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Edith Nawakwi wants ECZ disbanded, asks Politicians to put their selfish interests aside

Headlines Edith Nawakwi wants ECZ disbanded, asks Politicians to put their selfish...

FDD Presidential Candidate Edith Nawakwi
FDD Presidential Candidate Edith Nawakwi
FDD President Edith Nawakwi has demanded for the immediate disbandment of the country’s electoral board saying the ECZ has failed to run election in the country.

And Ms Nawakwi has called on politicians to put their selfish interests aside as the country is bigger than any politician or political party in the country.

Speaking at a media briefing the FDD President said the current political standoff was due to the ineptitude of the the ECZ saying due to the stubbornness and incompetence of the ECZ,today Zambia has no government.

She said all Commissioners should step and pave way for new people who can run the ECZ in a professional and efficient manner.

She said the current ECZ has failed to do its job of ensuring that elections are held in a free, credible and transparent manner.

She described the elections process as flawed and that the voters register was compromised as it had too many errors and that it was belatedly distributed to stakeholders who had no time to audit it.

She added that with the current leadership at ECZ as well as the existing electoral laws and regulations which she said are ignored with impunity, it is wishful thinking that Zambia will have free,fair, credible elections no matter the outcome of the presidential petition.

And Ms Nawakwi has called on the constitution Court to expedite the matter so that people can resume their normal lives.

Ms Nawakwi who expressed disgust at the laiserfaire attitude of people handling the case saying their are just interested in making money and are not interested in the lives being affected by standoff.

“While we fully appreciate the constitutional right of every citizen to seek legal redress when they are aggrieved,we appeal that national interest must prevail over personal ambitions. Zambia is bigger than any one of us politicians. In fact, Zambia is bigger than any political party,” she said.

She added that even if the elections were nullified it was a fallacy to expect a different result with the same referee (ECZ) officiating in the elections.

She described Easu Chulu as Diramba (a referee from Garbon who officiated in a game between Zambia and Morocco) who cannot be trusted to hold a free and fair as well as credible elections.

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  1. Wise words mama. Let the court work on this cases fast so that we can form Government and progress. These issues can be sorted out later including the firing of ECZ officials.

    • She is right

      Make the result null and void

      Disqualify Lungu for being drunkard and having a Malawian Mother

      If Kaunda was barred in 1996 , how again does Lungu qualify




    • If you have a sane brain in your head

      Press green to agree that HH would make a better President than EL ever did and would.

    • “While we fully appreciate the constitutional right of every citizen to seek legal redress when they are aggrieved,we appeal that national interest must prevail over personal ambitions. Zambia is bigger than any one of us politicians. In fact, Zambia is bigger than any political party,” she said. Clearly this is aimed at HH. So Mushota agree that she’s also right on that point!

    • Disbanding ECZ is not the solution the role of the body is important. Going by Nawakwi’s idea what happens when the judiciary favours the ruling party? When the police are heavily baised? When the constitutional court is baised or indeed parliament is compromised? Disbanded all institutions?
      The problem is a poor leader who has poor advisers and poor ministers who all in turn make poor decisions. That’s what we need to deal with the question is how do we do it?
      All these problems come from state house!

    • Mama seriously even if Diramba was on your side do you think you could have won the election, let us be factual we know ECZ is not perfect but stop politicking that is the problem but ZED everything is politics even good businessmen want to be politicians including pastors please spare us.

    • First on the agenda for the lawmakers should be to streamline the law to prevent unnecessary incessant petitions of the Hichilema type and restrict ConCourt’s entertainment of unreasonable time wasting arguments.

      Our Nation has lost a lot of money while they tolerate arguments like, 14 day periods which, High School kids are taught in civics.

    • Disbanding ECZ cannot not improve thosr results which Edith Nawakwi got.

      She says ECZ is unprofessional but does not link ECZ to any issue at all.

      There is a very high risk in shaking hands with Mushipe. May be she did, and maybe that is why she is now capable of screaning even when there is nothing.

      Conclusion: there is nothing an electoral body, whether the current ECZ or new one, can do to improve Nawakwi’s performance.

      She has to do the work herself.

    • I am simply in love with Edith, she is my supper woman.
      Imagine if HH was President and Nawakwi vice-president, what a Zambia would that be.

    • 100% correct, let them all go. They should also be held accountable. Zambians have to put their personal interests aside and be professionals. its a shame that some of these people are educated overseas yet when back in Zambia behave like uneducated.

