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Zambians must reject abominable acts of tribal hatred-President Lungu

Headlines Zambians must reject abominable acts of tribal hatred-President Lungu

Mwini Kalonga Gawa Undi Mkhomo V arrives in the main arena whilst President Edgar Lungu (left) looks on during the traditional ceremony
Mwini Kalonga Gawa Undi Mkhomo V arrives in the main arena whilst President Edgar Lungu (left) looks on during the traditional ceremony

PRESIDENT-ELECT Edgar Lungu has appealed to Zambians and the clergy in general to continue committing the nation to prayer for peace to continue prevailing.

President Lungu said when he graced this year’s Kulamba traditional ceremony of the Chewa people of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in Katete today that the country deserves peace to enable citizens to conduct their business without undue pressures.

He said violence has no place in the societies hence the need for Zambians to strongly condemn the barbaric acts which cause untold misery on the people.

Mr Lungu said Government cannot allow barbaric acts of violence to cast a shadow on the much cherished peace.

He said all Zambians must aspire to place of decency at the rendezvous of opportunity towards the country.

He said it was considerable regret that some people have used the just-ended general election to sow seeds of discord among the people.

President Lungu said Zambians must reject abominable acts of tribal hatred some misguided elements committed against target groups.

He said those acts must be stopped and those who wish to perpetrate such behavior must know that Government would stop them.

He said Zambia was a peace loving country, tolerant of one another adding that people must continue to co-exist.

He said the ugly chapter must be behind the Zambian people as soon as possible what happened in some parts of the country post-election day which was a terrible scare on the conscience of the nation.

President Lungu assured that he had a full confidence in the security services ongoing efforts to speedily bring all to an end.

He said it was important that the country does not lose sight of its democratic credentials.

He said it was also against the backdrop that there was need for the Zambian citizenry to observe the One Zambia, One Nation motto.

“There is need to embrace this motto which was coined by our forefathers in an effort to ensure that peace and unity prevailed over the country’s seventy three (73) ethnic groups. Our forefathers envisaged unity in diversity as a hallmark for us to develop our nation,” he said.

President Lungu said unity was what defines the Zambian people stating that there was need to seriously nurture the unity, if Zambians were to successfully forge ahead as a nation.

“All of us have a duty to cherish this unity. We all have a duty to plant seeds of unity across our nation and beyond,” he said.

He said traditional leadership have a mammoth responsibility to preach peace and stability to people.

President Lungu said the traditional ceremony was one such platform where people could promote the need to unite.

He said it was imperative that Zambians continue preserving the peace which was attained at great sacrifice by the forefathers.

He said for many years now, Zambia has maintained its celebrated status as a peaceful country founded on the “One Zambia, One Nation” motto.

He said the division should not be tolerated because it was a threat to the moral fabric as a civilised Zambian culture.

President Lungu said he was happy that the traditional leaders have denounced political violence.

He said the role of the traditional leaders cannot be over emphasised adding that the chiefs had a primary force in imparting the beautiful culture to the generations and shaping it to fit current day realities.

He said traditional ceremonies do not only remind the people of their origins, norms and values, but also contribute greatly to the promotion of national unity, peace and harmony.

President Lungu said culture underpins the daily life stating that a nation without history, origins and culture was like a tree without its roots.

“This is why we consider traditional ceremonies as crucial cultural activities to the core of our existence,” he said.

Mr Lungu said societies that have weak culture linkages were at risk of endless strife which negatively impact on development.

He said it was for this reason that the three countries should make significant strides to promote peace and unity through the arts and culture sectors.

He paid glowing tribute to Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi for this wonderful ceremony which was bring the nations together.

“I wish your royal highness continued good personal health as you endeavour to provide wise counsel to Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia on matters of culture, social and economic development,” he said.

President Lungu paid gratitude to the people of Zambia particularly in Eastern Province for upholding peace during the August 11th general election.

He said the Kulamba traditional ceremony had gone down in history as a tremendous achievement and greatest demonstration of cultural freedom of the three countries.

