,2011,2015 and now 2016 in which he has participated in elections should surely make him an experienced political prayer.

  3. Since you are in Canada YOU dont understand what happened. Explain the Chadiza inflated results for Lungu. Explain the non provision Gen 12 a critical document in Zambian polls. Please dont make your voice just good for begging bacon.

    • Unfortunately the regular voter in Zambia doesn’t see things this way. What is important to a Zambian is terms such as god fearing, humble, dununa, ni cite chabe, etc. Everything else is beyond the reach of a hungry jobless Zambian. Look at Copperbelt where hunger would have been the deciding factor. Zambians don’t think like that!

  4. Some good points on why HH seemingly failed to sale the biggest bite in his fragile campaign was the PF factor and his inability to listen….people saw the dangers of bringing vendetta based politics to the table and said no… HH didn’t see it…look closely at HH do you think he could even punch anyone? But again because he got money from the likes of GBM he is not able to say what he really wants to which is ‘ Lets start over” in allowing ECL to rule chances are ECL will fail to repair the snare that MCS left him and come 2021 which is next door the PF will be easy picking…if however they do fix the economy then that’s fine isn’t that we all want? I have known HH since University he was easy going, and I an only appeal that he lets this thankless fight go to leave another day…

  5. We don’t believe in theory, what you are applying is complete theory bwana. The vote was stollen. Gbm worked and votes were gained which saw UPND win the polls but stollen physically. So do not write rubish wasting space and time for serious minded people.

    • @esd you sound like Martha Mushipe. You saw gbm do the work and his work was not bought into by people that vote. For you and your leaders to insinuate that your votes were stolen leaves so much to desire. Many bloggers on LT have said it but you tend to believe so much in your lies. Continue crying foul you will continue in opposition even after 2021.

    • How were votes stolen you morons. Give us evidence and stop having illusions. ECL won and he has now managed to retire KALUSA.

    • esd and Romeo – Yours is an old record. It’s in Southern Province where we should even be suspecting foul play. Your man lost due to poor strategy.

    • That the folly with you UPND chat you are so engrossed in your supposed goodness and intelligence that you never listen to constructive criticism and advise. That’s why you will always lose. The author is spot on GBM a proven GBV monster could never bring any positivity to UPND, C Banda has no spine, no presence, then the disgruntled 4 are just that a negative nothing positive to bring to UPND. None of the 4 has ever succeeded at anything politically without SATA.

      THE NARRATIVE OF VOTE RIGGING IS OVER-USED IN UPND, how can you be robbed 5 times and still believe you fit as a gate keeper of Zambia going for. What happened to all that hype about “we have put measures in place this time to protect the vote”? UPND failed to beat Lungu Period

  6. I noticed that the writer was out of touch with the realities of Zambia politics – HH didn’t become a questionable candidate because of what he stated. His downfall was( he never rose anyway) when he embraced the notion that UPND was for Tongas – it was a bad seed sawn..,so its yielding tribal politics, and hence he can’t ever get Luapula,Northern,Muchinga and Eastern. I ve lived in northern, (kasama Central) copperbelt, lusaka – that is why l think my views re in touch with reality.

  7. The dust hasn’t settled that is why no one has been sworn in as President. Can people just wait for the court process to be completed. After that you can post your analysis. Right now as things stand in this country Christmas is only but a dream.

  8. Good, fair and balanced analysis. Unfortunately, the aggrieved will misinterpret and twist this rather informative piece. We reap what we sow; so true in politics as well.

  9. You people talk about Chavula and the IT director. What was Chavula doing in a highly secured IT STRONG ROOM. If you are really a pundit in politics can you also write something about this as well

  10. u are in Canada and still do not understand the demographics of Democracy…pity; on the face of it quite robust theory/opinion but take this: 1. With the whole agro the Senior Republicans have had AGAINST Donald “The Duck” Trump, how come he still came through as candidate – compare to PF Convention at Mulungushi. 2. Bernie Sanders promised and worked hard for a “future to believe in” and was hot, but Senior democrats “intervened”, and its Hilary-compare to UPND…FFT: Kaunda was the ONLY ONE who worked-out tribal-balancing, all BUT the presidency were subject to HIS balancing…donno how you guys get yo phd’s… 🙁

  11. This analysis is out of context and there is nothing to analyses about Zambian politics because it is a corrupt system. You can only provide an analysis in an environment where the playing field is level to all participants. This is a waste of time and pure waffle.

  12. People even in the mathematics of probabilities a president of 45 MPs can not win over a president of over 100 MPs. How come the issue is on the presidence only. He just lost and thats it.