    • Nawakwi has nothing to say. Even entertaining her by giving her space is a worst of time. I hear she wants to change her party name to SPOILT BALLOT so that she can at last get a respectable number of votes..

  2. Your Running mate is saying something else. The victory went to Edgar and ECZ is very professional. You are being bitter madam Nawakwi.
    At this rate you risk becoming like perpetual loser Kalusa Hap Hazard Kaponya (HH).

  3. Lungu and his gang are the most corrupt politicians zambia has ever seen.

    His disregard for the law knows no bounds.

    Just look at how he is refusing to hand over power to the speaker as per consitution.

  4. Edgar Lungu and his former ministers should be jailed for stealing from Zambians when parliament was dissolved in May 2016. Zambia has three organs of the govt; executive, judiciary and legislature. Lungu do not understand the separation of powers of the govt. How can he be a judge, president and the enfocer of laws? Their bank accounts and all their assets must be frozen forthwith. Zambia was run like a small kantemba.

    • Madam Nawakwi please make up your mind what you are campaigning for. You want ecz disbanded because, as you claim, the 11 August 11 elections were flawed, but in the same breathe you are asking UPND (obviously) to abandon the legal recourse (or in Kalusha-speak “regal lecourse”) because Zambia is bigger than all of us?? What are you saying Madam Nawakwi?? That if somebody robs me I should not go to court because my neighbourhood is bigger than me? Why this hatred for fellow opposition parties? No wonder they say you are PF madam.

    • @Ndate I agree with you entirely. Nawakwi cannot make any political statement without attacking HH. Why does she hate HH with Such passion? HH and his partners are suing on behalf of the 1.7m not sure exactly who voted for change so who is Nawakwi to deny them the Right? Very disgusting veiled political talk. She’s just trying to cover up the embarrassment her running mate has caused her.

  5. For the first time am happy to hear Nawakwi speak out. Unfortunately am disappointed with your running mate who still have faith in ECZ..!
    How come you have two voices instead of one considering that he is your second..!

  6. Yes a lot needs to be done where elections are concerned in Zambia. The paper trail way of voting is an outdated system of voting. Larger democracies like India have gone electronic voting. Botswana next door are contemplating the same. Why keep a voters role where people were registered five years ago and have since re-located to other areas. Why can’t people be allowed to vote anywhere where voting time will find them? No wonder many from the voters role did not vote. We need a system where everybody with an N.R.C. is allowed to vote as long as the data base is nonprofessionaly compiled to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Banks are a good example. I can draw my money anywhere any time as long as i have a visa card. Why can’t we learn and adopt the same technological…

  7. That ECZ failed to deliver to Zambians a free,fair,credible and transparent elections is a fact. ECZ colluded with PF to rig the elections infavour of Lungu and PF. This is a perception that is widely held by most Zambians. To pacify Zambians ECZ needs to openly justify how they declared Lungu the Winner given many documented malpractices and irregularities. We stood in long queues for hours only to have our votes and voices stolen. What is most annoying is that ECZ, instead of protecting our votes Chulu,ECZ Commissioners and Senior Managers actually facilitated the vote theft. Heads must roll at ECZ. The fish rots from the Head downwards. Essau Chulu, Isaac, Kasaro,Akufuna and all ECZ Commissioners must be sacked for this ineptitude and criminal behavior.

  8. The more hatred is heaped on ECL, the more blessed he becomes each day that passes. Infact it is the hatred from the likes of Guy Scot that has propelled ECL to come this far. May the Almighty God continue protecting him from his senseless enemies.

    • True, ofcourse if their point has no merit before heaven. If it has merit then yaba; kaya since God is a fair judge.

  9. Most of it is ok but anything run by a human being cannot have no flaws otherwise that would be cheating. Even Trump is already saying the USA election will be rigged. Whoever will be there will always be accused by the losers. Come to think of it Edith’s party has been losing elections since 2001 handled by the ECZ and won by four different presidents.

  10. Yes its the same ECZ that refused to accept nominations for MPs for FDD after the designated closing time as they were still looking for supporters and Judge Lungu refused to allow you to file out of time hence the out best…However the question on the table is how do we get the right persons to run ECZ? That’s the elephant on the table

  11. It is wishing thinking that hh can win in rerun,bcz lungu cartel has spread in all govt institutions as evidenced by ecz saga,refusal to step aside by lungu as stipulated in the const.RB mambala we brought him down once but twice it wont happen.

