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Ex- Ministers must pay back what they owe – Chipenzi

General News Ex- Ministers must pay back what they owe – Chipenzi

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
McDonald Chipenzi

The Secretary to the Treasury has been challenged to tell the nation exactly how much Ministers that occupied office illegally have paid back so far of the public funds they owe.

Electoral expert is disappointed that the Secretary to the Treasury and the Accountant General have remained mute over the public funds former Ministers need to pay back.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Chipenzi notes that this is especially that the nation has not in the first place been told exactly how much is involved.

Mr. Chipenzi is of the view that both the Secretary to the Treasury and the Accountant General must be honest enough to make public such details.

He says the money that the former Ministers owe belongs to the Zambian people and therefore must be paid back in accordance with Court ruling.

Mr. Chipenzi states that his demand therefore is that the nation be told how much is owed, how much has been paid back and the modalities being used to recover the public funds.


  1. Iwe they will simply deduct from their gratuity chapwa ! Simple issue. Meanwhile ConCourt has exactly 2 days to look at the substantive matter that has not even been touched thanks to clueless lawyers with a tribal agenda !

    • Badala, the money doesn’t belong to us chuundus but to the Zambian people. Let Zambians handle it themselves. Lets concentrate on how our tribalism will translate us real development. How does burning markets, homes, schools and ethnic cleansing going to redeem us from this specter. Don’t divert Zambians from our shameful acts shaa!

    • Isn’t there any other picture of Chipenzi? We have seen the same in 4.5 years. He looks like MMD member, I agree the Ex-ministers need repay what they stole.
      Infact now government is running much better without Minister of Finance or President himself. life feels soo good without PF.

  2. Under Lungu Treasury will be given a directive to write off the amounts owed by the Ex-Ministers after all it was Lungu who created the liability. Lungu is not concerned about tax payers money or accountability of public funds. Its not not a matter of concern.

  3. Yes we demand to know how much the pf ministers stole from zambians. They were even pompous while their foolish president lungu even had a conference to support theft. Bear in mind this is a president who shies away from BBC interviews. Please pay back our money before the UPND take over and clean up the matuvi you created. but zambia yasila.

  4. Yes we demand to know how much the pf ministers stole from zambians. They were even pompous while their dull president lungu even had a conference to support theft. Bear in mind this is a president who shies away from BBC interviews. Please pay back our money before the UPND take over and clean up the ma2vee you created. but zambia yasila.

  5. Mr Chipenzi you address the wrong person please read the ruling from the court or in something you will understand the judgment…indeed they will be made to repay that should be the first order of business in parliament and I hope that Justice Minister who advised otherwise is not included in cabinet

  6. Guys please i want to know the total votes casted did the figures changed or its the same ones 3.871.505 votes and for ECL is it 1.860.877 -8.000=1.852.877 and for HH is it the same 1.760.347 if this is the figures then guys HH & his team are right why do the ECZ not being fear because even a little girl can give us an answer what 50% of this figures is lesa ni malyotola ulufyengo lubi let’s have men& wemen of good & noble characters to run institute like ECZ courts not people who can be easily be bribed Zambia is our inheritance let’s make it a better & peacefull to live for the children of our children’s by rejecting this corrupt individuals one Zambia one nation

    • y less 8000 u are mad person ,figures are there to speak themselves,in lundazi which u are refering is still the same as announced by ecz we were recording the result shame on you

  7. This is where you need an independent media to follow up on these things on who has actually paid back taxpayers funds!!

    • not only do we need private media we need most the bill of rights bt the same chimpazi and group decompaigned for the fall of referendum so blames your selves

    • Tax payers money has to be paid without fail. We demand Fred Mmembe to pay back also instead of running to the courts. I don’t know why chipenzi a Upnd cadre can just ignore about Fred who owes almost half of the budget. He should have started by mentioning Fred before talking about a paltry amount by ministers.

    • We are talking about tax money here regardless who got it. Why are you always off tangent. I will spare you for now since you are yet to mature.


  9. Fishing in deep waters Mr Chipenzi. So now you have run out of what to say? Tell us how much you milked from FODEP.

    • How is he fishing in deep waters when he is a taxpayer….this is the problem with cadres they will defend crooks even when they are selling from them.

  10. Extremely stale news. Why do you have to issue an ultimatum on a social platform? As FODEP go to Cabinet and speak with people in charge, then tell us the outcome of your discussion. Please don’t play to the gallery and pretend to be working.

  11. Zambia one nation under Ecl. Hh must vomit his bitterness and 2027,he may be the president.
    Fly back to south Africa,hh,Gbm must concentrate on selling ubunga

  12. What qualifications does Chipenzi hold to be called electoral expert? Chipenzi is just a frustrated and bitter poorly educated idi.ot masquerading as an expert. Pa Zambia anyone can be called Dr. or expert, my foot. Another example, ati ba Vernon Mwaanga ba Dr. all these people should never be addressed as such with such humble qualifications. Stop addressing them as experts or Drs without proper academic papers please.

  13. FODEP is supposed to be neutral, but I am not surprised by Comrade Chipenzi because where I live the boss of CCJP a Catholic organization for justice is a full fledged Upnd “officer “. He’s very good at pro Upnd propaganda such convincing people the the Namwala attacks took place in Zimbabwe not Zambia.

  14. Mapenzi your office and role can help in the healing of Zambia. Even though we want them pay back, but the timing! Healing is taking place through the courts. We need everyone at this time.

  15. Whoever made this Chipenzi an Electoral Expert …… lee tall lay sana…….. three months salaries for the Ministers is not as much as you think…….. we are already deducting from their gratuity…… so Mr. Tonga Chipenzi …..your statement is not news worthy shetani wamupamba

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