    • Nochmal as we say out here – leave yo misconstrual of stats out of this Charade: THE PRESIDENT IS VOTED INDEPENDENT OF THE MPS – DIRECT MANDATE!!! If yo in the States u should be very familiar with this: check out the Phrase “LAME DUCK PRESIDENT” fcol…Senate and the House Independent of POTUS so far as the elctability goes 🙂

    • Excellent. What does hh and his thugs want? I don’t even know y the court’s are entertaining all these petitions. This guy said it way before elections ” I will not accept the results if I lose “. Can someone tell me what type of thinking is that?

  13. The article is sport on, I nearly was converted to UPND but after seen two Vice Presidents I changed my mind. Never ever in the world especially times like voting having 2 Vice President yaluka

  14. Prove to us how the vote was stolen?——HH won in three provinces and got 48 MP’s while ECL won in 7 provinces and 88 MP’s plus 12 Pro PF independent MP’s (100 MP’s) and you still say the vote was stolen from HH. please get a life and come back to reality.


  15. UPND guys are sleepy. How can you allow an individual to steal from you. After that you start claiming naulala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kikikikikikikikikik

  16. Good analysis but UPND caders will insult the writer.I also felt the same.What change when u have GMB who rewarded himself contracts in govt.Guy scolt who was with sata for 3years,Sampa who wanted to be a PF president.Never Mumba, a failed politicians.Not only that some pipo felt bad after HH left Cani-Banda.In addition to that HH was saying since PF came into power they have done nothing while sorrounded by same faliers.Sampa,Mumba,Mulenga & Scolt joined HH due to bitterness.UPND couldn’t even find it’s own MPs but used PF rejects mps to stand in Chawama,Matero,Lusaka central,kanyama & madevu.HH is to blame for his lose.I don’t know why he has even taken the lose to court.Why should PF steal HH’s votes in Lusaka and not in Luapula,northern,muchimnga and eastern?If UPND was popular…

  17. Did you know why Jesus said, “I am coming quickly?” Its because of these debates about who is winner and who is loser?, who is better than the other?, which tribe is better than the other? This was instigated by the devil right at the start of human history. The devil thought he was better than the creator of heaven and earth to rule mankind and make decisions for themselves. What is the result? Pain after pain…..No wonder Jesus says I am coming to save you people not a human being. In fact, human rulers are standing in opposition to Jesus. Read this I know you have a Bible with you Daniel 2:44.

  18. @Mbolela, are you crazy? Which election did you expect your tribesman to win with only 3, not 4, not 5 provinces out of 10?

  19. If HH had chosen his fellow Tonga as his running mate,people could have started barking saying tribalism,tribalism,tribalism.He embraced other tribes but still more you are condemning him.What will ever be right in this country?

    • You are missing the point of what people are saying. HH Chose the wrong character. Even if GBM was Lozi or Nkoya, he would still be a wife batterer and full of insults.

      Viva president Nawakwi.

    • @Luapula——Bebe batwebe how this can happen: Prove to us how the vote was stolen?——HH won in three provinces and got 48 MP’s while ECL won in 7 provinces and 88 MP’s plus 12 Pro PF independent MP’s (100 MP’s) and you still say the vote was stolen from HH. please get a life and come back to reality.

  20. At times a referee can give a penalty where there is none and therefore make one team win and the other lose. Havent you heard of game or match fixing?

  21. Ba UPND what’s the fuss about this article? The writer clearly said, “I will leave the ‘rigging’ allegations to the Cons-Court to decide”. Just respond to his observations i.e. the 3 political blunders. For example, if your message is change ‘and we all know that change is the only constant thing’ why embrace turncoats and reward them with high positions in your hierarchy? To be realistic what economic positive change would GMB, Scott, Sampa, Mulenga Sata and Nevers Mumba bring to any organization? What political or economical change would 2 Veeps bring to the table? What rationale did HH use to come up with his running mate? In an event that HH died while in office, would you in your right frame of mind (more especially you tongas and lozis ) accept to be ruled by GBM?


      We the over 1890000 that voted and renewed the governance contract for HE President Lungu totally agree with you.
      We all know that we did the right thing to reject the Under 5 convincingly and that’s why all the global leaders have congratulated President Lungu. They did this after their representatives (election monitors) told them that infact HH was not even as popular as he tried to paint a pictures to the outside world.
      So let HH just start paying back the debt he over borrowed due to his miscalculation. Copperbelt and Lusaka rejected you bwana HH and this could be seen from the HIGH VOTER TURN OUT. Just swallow you pride and step down as UPND failed leader.

  23. Good analysis, and in addition to that, the 4th point would be;

    UPND under HH was formed on tribal grounds, it can be seen from the outcome. If it wasn’t for that things would have been different.

    This time and age, politicians are supposed to be preaching and practicing The one Zambia One Nation theme.

  24. For the Author & multitudes of other Zambians, Presidential Elections are like Sport, i.e. like the way Zambians support Man-U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. With the poor performance of Chipolopolo lately, most youths have turned to politics as an entertainment & ignored the serious issues like policies on youth unemployment, job creation, agriculture, tourism etc.