  12. Awe, nawakwi! ECZ has been there even in the time u saved as minister. Under the Govt in which u saved u & chiluba used ECZ to steal votes & instal yo own pipo. Today is when u want to talk ill about a respectable body like ECZ? ECZ has presided over elections were there has been a change in Govt. Just bcoz u got 5,000 votes u want to blame ECZ? U r just not popular. U lost. Same as the kachema losers making unnecessary noises. But EL is a democrat. He has allowed the courts to attend to yo noises & nonsenses. When o this rub.bish is over we r not going to tolerate yo useleness.

  13. When Esau Chulu, who is RB’s first cousin, was appointed ECZ Chair, it was clear what game was gonna be. ‘CHAVULA’ has not been charged & was released & paid taxpayers money and gone back to Uganda as we speak.

    By the way, all Chulu’s I’ve personally known are originally from Malawi. That brings back the story about RB’s Malawian roots.

    Justice Florence Mumba should not have been removed from ECZ

    • Justice Florence Mumba was removed from ECZ by Mwanawasa who hates her kind and worked at removing them from all positions of power… Mwanawasa was a bitter soul MHRIP

    • All Chavulas are from Lundazi and Chama districts of the republic of Zambia. and all Chulus are from eastern province of the republic of Zambia as well. Please, don’t expose your ignorance in public lest you lose even the least respect you may have.

  14. Remember your village in Shangómbo, Luano Valley, Chama, dundumwezi, are you are suggesting electronic voting!!!LOL

    Just make ECA better for 2021 and things will be fine!!!

    Thant is my free advise… No coin to be paid,… Bye!

  15. Remember your village in Shangómbo, Luano Valley, Chama, dundumwezi, and are you are suggesting electronic voting!!!LOL

    Just make ECA better for 2021 and things will be fine!!!

    Thant is my free advise… No coin to be paid,… Bye!

  16. Zambia the real Africa. It seems people just wake up and decide to say anything to the press without giving it proper thought. And at times it is always better to stay quiet than being too verbally active. It saves your integrity and makes one appear intelligent even if you may not be.

  17. Who will appoint these officers to lead ECZ? Is it the President? Who has consititutiona rights to appoint these officers? Can someone educate me please!!!! Can I suggest that each stake-holder brings names to the appointing authority for approval and then submit to parliament for ratification?

  18. I remember ECZ was created by an act of parliament and only an act by parliament to dissolve this body!!! I guess Am right!!!

  19. What ever Edith is smoking has certainly messed up her thinking capabilities? Do not cheapen our Victory just because you re sensing that the Courts will rule in our favor !! ECZ is credible , Elections were credible and therefore the election of ECL is credible too. I can see that you are implying and creating doubts in peoples mind that the Con court may not credible ???? And I quote ” expedite the matter so that people can move on with their lives”. Its you ,HH,GBM , Never who should move on. Stop holding to ransom the respected institutions of peaceful Zambian Democracy that have delivered credible. When you won as part of the MMD of the past , you never had anything to say about ECZ. Get on with your life you bad Loser,recycled and expired Politician!!!!

    • Really thats your definition of credible? with hackers in the IT room and missing ballots you call that credible? Please my dear brothers and sisters let us not condone illegality lest we find ourselves like Nigeria or Mexico

  20. Even if we had an election body from UK/USA/FBI or whatever, to supervise Zambian elections, the losers will accuse the winner that they connived with electoral body!!! I bet this will be said!!!

  21. Edith Nawakwi is not cultured no wonder even in her Grandmothers village including Chieftainicy Nawaitwika never voted for her…How can you insult Mr Justice E.Chulu and label him as Diramba..Even the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND has never sunk so low to ridicule the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia…If this is the Opposition parties we have then they are not ready yet to govern…

  22. Bo Judge Esau Chulu is an innocent Soul. Please spare the old man as he deserves respect. He was just at the receiving end. The technocrats are the ones who can be blamed.

  23. Madam Nawakwi. Your OBSERVATIONS/COMPLAINTS are WELL NOTE BUT its NOT VERY CLEAR what your stance is! Do you support the petition or not? May you needed to BE MORE DECISIVE by saying WE NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON REFORMING ECZ and ELECTORAL LAWS rather THAN REMAIN FIXATED ON THE PETITION.Some of the questions you have raised mirror some of our thoughts;if a re-run is ordered or the entire election is nullified who WOULD ORGANIZE A NEW VOTE?IS IT not THE SAME ECZ that would have been dragged in the mud? If that is the scenario are we not likely to see perpetual petitions as losers of the re-run could also launch another petition citing the failures observed in ECZ earlier on? YES let us REFORM and MODERNIZE ECZ!!

