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President Zuma , President El-bashir, Felix Mutati and Sikota Wina congratulates Lungu

General News President Zuma , President El-bashir, Felix Mutati and Sikota Wina congratulates Lungu

President Edgar Lungu and south african president Jacob Zuma follow proceedings at the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Tanzanian President Dr John Pombe Magufuli at the Uhuru stadium in Da es Salaam, Tanzania.
President Edgar Lungu and south african president Jacob Zuma follow proceedings at the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Tanzanian President Dr John Pombe Magufuli at the Uhuru stadium in Da es Salaam, Tanzania.
South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has congratulated His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia on his re-election as Republican President in the August 11 general election.

In his congratulatory message dated August 16, President Zuma has assured and re-confirmed his appreciation of the excellent, warm and close relations that exist between South Africa and Zambia and the two peoples.

President Zuma is confident that the good relations between the two countries built over the years will continue to grow and prosper under the able leadership of President Lungu.

‘’I have the honour to convey to Your Excellency, on behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of South Africa, sincere congratulations on your reelection as the President of the Republic of Zambia,’’ President Zuma said.

And Sudanese President Omer Hassan Ahmed El-bashir has also joined other leaders in extending congratulatory messages to President Lungu on his reelection as sixth President of the Republic of Zambia.

President El-bashir says President Lungu’s victory is a clear manifestation of the confidence that the people of Zambia have in his leadership.

The Sudanese President expressed confidence that the cordial relations that exist between Zambia and Sudan will continue to grow under the noble leadership of President Lungu.

‘’This victory is clear manifestation of the confidence imposed on you by the people of Zambia,’’ President El-bashir said.

And Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati has conveyed a message of congratulations to His Excellency Mr Edgar Chagwa President of the Republic of Zambia for the divine privilege bestowed on him for his re-election as President in the August 11 polls.

In his message of congratulations, Mr Mutati notes that the party did not find it difficult to endorse and support President Lungu’s candidature because of his good leadership anchored on humility, inclusiveness and the fear of God including many more leadership virtues as exhibited in the short period of time of his presidency.

Mr Mutati says such virtues will help steer the nation to greater heights of development, peace and national unity.

The MMD president prayed that God will inspire President Lungu to identify skilful hands in the men and women of Zambia that will serve the Zambian people and His Excellency with integrity and to the glory of God.

‘’Your Excellency, we wish you God’s blessings, wisdom, good health and long life.’’ Mr Mutati said.

United Freedom Fighter of Zambia Independence Chairman and National Director Sikota Wina has also extended congratulations to President Lungu describing his victory as a confirmation by the people of Zambia for the value they have placed on his leadership.

Mr Wina extolled President Lungu for demonstrating good leadership through enhancement of democracy, rule of law, implementing sound economic policies, promoting unity through the slogan ‘’One Zambia One Nation’’ and encouraging national prayers.

Mr Wina wished President Lungu God’s continued protection and providence in wisdom, strength and love as he successfully continues to govern and preserve the country’s moral values that freedom fighters embraced in order to liberate Zambia.

“The United Freedom Fighters of Zambia Independence (UFFZI) comprising Senior Veterans and their families who participated in the liberation of our beloved country Zambia from the colonial masters due hereby congratulate you for the victory you scored at the just ended 11 August, 2016 general election,” Mr Wina said.

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  1. The most corrupt African president, the fugitive murderer of Christians, failed politician and hungry senile grandpa congratulate Lungu for stealing election?

    • Mutati heard Edgar is making cabinet, he reminding him oof campaign promises. Edgar will be shocked, because he has no respect for zambian courts. Even those animals he prefers over people will laugh ay him.

    • hhhhh , bashir turned Sudan into the 6th largest nominal economy in Africa and is set to make it 5th largest next year. where is Zambia? that tiny waste in the south that licks white ass?

      sudan could invade zambia within a week or 2 so watch your mouth

  2. I appeal to my fellow Zambians that are in support of the PF administration. I understand that your loyalty blinds you from the haphazard manner that national affairs are being executed. Let us not lie to ourselves. Things are not well in Zambia. Never before has Zambia experienced such a tragic failure in leadership.
    The levels of violence we’re witnessing are unprecedented. The silencing of dissenting voices with such impunity is unprecedented.
    If you allow this pattern to go on without speaking against it, these abuses will strike closer to your home next time. Perhaps then you will get your head out of the sand and realize that you’ve contributed to the creation of a monster.

  3. Sometimes its not good to be hurting every time you read an article against your views or expectations in the news. You stop thinking and program your mind only to be pleased with stuff that your mind wants to hear even if there’s no sense as long as it is talking well about you and yours it is all well. Learn to put your mind in neutral at times fellow bloggers..getting hurt all the time is not the way. We need each other!

  4. Tell us what is not well. If things are not well what are you doing to make them well my dear. Can’t we think of an integrated language that we can call Zambian language? We identify common words from all languages and form a new language. Those who speak more than one language help before calling for an indaba

  5. 36 years from now, will they still congratulate Chagwa or start counseling him on the handing over of power?
    These congratulatory messages are just a tradition. Most of these leaders know that this election was a mess.

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