Notable who attended the ceremony includes Malawian minister of Sports and Culture Grace Chiumia, Tete province First Secretary Lina Portugal, newly elected Member of Parliaments(MPs), former home affairs minister Lameck Mangani, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo, Provincial Patriotic Front(PF) Chairperson Andrew Lubusha and MMD leader Felix Mutati among others

Mwini Kalonga Gawa Undi Mkhomo V arrives in the main arena whilst President Edgar Lungu (left) looks on during the traditional ceremony
Mwini Kalonga Gawa Undi Mkhomo V arrives in the main arena whilst President Edgar Lungu (left) looks on during the traditional ceremony

President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice National Treasurer Masiye Banda on his arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016
President Edgar Lungu being welcomed by Vice National Treasurer Masiye Banda on his arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016

President Edgar Lungu arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016
President Edgar Lungu arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016

President Edgar Lungu arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016
President Edgar Lungu arrival at Mukaika for kulamba Traditional Ceremony 2016

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    • HH has killed Democracy in Zambia by petitioning to take away the will of the people who voted for ECL. He clearly has mental issues.

      He has now paid people to react negatively to all positive comments about ECL on this blog. This weekend there’s been an uptick of REDS on all ECL comments.

      UNPD is a cult and all cults are led by mad men

    • The president is right. This why he has earned the widely held opinion that he is truly a statesman.

      Some people want to earn statesmanship by calling on their carders, after their defeat, to ‘rise up and defend democracy’.

      That is hh, after calling on people, having lost elections, to rise up and not be docile, we saw a rise in southern province that led to many from other tribes being humiliated, their property destroyed, and displaced.

      That makes the difference between a leader and a mete business man.

    • Blessed are the peaceful and meek in spirit for they will inherit the earth. Also Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted in their anguish if humble. We implore all impis to counsel HH to grow up and stomach with dignity this popular ballot rejection. No need to settle for an extended funeral long left to himself. The country cannot tolerate this interruption of public life longer than end of next week. Children need to get to schools, markets open up, all public institutions back to full throttle. We cannot afford to sacrifice our country only to satisfy a selfish egomaniac political gambler who has hidden his children in peaceful America away from Zambians he is directing his Armageddon on. Time to learn how late Sata and Mazoka took defeat.

    • @Nubian Princessnio:
      If you Ar.se is itchy, it’s better you put salt on it instead of spewing that smelly thing since you don’t know how to wash it properly!! Ar.sew.hore!!

    • Ba Lungu bufontini bwanu bwanyanya ( a quote from Paul Ngozi) musician and propriety of Chibepakapa of Kabwata in late 80’s. ECL, go back to Lusaka and wait for the verdict.

      God bless Zambia

    • @SC,,,where do you think Tasila was before her father was president? In your neighborhood! Check your facts!

      Where are your children??

    • @Chilyata, I guess peace and mature blogging is far from your grasp, but that insults own your past, present and future. Every blogger here has a right to express his/her opinion, to deliberately and willingly insult people is a potential case for psychiatry evaluation, how is that?


    • Its sad that Ka lungu is taking adavantage of the situation which he has created to extend his rule.He is dividing and rule tactics has divided as Zambians ,even our bedrooms and Board rooms are now divided.This is what Mugabe did when he saw that his fame is going under he come up with a gimmick of chasing our white famers so as to extend his rule.Our enemy as Zambians is Lungu.The earlier we kick him out the better. He is soft , but dangerous Gang leader,he eats and breaths violence.for in Kapiri in 2015 he said “imwaiche kumubala no kumuma wa muma”Meaning you provoke a kid and then when he wants to fight back you beat him because you are strong.He went own to say we are the majority tribe so we can sourt them out.The video is there for ICC to see.The second example he said in 2016…

      What a perfect student of Museveni, Lungu is! Zambia appears headed the Uganda way; and in serious trouble.

    • Lungu, you are the one promoting tribalism and violence in Zambia. Zambia, west of the rail-line has given Zambia east of the rail-line five Presidents of the 6 that the country has ever had without any problems. Now that HH has won this year’s election, Zambia east of the rail-line is refusing to handover power peacefully! What do you expect if the motto of this country is ” ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION”? Zambia is for all, and mind you Edgar, DO NOT APPORTION THIS SCOURGE ON ONE TRIBE. DESIST FROM THAT. IF IT IS BLAMING, BLAME THE WHOLE COUNTRY FOR ENCOURAGING THIS!

    • @Nubian Princess. How much have you been given?? Lungu lost the election. He cheated, If he is confident he won, let him come openly for a rerun??

      See whom he is with?? Dora, and all the thieves from MMD. What a shame??