  24. Are the ECZ Commissioners so docile that they were not able to persuade their Chairman to do the right thing knowing they would be held to account? Chulu, ECZ Commissioners and Senior Managers were said to have been given immunity from prosecution so they stole the elections with impunity. Besides they were nicely paid for services rendered. The Lungu,RB and Chulu connection stole the vote. The rigging was massive but careless to some extent as we will find out from the Councourt hearings. Essau Chulu as a Judge surely should have seen this comming. Now he and fellow Commissioners are thoroughly discredited and in spite of their immunity privileges they could still be prosecuted for these criminal activities at ECZ. The chickens have come home to roost!!

    • The councourt is necessary to help reform our electoral process.Why would it take 3million votes to be counted in 4days even if we were all grade 7s.Shame on this corrupt govnt.

  25. Those who have stolen the votes seem to happy with their evil deeds. God says thou shall not steal. As long as God knows it shall not be well with them. They pretend to be Christians but fake humble but not, you shall know them by their fruits.

  26. I totally agree…,the ECZ is completely compromised. Its actually owned by the Baboons in PF. I’ll say this again..these guys are upto no good but to enrich themselves,period! Your kids,my kids and especially their kids…..will never know what we’ve always known Zambia to be….coz guess what!? Everything Zambia was will be extinct. And by the way Mushota i got a crush on you!

  27. No wonder your own running mate has broken ranks with you. Put your house in order before you start disparaging remarks on our respected people in Zambia. Had it not been for ECZ and its team’s maturity, you would be dragged to Court to explain your careless talk. From your careless talk , one can see that there was not even a single legal advise or consultation. And how on earth can we entrust with anything. At least HH still have the respect of the clan who voted for him en masse. But for you, No Not even your own father. Yes we heard it from own mouth!!!

  28. Fellow country men a man who was voted by raising Pangas at mulungushi university and wins through rigging elections can not hand over power through legal means.May warning to this man is your days are counted soon you will wish never accpted to used by criminals to preside over a country like zambia.The bees will visit you soon.We shall give you sweets so you dance to palete.This the only langauge a Kaponya president from Chawama can listen too.No mess will be shown to you.We have tried to negotiate with you but you take us for JOKE WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU LOST.

  29. Nawakwi start campaigning for 2021 and stop hate speech. thats why u lost too much hate speech. next time you are losing to Andyford Banda. Watch the space.

  30. Why didn’t Mr Esau Chulu announce by what % did Mr Lungu win these elections. He just gave us figures and walked out without even taking questions. When I got my calculator, it’s like I failed to come up with a clear winner. 50%+1?

  31. Mushota i do like the way u analyse issues…put more fire…poor Zambians dont know that under pf are in serious trouble.. watch the space…

  32. She is right about one thing – ECZ are an incompetent shambolic outfit…all from tendering a printering company to counting the last ballot paper. If this was a private company and they did an audit to present at the AGM …those ECZ directors would be sacked on the spot. We are in this position because of poor leadership and lack of good governance.

    • Don’t be selective on what is right in her statement. Accept also the party where she says ““While we fully appreciate the constitutional right of every citizen to seek legal redress when they are aggrieved,we appeal that national interest must prevail over personal ambitions. Zambia is bigger than any one of us politicians. In fact, Zambia is bigger than any political party,”

  33. They have to change the system of voting many people they don’t know how to read which results to rigging . If voting could be changed using some colors maybe it can help this young democracy we are experiencing and it will be simple for everyone.

  34. LoL, This Zambian “Opportunities” Politics!!!!!
    So, the so called Dr. Mwanza has just pocked a knife in Nawakwi`s back, because he smells an opportunity to join Lungu, SHAME on the A.S.S Licker

    Why are we condoning this type of behavior from our politicians, it appears political prostitution has become a norm in Zambian Politics, which is wrong. Political parties shouldn’t be holding press conferences welcoming the wicked politicians making them even popoular thus confirming that it is ok for these i.d.i.o.ts to keep moving from one party to another

  35. I respect that woman the former ECZ chairperson Justice Florence Mumba.She resigned on moral grounds.Justice Chulu should emulate her.If it was in other countries all ECZ commissioners could have resigned by now.After all those glaring allegations and accusations!!!We have no principles in Africa.It’s one out of a thousand

  36. Nawakwi has not identified or specified the problem nor has she provided any solution. Usual problem of Zambians. Good armchair critics, not problem solvers.

