ChikannkataChikankata mission hospital public relations officer Larsson Mapulanga has disclosed that the salvation church has opened and officially dedicated the psychiatric clinic yesterday.

And Mapulanga said the clinic has been opened in line with the provisions’ of the ministry of health in services delivery and the Salvation Army motto. He added that the newly psychiatric clinic will benefit the district and the national at large in health mentally services.

Mr Mapulanga has since called on the general public to get treatment from the psychiatric clinic at free costs. He further explained that the mission has thought it very carefully to name the psychiatric clinic to Luyando clinic citing that this should harmonize the stigmatization among the affected patients. He pointed of that the Salvation Army is determined to deliver quality service to the community.

The PR noted that the mission has all the necessary requirement and qualified staffs to do the job diligently to suit the mission statement.

Mr Mapulanga pointed out that Chikankata is the second hospital in southern province to start offering such services.

And Speaking at the same occasion Chikankata mission director colonel Frazer Chalwe said that the Salvation Army working together with patriotic front government will continue offering the health services to people of Zambia.

Colonel Chalwe who was visibly happy and serious during the dedication of the only psychiatric clinic Luyando clinic thanked the government and other named stakeholders who dedicated their time to witness the official opening of the clinic.

And the chikankata mission hospital administrator captain Brittius Munkombwe has disclosed that the clinic costed K48,000.

Captain Munkombwe said the furniture was given by the courtesy of Salvation Army and overseas partners.

The mission comprises of six main areas of service: The Chikankata Mission Hospital , Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences , Chikankata College of Nursing and Midwifery , Salvation Radio, a Secondary School for 800 pupils and a Salvation Army Corps (church) and Divisional Headquarters.

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  1. The Hospital could not have come at a better time. Martha Mushipe, GBM and HH will be the first clients for sure


  2. with the levels of insanity prevailing in the southern province, what a timely call! Now hh doesn’t need chainama for endorsements from lunatics,Chikankata will be ideal for the ceremonies!


    • mukazinkalako serious Vonse ni politics Naimwe get a life out of politics, there is more to life you know.


  3. Great Development indeed,more need to be opened across the country,especially in the fight against HIV/Aids in most cases most people normally fall in a state of depression after they discover there status and some have died because of that but few have made it am sure it will make a difference in the community if it also targets the depressed due to HIV and Aids


  4. But iyi mental hospital yaku Chikankata baisula bacita bwino. I am committing the following to it in the name of H.E. President HH:
    1. Martha Mushipe
    2. Chishimba Kambwili
    3. Mumbi Phiri
    4. Vernon Mwanga
    5. Maureen Mwanawasa
    5. Sylvia Masebo
    6. Wynter Kabimba
    7. Kakoma Kanganja
    8. Naiwe winw weulebelenga


  5. With bloggers its always about stupidity and nothing serious to offer. Nothing about national issues or how the can communicate effectively but when its pure nonsense, they thrive at it.



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