    • EL has managed to dupe all Christians that he is one of them just to win votes, but it will not be long before he is exposed. HH is being painted as the evil one and yet we all know who the evil one is.

  1. Ba LT, and what message did the Paramount Chief have for the people of Zambia? I hear the Chewa royal establishment had a very good unifying message for Zambians.

    • Lungu is reaping the results of his hatred of Tongas. Soon after becoming President last year, he sneered about bakachema wanting the Presidency. His minions took up the cry and look where we are now! Lungu is the most tribal, mean minded President that Zambia has ever had. He should not cast stones at other people. The person bringing genocide to Zambia is looking Lungu in the eye every time he looks in the mirror.

    • Lungu is wearing RED!!!
      Isn’t that supposed to be an abomination!
      Catile umo said it was a satanic color. I told him check the color of wine in the father’s cup on Sunday.

      Mwe fibantu fimo muli fikpo! Ba noko baonawile fye amatebela!

    • @Ngolwa, this article is not about the Paramount Chief’s message, but the President’s. You are saying, “I hear the Chewa royal establishment had a very good unifying message for Zambians.” If you heard the message of unification, which apparently is a good message, what more do you want to hear?

  2. It’s now our considered view that this continued talk of tribalism by ECL is only fueling divisions politically. Let’s stop talking tribalism and just lead by example. It’s our view that this so called condemnation is only meant to ignite anger and hate against a particular individual and political party. There is currently no tribalism in Zambia, but only politically motivated talk meant to divide people’s opinions and then rule over them.

  3. All fair minded and honest people should by now realize that we have been duped to condemn things that are fictitious and being promoted by the same people who are seemingly condemning. Let the people who are talking tribalism give the public hard evidence rather than talk only. Showing burnt building and claiming it’s tribal is not enough. That could just be criminals taking advantage of the same tribal talk. If we believe in the rule of law let us allow the police to investigate first. We heard some time back about a woman assaulted in southern province which turned out to be fake. A picture of people arrested in southern again turned out to be south African. Fellow Zambians let’s open our eyes and see the deceptive characters leading us.

    • @THE PEOPLE,
      Well spoken. Exactly my reaction too. Its very clear and evident from this hollow speech that Lungu is got a very guilty conscious, because deep down he knows PF duped Zambians over the elections.

  4. Nothing wrong with what ED said. Stopped short of what could have been said so it’s slightly less ambiguous with underlying it’s them not us as an undertone.

    Maybe I need a simple speech that says,

    “Listen up PF and UPND and its precious and most loved supporters. Anyone caught violating rights will be dealt with regardless of party affiliation. An extra message for my PF goons whom I never directly castigate. This time I mean it. To my PF rulership, shush. You often make things worse. Everyone clear? Good. Let’s dance. I like dancing. Watch my belly roll! Clear the floor! Incoming!”

  5. Comrades this ka president is not normal. He says let there be peace when it’s him who is encouraging violence. In lusaka you can’t put on a UPND t-shirt for fear of his mad cadres. But not a single day did I hear lungu telling his cadres to stop beating people of other political
    parties. The police can’t arrest these stupid pf cadres because when they arrest them, a phone call from state house will come ordering the police to release them. So who can you say is encouraging lawlessness in the country. Lungu is busy paying thugs to go and burn markets and blame UPND. Lungu is such an evil person who can kill just to be at state house. At kabwe at a pf convention lungu and his thugs beat up people just to be adopted. So that is what lungu is good at. We’ve had election way back to…

    • Lower your expectations of the Emerging Dictator aka ED. He has no vision and voting by pangas in the air is democratic in his crooked head.

  6. Yes my full names are james matches and I am a proud easterner and pf supporter. The president has said the truth. Tongas are a bunch of tribal and evil group. Let us cleanse zambia off tongas. Please all those sharing my view add me pa faycebook. ok

    • You are a son of a bit.ch….that thing stinky between your mother’s legs should have been sealed with supaglu.

    • Wrong view.

      Not supported.

      Not all Tonga’s committed wrongs.

      It is HH and his few followers.

      Let’s nail where it matters.

      The problem is HH, and his followers, who I must say, are few – that is why he can’t win.

    • # Matches! You are a shameless bigot. If people in Zambia were like you, the country was going to be in flame. Why can’t you celebrate diversity.