    Dununa Reverse song has come & gone and JK has been paid, but the unemployment/hunger is still with us & is gonna get worse.

    For some of us it’s a choice of life & death.

    What they don’t know is that they’ve just signed their death warrants. It’s not a matter of HH losing but it’s Zambia that has lost the ECONOMIC & DEMOCRATIC gains that we have achieved over 25years. Already Freedom of speech…

  25. ….CONT’D
    Already Freedom of speech has been taken away by closing independent media houses, merely days after elections. More oppression is to come.

    IMF is coming to lend $1.9BILLION to the Zambia Govt on top of the BILLIONS PF has already borrowed. With it comes Structural Adjustment Plan, a pain that some youths are too young to remember. The road ahead is bumpy. Unfortunately we also have to suffer along with others who voted wrongly. I’ve now been condemned to watching DeadNBC & reading DailyFail as I voted for LUNGU.


  26. A famous Quote from Pastor Martin Niemöller: “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Lelo ndine, mailo ndiwe.

    • @Marie so if hh your messiah won was he going to get the funds from imf?? I would also like to inform you that as Zambians do not buy into negative talks. That is why hh has lost these elections because of the negative decreese he was making over Zambia, which all well meaning Zambians condemned. Right now in the name of Jesusi am codeming that negative talk of zambians suffering that it will not happen. If at all you have a bible read Isaiah 7:7. Take it or leave it.


  28. Rubbish……without intimidation, illigally using public funds to campain and outright rigging lungu was well beaten.

  29. This repeat article seems to trying to deflect attention away from the vote rigging and intimidation done by PF.

    no matter who HH had selected or what strategy used one one could win against all goverment arms used illigally against them.

    If you include the vote rigging then chances of any one wining avast PF is almost zero.

    • Kanshi tell us how the rigging was done!! If it were pf flashing their party symbols on ques while waiting to vote right now nga ni katwishi kubanensu.
      Even following people in the voting booth to see who there voting for we could be just be reading screaming head lines.

  30. Author of the article obviously you are shallow minded. Just next door to us, uncle Bob Mugabe, how many vices did he have starting with Joshua Nkomo?

    • What an example! What have you smoked? SO you mean Bob having 2 vice presidents lead to good in Zimbabwe? Please think before posting rubb!sh.

  31. “Those who vote decide Nothing, Those who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin
    Nice article Mr. really interesting.

  32. That is why UPND will remain in opposition or go into obviation, listen to what people say. Also ready Munshya on facebook

  33. The choice of GBM as running mate was the best that HH did in line with their strategy of smear campaign. Obviously Dr. Banda’s morals & behavoiur can’t fit in this strategy. I have heard both HH & GBM freely hurling insults on anyone of their victims, but not this real son of Africa, Dr. Banda. The strategy itself was wrong because Lungu had served for just one year & can’t lose popularity to that extent they had exaggerated it. No doubt the economy has gone wrong but this may not be attributed to Lungu but to two or three past leaders, global effects aside. Credit crunch in USA started two weeks before Obama assumed power & had he been in office at that time, the blame of past leaders could have been on him. The campaign against Lungu’s lack of vision even exposed them further.

    • If HH had vision himself, why has he been failing to provide that vision to his party to win elections for the past ten years whilst Lungu managed on first attempt? If HH can fail to manage his party to victory, what vision does he have to manage the country? UPND were lucky even to get votes from women with GBM as running mate who is well known for GBV. Had it been other countries, South Africa inclusive, they would not have received any vote from women, may be their wives & daughters. The Gang of 4: Sampa, Mumba, Scott and M. Sata had no following and should have been treated as job seekers & considered on basis of their CVs. Even in 2015 elections they supported & voted for HH, so no value.

  34. This is how best the Dubai Ballot paper can reduce you to. Remember,you had all the representation at Dubai and you all witnessed how transparent the printer was. You had all the representation at polling stations and agreed to results eg. Dundumwezi 30000+ (HH) 256 (ECL). But how do you miss to sum up 1+1. Do you just want to use the term Rigging to convince your own consciousness.? Come on, 2016 Ballot is not the end of Democracy. Lets plan properly for the next cast.

  35. When GBM,GUY SCOUT,MILES,MULENGA SATA left PF,Hon C Kambwili said they were not factors and the whole UPND thought it was a joke and they have received political heavy weights. Look at their contributions:kasama central,lusaka central,kabwata,and matero.Those people have nothing to show for in areas they were claiming to be popular.Silvia Masebo is even quiet after a political retirement like defeat from the cousin.

  36. Even simple Kaponyas knew this but UPND in their usual arrogancy or was it desperation refused to think. GBM is very very insolent & naive man and for a country like Zambia you cannot afford to have such a combination of with someone who calls security personnel MORONS. If you cannot take pressure then do not desire the office that is characterized by pressure.

