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Richard Sakala to launch a book about FTJ’s legal battles

General News Richard Sakala to launch a book about FTJ’s legal battles

Daily Nation Newspapers proprietor and veteran Journalist Richard Sakala has written about that details how late President Frederick Chiluba was portrayed by the media as a corrupt former leader who stole from his people.

In the book titled “A President Betrayed”, the book talks about how in 2001 Zambia woke up to a screaming headline “Chiluba a thief” and it gives details of the people, partisan media behind Dr Chiluba’s suffering after leaving State House.

It also delves into details of the people behind the lifting of his legal immunity after Vice President Enock Kavindele moved a motion in Parliament that Dr Chiluba’s immunity be lifted.

Mr Sakala who serves as Dr Chiluba’s press aide was himself sentenced to four years in jail for abuse of office authority shortly after Dr Chiluba left State House.


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    • @Saulosi: Careful with what you read! You pick up the thief’s evil odd bits and try them, the FBI will pick you and lock you up in no time.

    • How can a convicted thief (Richard Sakala) who himself, served five years jail time, try to defend his thieving boss? He was in jail because of the thefts they carried out with Chiluba. Chiluba survived based on his status and the amount of stolen money that he used. RB had to come to his rescue because he was expecting the same favour when he eventually lost power but Sata had non of that! Had Sata not died RB would be serving his time in jail.

    • Chiluba was the first to call KK a thief…so what is so special about calling Chiluba a thief since he indeed stole unlike KK

  1. Richard Sakala – Kawalala! How can a convicted thief be allowed to ply his thieving ways so publicly?? Only in a failed state called Zambia can an ex-convict be allowed to profit from his evil acts.
    The state should forfeit all the proceeds from that which not be allowed to be published in the first place. He should NOT be allowed to publish it because both Sakala and Chiluba were convicted by courts of law and this is an attempt to re-write the legal convictions and mislead the people!

    • if its so failed then get out and go to another country. this type of unpatriotic behaviour is what is bringing the country down…

  2. Good move. an innocent soul torture out of proganda. it seems people in zambia love progand. May His Soul rest in peace. He will remain my Greatest President Zambia have ever had. Call him anything the truth will always prevail.

  3. Good move. an innocent soul torture out of propaganda. it seems people in zambia love propaganda. May His Soul rest in peace. He will remain my Greatest President Zambia have ever had. Call him anything the truth will always prevail.

  4. What thief?He was acquited by the courts of law.
    MMD leader at that time persecuted this man to his grave.He formed the task force which yielded nothing!The task force created monsters who are today fighting cases across courts.

  5. Chiluba was a people’s president. All you so called learned bigots will say otherwise, but 90% of the local population that live in this beautiful country will always remember him as the one president who made them feel proud to be Zambian.

  6. Fred Chika.la Mmembe single handedly caused Chiluba to suffer like that. Fred you will endure a very slow but excruciatingly painful death. Your time hasn’t just come. Fred Mmembe is a bitter psychiatric patient with a lot of hatred for anyone who does not agree with his selfish ways. Bushe ba “shu shu” what are you up to these days? people like Fred, HH, GBM, now even pastor Mumba should just disappear or get involved in fatal mysterious accidents. The CIA does it. Mosad of Israel does it, why can’t our shu shus not do the same for the sake of peace and harmony?

  7. A must read… Chilean brought about lots of positive change in Zambia. All you pointing a finger at him should first remove those logs in your eyes.
    I believe in putting things on the scale. List all his good an all his bad. If the good outweighs the bad then I focus on the good.

  8. I really cannot wait to lay my hands on this book. Most of the truth and valuable information is usually hidden in books. No matter how this book will cost, I surely read to part away with my money because I believe that upon reading it I will have gathered much more information and will be further educated on certain issues. Bravo Mr. Richard Sakala.

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