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Lusaka City Council begins spraying houses in Lusaka to control mosquitoes

Health Lusaka City Council begins spraying houses in Lusaka to control mosquitoes

Lusaka City Council Head Office
Lusaka City Council Head Office
The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has started the indoor residual spraying exercise in an effort to control the increase of mosquitoes in the city.

Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa, said the exercise is being conducted in collaboration with the Lusaka District Health Office and Trade Kings Zambia Limited.

“In view of the apparent increase in mosquitoes in Lusaka city, various activities aimed at controlling these vectors are being implemented,” Mr Mwansa said.

He said the activities include indoor residual spraying (IRS), application of larvacides in ponds and slowing flowing streams and drains, and environmental management (clearing of drains).

The Town Clerk said with regards the IRS; the Council in partnership with the District Health Office undertook indoor residual spraying activities in selected communities in the city.

“From February to May, 2016, a total of 61, 261 structures were sprayed, while an estimated 281, 086 residents in six (6) communities were sprayed in Chunga, Matero, Chazanga, Chipata, Mazyopa and Ng’ombe.

Mr Mwansa thanked Trade Kings for donating larvacide chemicles and other logistics such as personal protective equipment, adding that the exercise to spray for lavacides will be applied to most of the water bodies in the city and that the exercise has started in Mandevu and Matero constituencies.

In terms of environmental management, the Council has an on-going programme of clearing streams and drains in the city. This is intended to ensure that the flow of water of water bodies is increased hence making it difficult for mosquitoes to breed.

The Lusaka City Council Chief Executive Officer said residents should also be aware that the Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) project supported by the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCAZ) is also rehabilitating the Bombay drain that runs from Kamwala up to Mazyopa compound.

Mr Mwansa said this will not only result in reduced flooding in the city, but will also eliminate the mosquito breeding habitats through the removal of vegetation along this drain.


    • Its much easier to clean up Lusaka than going round spraying DDT in pots and sleeping babies. Maureen Mwanawasa had a better manifesto but you L

  1. 50 years after independence you are still spraying these poisons in peoples homes…instead of mainly keep clean surroundings.

  2. LCC yo approach is outdated & time wasting. The better forget pipo’s houses, mosquitos breed outside. With the poor implementation of yo town planning regulations, pipo r building anywhere they like while digging holes were the extract sand. The better approach wld b to use chemicals that non-harmful to humans & spray by plane over Lsk. O those planes that appear during campaigns, 1 can b found that can b used fo spraying.


    Now PF fears soldiers will take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Combat the filth in the shanties and all the arounding areas of the the shanties and for a change start collecting the gabage that is dumped in these areas. Curb the running sewers in the shanties and stop the stagnant water pools where mosquitoes breed – then you will be able to control the infestion…!

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