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Media Freedom in Zambia

Headlines Media Freedom in Zambia

Alarming headline by Times of Zambia
Alarming headline by Times of Zambia

An uncomfortable scenario has emerged in the operations of the media in Zambia. A free and independent Media is the fourth arm of the State and democracy can only thrive when this right is unhinged.

Whatever the underlying reasons, when independent media that offers divergent views and an alternative source of news to those of government owned media are targeted for closure, the very essence of democracy is destroyed.

The closure of Muvi TV and Komboni radio station is uncalled for and undermines freedom of speech and information. The government or aggrieved individuals can seek legal recourse on specific libel or defamation cases without shutting down entire media houses.

Rights, however, come with responsibilities. Our media practitioners, both in the public and private media, need to display utmost professionalism. For instance, the Times of Zambia headline on the 22nd of August was alarmist and tantamount to insight even more political unrest, not withstanding that the situation cited is regrettable and requires national attention.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Through the media, we can win or lose the peace.

By J.Ngoma
[Facebook post]


  1. Soon it will be the Internet. Suddenly we are too scared to express our views. Where are we heading to. I want my country back! That progressive Zambia that stood as a role model for other countries. Let no one take that away from us.

    • Double standards. making decisions without thinking, so what close Muvi TV and have more jobless people. what a government that pretends to encourage job creation / innovation. PF are sickening with their thinking.

  2. Point on…… Zambian is going backward, Lungu is becoming a dictator who wants us all to be watching ZNBC Tv and listen to Radio 1, 2 and 4.

  3. I appeal to former President KK to sit down ECL and advise him on the need to assume Statesmanship. As long as ECL acts a President for PF only and continiues to be preoccupied with the issue of potraying UPND as a tribal and violent party, peace will be elusive in our beloved Zambia. Justice is also a partner of peace. By tempering with the Police who selectively fear to arrest the violent PF cadres, ECL has made a big assault on peace. By selectively closing media houses that expose PF attrocities, the govt of the day has killed freedom of information and promoting social media and other unregulated sources of information. Where is justice if the assailants of several UPND supporters in Lusaka have not been arrested? TWAPAPATA BA KK TAKE CHARGE AND COUNSEL THE YOUNG MAN AND SAVE OUR…

  4. We are still primitive to have a free and independent media. Media houses in Zambia and SSA in general abuse that privilege for their selfish battles. Furthermore, editors lack patriotism and media ethics.

    Just like Banks, media houses MUST be regulated………..

    PS: I don’t subscribe to any political party because neither HH nor ECL honestly mention the reasons why we are poor. They all preach about development without telling electorates why we are chronically underdeveloped.

    • Why don’t they first start with public media houses before going to private owned ones.What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  5. In a case where a state of emergency NEEDS yo be called it is imperative to close down unhelpful voices creating further tensions, even temporarily to calm the environment. Certainly there are some vociferous strident publications that need to be shut permanently.

    Really we have a real peasouper of a situation, with lack of clarity on what needs to happen at this time. Violence must be controlled. Provocation sources MUST be stopped at once. We all know why this is happening. It’s because some disgruntled individual has massed enough support and is now misusing it to further his wishes.

    • Why don’t they first start with public media houses before going to private owned ones?What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  6. If there was Press Freedom, Lusakatimes reporters (and other Online Tabloids like ZWD) would use real names, not pseudonyms. They would have offices & even publish newspapers & fear nothing.

    Closing the Post was not enough. Yesterday Post Offices in Kitwe were petrol bombed by PF cadres. No one was arrested in spite of the offices being 50m from Riverside Police Station.

    Even the commentators would use their real names.

    Now even the legitimate Media like MUVI TV are now.


    • @ Mr. Maloza — Sorry to tell you this, but the fact is that Zambia has now joined the club. This was completely justified and perfectly legal to hide his stolen K23 MILLION and rig the recent election, so Edgar has applied. He has been warmly accepted into the Dictators Club and is now a fully fledged member.

      Uganda and Zimbabwe have welcomed the newest recruit, and pointed out that this is the correct way that we Africans do things.

      Now shut the f**k up before we throw your sorry a** in jail and torture you a bit. Count yourself lucky that we haven’t already come around in the middle of the night and made you disappear never to be seen again.

  7. Why make this four paragraph contribution a big story ba LT? It adds nothing to the debate except perhaps to alarm us

  8. daily nation,daily mail and times of zambia with znbc are useless toilet papers that may bring war in Zambia..someone stop these lunatics..


    • Pure brainwashing fellow country man or woman! He who pays the piper calls the shot or in this case – he who feeds the editor calls the shots. CNN and BBC are as compromised as our local publications, the difference lies in how they package their propaganda as opposed to our local amateurs. It’s all really about perception! The media profession has been compromised and sold to the highest bidder and I hope we begin to appreciate that our young democracy has progressed faster than more mature PR machines.

  10. These were all explained in the Referandum’s bill of rights which a named political part decampaigned. Now i dont know why and how one can compalin after infringing their rights which they never voted for. We should condemn with realistic cause. This is what happens when one misleads others, you reach a dead end and thats where we are.

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