    • Just be aware that Tongas and their affiliates will not turn over and let themselves be killed. Promote genocide at your own peril. You will have no country to steal from once you start genocide. AK47s are only USD10 each from international black markets. You do not have exclusivity to violence or weapons.

  7. I quote “he said division should not be tolerated”.This is a lie Mr Lungu because everyone in Zambia knows you have taken tribal division as your major survival strategy.

  8. Lungu is a unashamed theif.

    He told kambwili to go on air to saw tribal hatred when he accussed tongs of attacking a bemba woman in SP. It was all lies.

    His PF police are busy closing down all independent media and he wants to preach peace……that is why more than 50 % of the electorate rejected him.

    • I thought with logic, the real thief is HH?

      Lungu wings and HH wants to steal using courts.

      We will see. If HH wins his case, then he is not a thief.

      If HH loses then he is a thief, but one who has been court.

    • I thought with logic, the real thief is HH?

      Lungu wings and HH wants to steal using courts.

      We will see. If HH wins his case, then he is not a thief.

      If HH loses then he is a thief, but one who has been cought.

    • @ Peace for Zambia
      You cannot think with logic.
      Do you know why?
      There is already ONE CONVICTED THIEF in your “logicical thought”.
      Have guess who stole money from a poor widow and got CONVICTED? HH or ECL?

  9. Mr lungu is very unfair to his own tribesmen and the bembas he’s brainwashing with tribal division.the guys are spending too much time pointing fingers at tongas but for no gain at all.

  10. Advisors will give u different opinions on political and economic matters as a president i hav to use my own judgement which a in the best interest of the nation,as a pipo we hav to follow the laws and our traditions ,said Barack Obama.
    As a zed presido i do promote hatred and divisions as advised by mumbi phiri and chama.said Edgar lungu.
    Solve the game theory and possible future outlook on the two statements.

  11. Mr President you are the only leader since independence where we experienced this kind of violence and tribalism. The question is why? Don’t just talk without actions.

  12. But the Presido needs to be decisive. He can’t speak like he’s not the commander-in-chief. When he says he has confidence in the security forces to contain the situation, he speaks as if he’s a spectator and not the commander-in-chief. For goodness sake he can’t be one. He needs to say the word ( and really mean) and all this ‘hullabaloo’ will stop. It seems our security forces (police) have only become very good at guarding questionable closure of media outlets while cadres are maiming innocent citizens. Please Mr. President save Zambia. You have the instruments to do so. Start by reigning in those unruly cadres. They are the problem. Please!

    • ECL is a wise man.

      HH has been trying to provoke ECL, with the view to course him to act in response so that he can use the action to cause more problems and cry to the international community.

      But ECL is too wise for him. He has not punished him even where he needed to Br punished. As a result HH is brewing inside, as he has failed to pull the international community to his side.

      To the contrary most of the internstional community have perceived HH as a mere trouble maker.

      HH and his supporters have tried to make his react, even through their talks you can see it. But Lungu us too smart for them.

      So yes, he is commander in chief, and indeed a very wise one.

      If it was HH he was going to spinning around uncontrollably. But not with ECL, he has God’s wisdom.

    • Sir/madam, wisdom is timely. Had Solomon procrastinated action only God knows what would have happened to the child in that biblical story.

      l doubt whether it is wisdom to pin this whole thing on HH oblivious of what cadres are doing (PF ones go-scot free). It’s also possible to be docile and confuse that to be wisdom.

      Even when you go to God in prayer, you must give him something to work with; you don’t go empty handed! No wonder there’s that saying which says God helps those who help themselves.

      ECL needs to lead and help himself and by extension Zambia. And soon for that matter.

  13. But you seem to confuse us sir, on the other hand you encourage your cadres by saying that you carry a big stick and you fall on people like a torn of blicks and your cadres are capable of attacking. if this Country will be turned apart we know that you are the one who will go in the history of our nation as the causer. we ask you to at least show leadership not blaming it on HH all the time.

  14. Pure deceit from Edgar Lungu. It is all written on your face that you are the master minder of all current confusion in the country. You have failed Zambians.