  37. How can one rule a country with less than 50 MP”s ? For a bill in Parliament to pass a political party requires 104 members out of the 156 in total. Crazy thinking by any pundit, mathematically it is not possible.
    This is Zambian Parliament law and not a regional legislature as some would like to believe. What will it take for you guys to understand simple logic?

  38. Panji reveals his dealings with HH
    By “The Post”
    By Chibaula Silwamba
    Sun 27 Mar. 2011, 04:01 CAT [4832 Reads, 0 Comment(s)] Text size Print

    “They gave us the name. We called that gentleman, and lucky enough he came. We explained to him what our mission was and he agreed to come with us. We all jumped into the vehicles and we went to the residence of president Hakainde. We found him there, he was having a meeting with other members of the UPND leadership and when they left, he remained with a few others and we went to the table on his verandah. George Zulu said, ‘Look Sir, we have come here because we love you. We think you have got a role to play in this nation and hear us. We have come here, I think you should reconsider the offer that was made by the people of Zambia…

    • Panji reveals his dealings with HH
      By “The Post”
      By Chibaula Silwamba
      Sun 27 Mar. 2011, 04:01 CAT [4832 Reads, 0 Comment(s)] Text size Print

      “Then Mr Hakainde said, ‘when you were coming here, did you think of me to be president of Zambia?’ George said, ‘no Sir, we didn’t. The whole way was for you to be vice-president.’ Then Mr Hakainde said, ‘Yes, I know, because I am Tonga, you guys don’t want me to be president.Everybody who is calling in is saying that I must be vice- president.Do you think us Tongas cannot be presidents? Even Ng’andu Magande, that was why he was not made MMD president because he is Tonga. Late Mazoka’s victory was stolen from him because he was Tonga’.

      “Then I said, ‘No Mr president, Andy Mazoka was Tonga, the people of Zambia voted for him in large…

  39. One of the economic or education refugees in the USA. Useless article. You have not even learnt of any civilization despite being in USA and still thinking like us in lusaka, solwezi, mongu, or even chitulika,

  40. UP ND and HH confused themselves just on adoption,how can they leave founder members and accommodate frustrated defectors, just look at the death of former kaoma member of parliament MISRP it was out of frustration due to UPND quik decisions. Viva Lungu

  41. Whether he is in Zambia or not he is right about GBM . His insults against Lungu especially on Radio Icengelo subtracted value from the Upnd. Boasting that ka Edgar nakena mukulya T Bone ya ngombe shakwa HH no bunga bwakwa GBM is not mature campaigning.

  42. Just come to realise and reaffirm my long ting belief that the usually silent PF supporters are extremely intelligent going by the contributions and comments to this well analysed article.
    When GBM went vulgar and insulted the whole PF family in one the recordings, someone reminded him that “Bola ni 90 minutes, and PF is here to stay for a very long time”.
    As foe me, I am passionate about President Lungu because in the midst of global economic meltdown, my President proved and demonstrated that where there is a will there is always a way, he carried on with infrastructure development vigourously. A case in point, who wasn’t amazed at the dual carriage way along UTH when the odds were busy discrediting him? ECL , you deserve the 5 years and it was dine by US who can see beyond the…

    My thoughts too! Kikikikikikikiki the “Gang of 4” phrase made me laugh!
    HH’s choice for my fellow tribesman GBV-M was to hoodwink the bemba electorates.
    HH’s clinging on Carnicius Banda was to hoodwink our tribal cousins the eastern electorates.
    In a nutshell, tribal HH was at it again. At what? you would ask. Tribal mechanisation aimed adding numbers to the big picture. What big picture? you would ask. Well the big picture of his tribalself in SP aimed at garnering more votes in this game of electoral numbers. HH is a “tribal genius”. He is not a patriot neither is he a nationalist. He sucks big time.

  44. Hh won the election and we shall not accept any foul play.We soon give ecl sweets so he can dance pelete.

  45. Iwe Mbolela, havent you forgotten something very important, the fourth element of the HH disaster? His party cadres stopping trucks suspected of carrying premarked ballot papers. People wondered the sanity of UPND and its leaders. Imagine a truckload, repeat TRUCKLOAD!!, of ballot papers to be stuffed into ballot boxes all over the country, I mean who wants to be led and ruled by lunatics and a POZA of similar description?

  46. I am taken aback by some of these comments. Its as if ECL won by a landslide, yet its only13, 000 (baring the 8,000 from Lundazi). If I were PF, I would be thanking my stars for such a close shave considering all the odds(state media, ECZ bias, Chinese and air permits, POA, etc) against HH. On a level playing field, my take is that ECL would have been beaten hands down!

Comments are closed.

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