  15. Only naive Zambians expect change by calling to the moral sense of HH and his supporters. Only dupes think that the tribalists would change if they would be exposed. Tribalists like oppressors understand only one language: their interest. They will continue to destroy, kill, hurt, oppress if that’s in their interest. Today these tribalists want President – Elect Lungu to cede power to Patrick Matibini so that they can have tribal advantage – nothing else. Its high time Speaker Patrick Matibini distanced himself from the tribalists and cartel operatives.

    • @ captain Ankara. There is no tribalism in Zambia currently. What’s happening in Zambia is as result of irresponsible and dangerous political gimmicks by those who want to divide political opinions. For example we only hear that H.H is tribal but no evidence had ever been given to us to prove that. It’s trite law that he who alleges must prove his allegations. If you are a fair minded person you should not believe lies.

  16. Guys from southern province, don’t take people demonizing you for how you voted seriously. If you are a tonga and you want a tonga to rule you, you are at liberty to vote for that tonga. It is called DEMOCRACY. Democracy means voting for whatever any body desires. Don’t fall for tribalists who call your preference as tribalism.

  17. Yes, even if people like Munkombwe said it is now time for a tonga, it is still democracy. Munkombwe wanted a tonga and canvassed for that, nothing wrong. Check all statutes in Zambia. Let’s not cheat other, I am even free to vote for my tribe. Lekani kunamana

  18. @ chinena, don’t insult. Just correct the lie being peddled by PF, that there was tribal voting in Southern province. A lie told often may appear truthful. The truth is that every body in Zambia is free to vote how they want unless rules are changed. It’s called DEMOCRACY, if I am tonga and I want a tonga, democracy is blind to that, no offence. If I am Luvale and I want a Luvale no issue, so don’t teka abantu imfine for their prefetences, shaaa


    Each one of us can answer for ourselves in honesty; can we vote HH for president and vote PF MP?

    HH does not have a majority of MPs in this elections. How, in Zambia today can HH honestly petition presidential elections?

    Big boss HH must have petitioned wards, constituents and mayoral results.

    If UNDP accept wards, constituents, mayors and MPs results, surely, we all must, including , the judges, HH & GBM must accept presidential election results.

    In the current Zambian scenario, there is no empirical evidence, not even recount / rerun will give us majority of Zambians voting HH for president and same person votes a PF ward councilor, mayor or MP.

    Spare us the anguish, agony of a length petition in the name of democracy when the writing is…

  20. Mr lungu.if you are a sharp guy you should kno that the best time for you to go was now when you really imposed yourself on the people.you stole the election.this is a fact known to you and your henchmen.the more reason you had to run around like nobody’s business to make sure your votes crossed the line of 50%. Mr lungu do you really know that in politics the longer you stay the more dificult it shall become for you to leave.look at your buddies Mugabe and mseveni.the next five years will be very difficult for u I can asure you.and for a person like you,you will cetainly want to continue even in 2021.i shuder to think of the the quality of life you shall live.

  21. I am amazed at the ignorance of most Zambians supporting PF and Lungu saying the President has spoken and he means well. I do not agree with this colonial, repetitive talk by ECL. The guy is clueless and vision less to lead Zambia. He has failed the nation and he thinks by mentioning God in his statements would help hoodwink the majority of Zambians into believing that he means well. He is a dictator and a thief who has taken Zambians for granted by buying them booze and paying them to cause anarchy in the country. He has caused lawlessness to prevail and blames it on UPND as if people cannot see. Thuggery and tribalism is the order of the day since the Sata days under PF rule. I don’t really don’t understand why PF should be given another mandate to rule. I don’t see any good reason…

  22. Lungu .for having chosen that the pilar of your survival is tribal division have you thought about how you shall be remembered after you leave office.for sure you time to leave ofice shall come one day for we have had five presidents before you unless your reasoning is like that of your friends Mugabe and m7.

  23. That is Lazy Lungu for you yet his lieutenants are doing opposite…tomorrow he will be in a Church near you pretending to be humble!!!

  24. Ministers operating illegally until the last minute and now Lungu purporting to still be President while the petition is being heard. Unbelievable! The speaker ought to be in charge at this minute. Don’t people read? All the judicial brains can’t robustly insist that the Constitution be followed?

  25. The hypocrisy of Lungu is staggering. PF and Lungu practised all sorts of violence before, during and after the elections and he’s here crying victim. His alleged election victory is suspect and shrouded in rigging. He unleashed thugs to cause havoc and then blames it on UPND and HH…. all this to hoodwink unsuspecting people who have no other access to independent media sources. It’s ridiculous! He’s using emotions and feelings to provoke Bembas to rise against Tongas, knowing that’s the only thing that can stick.

    And I thought he shouldn’t be a president right now and Speaker should be acting?

    Let’s face it the only reason UPND and HH aren’t the rulers of this country is because of said tribalism… I reckon on merit alone HH is better than Lungu and Sata combined.

  26. I wish that this CONVICTED embezzler stop crapping day-in, day-out about tribes and religion.
    It looks that apart of divisive messages, fattening of his personal bank account and continuous breaches of constitutional provisions, he does not have anything else to say?

  27. yes iam a proud kachema.beef stew is delicious than Vinkubala,Kolwe and rats put together.Very proud Kachema.kachema musuma.

  28. On Watchdog only disgruntled and angry people are commenting on all their fake stories. Realizing that everybody else has stopped commenting on those fake stories and only their opinions can be read on all blogs, they have now come to Lusaka Times to insult everybody who supports ECL. That is what losers do.

  29. How Zambians voted for Lungu in 2015 is beyond the enlightened. Lungu is the one who has divided Zambians and he has duped Christians and everyone of his true colours. Why is he wearing red which they claimed is a sign of satanism? Lungu will go into Zambian history as the most divisive con president ZAmbians have ever known

  30. Lungu is the hypocritical dictator and tribalist!

    He who shouts thief is the Thief!

    Why is he calling others tribalist when his own tribe never votes for other tribse? How many MPs does UPND have in Eastern, Muchinga, Northern, and Luapula Provinces – and this is not tribalism?

    But, what is wrong with tribalism per se? Are we questioning God’s wisdom by diversifying His people?

    Lungu is attendind a tribal ceremony at Mukaika yet he cursing tribalism! Who said that belong to atribe is an abomination?

    Zambians simply do not know how to govern, let us just try an Expatriate President like FAZ do for their coaches!

  31. Hypocrisy idiocyy- u practised wake ni wake shamelessly .and let loose dogs in the likes of Kabwili on a tribal crusade to win u votes and today at ponyo ponyo….you can foool your fellow dull brainwashed pfools . This one is the most hypocritical adult I have ever come across, what do you take the people of Zambia for, fools?

  32. Your legacy has been irreparably tarnished by your arrogant diehard tribal hatred brigade led by Chishimba Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri,Davies Chama, Frank Bwalya to name but a few. Your integrity has been smeared by your associates with criminal credentials; Emmanuel Mwamba, Xavier Chungu, Kaizer Zulu. Your credibility has been eroded and irretrievably vandalised by your brutally oppressive acts of closing down key media houses thereby denying Zambians of alternative viewpoints, state sponsored violence,corruption of all security wings, buying of religious and traditional leaders,killing professionalism by employing cadres in key sectors of the economy, hoodwinking your obsequous followers that you are a humble pious leader, yet spreading vicious propaganda to fan hatred amongst Zambians,…

  33. Zambians particularly Tonga v Bemba.
    Your very close association with infamous African oligarchs M7 and Mgabe.Your hopeless lack of own authority to deal with appalling members of your cabinet.Record crimes while in office by you and your disciples,soaring numbers of politically motivate deaths and disappearances .Breathtaking inflation, First ever OPEN rigging broadcast LIVE on TV!! and the list stubbornly continues without en

  34. @mwanampwaya, James matches is using what is called satire. He is actually making Edgar a caricature. He is laughing at him.

    so you don’t need to insult his mother before understanding his satire. you should have read what he is saying by thinking a bit.

  35. For the first time i like the speech which ECL made. It should known that he want peace for the people of zambia.

  36. Edgar Lungu just pay back what you have stolen from the Zambian people between May and August 16 when parliament was dissolved. In other countries you should have been behind bars. Edgar Lungu has no regard for the constitution no wonder he went to state house to steal.

  37. I am in love ? with a very beautiful Lenje lady, God fearing and from a humble family but this issue of Bantubotatwe is scaring alot especially after learning that non tongas were beaten after the declaration of the president elect. Are the Lenjes same as tongass? This is really frightening nokumweba nimweba nomba kwena wakaele

  38. Lungu is the pharmacist administering “opium” for religions and Zambians, what a shame?
    This is the man that will go into history as having agitated the “tribal stupidity” into gear.

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