  37. Someone has just reminded on the professional conduct of the ECZ. Remember ministers Phiri and Syambakula reported late for nomination and got disqualified? Remember how Upnd psychopaths showered praises on ECZ? ECZ were darlings because they fixed PF

  38. With all due respect bloggers, lets try to look at the issue at hand.

    Firstly, Nawakwi is not saying she won the elections but she is trying to express her observation of what transpired. Secondly, she was much closer to the election process than any of you bloggers would ever be. So her opinion is a lot more authoritative than yours. Let’s for once get rid of this cadre mentality and use our brains. It may be her mere opinion but if you collect opinions of others both for and against her argument then you can conclude what is true and accurate.

    But alas the ignorance and shear lack of analytical skills is quite frustrating and disappointing among some bloggers.
    Please get some education.

    • @48.education is the main problem pa zed;most comments here sums it all.i hav no doubt many zambians ar schooled but not educated.

  39. It’s fair to say ECZ is only bad, or inconvenient when Politicians lose!

    Zambian Politicians MUST learn to uphold gov’t institutions at the heart of our Democratic system and processes. ECZ is forced to work under undue pressure that if it were any other employment scenario, the employees would sue interference in their capability to do work. Where else in this world do you see Political parties arrange Hijacking groups to intercept Ballot boxes en route. Where do you see, careerist lawyers in ‘way too short’ skirts sitting with legs as wide open as the mouth shouting at ECZ employees. SHAMEFUL Nawakwi, you should be supporting the staff who were shouted at and bullied as they desperately tried to do their work! The mess is due to the interference of ECZ in its effort to do…

  40. I dont know what this noise is all about. ECZ facilitates for elections, they do not force people to vote for particular candidates. Even if UPND or Nawaki had won those who did not win would still blame ECZ. The problem with the current crop of leaders is that they are forcing themselves on the electorate and this clearly speaks into their desperate desire to get into Plot 1 so that they can accumulate wealth and reap what they have lost in their attempts at Plot 1. Grow up and understand that in a democracy there is a winner and a loser. As electorates we are sick and tired of this moaning and mourning. Let us see how we all can develop our country. For the economy to get better needs all of us to work harder and change our attitudes of gimme, gimme, gimme and me me me and…

  41. Nawakwi should have been specific in terms of irregularities, but no just groping in the dark, not knowing what she is talking about. She can’t make a blanket statement without substantiating.. its cheap

  42. In fact we should be addressing the selfish nature of small time politicians with a small support group running as individual candidates knowing they can not win with such a small group. All those votes given to her and her no hoper fellow candidates may have helped HH……. Meet his numbers!!!

  43. Esau Diramba Chuulu and Priscilla Isaac, people who recruited Chavula and Emmanuel Mwamba to rig elections need not step their feet at ECZ or else…

  44. All political parties should be disbanded for failing to campaign properly. We should start afresh where political parties are concerned. For now, all of them are personal-to-holder parties.

    An incredibly unwise statement from this FDD leader albeit subjective point. Quite ungrateful and emotionally charged statement coming from one Edith Nawakwi (aka EN) albeit personal view. I am extremely disturbed by this low low statement from one undemocratic and stagnant leader of FDD as she “unshameably” launches weird attacks on ECZ albeit ECZ’s unwarranted preelection attacks and suspicion from UPND.
    Yes we expected Nawakwi to do better in this immediate past election; and yes we are going on without a president except for…

    • Contd.
      … the incumbent who is now president elect. Yes Zambia is bigger than PF, UPND, FDD and what have you. Yes the delay by the recently constituted concourt in the inauguration of president is unwelcome but constitutional. Whatever group will be constituted to manage election will not be trusted henceforth. This is the LEVEL Zambia has reached. With the current constitution that narrows the race to two in an event of a disputed and nullified election, Zambia must brace itself for waste times to come until we have civil approaches and reasonable treatment of ECZ in whatever form and capacity they are from ungrateful political parties leaders like HH and now EN. All issues raised here are pretty much constitutional in nature unless one is a gonena in Zambia’s political and…

    • Contd.
      … constitutional dispensation. Our level is that people like you EN stay in the background when issues of constitutional nature and Human Rights are propounded and expounded. E.g Who appoints the ECZ Chair? How and Why? Now as long as the President appoints, how will the disbanding of the current team help?

    PF leaders and cadres (2006-2011) thought the then Group of ECZ members were in favour of MMD. The ECZ team was hated for their fair game. Justice Mambilima was called names and abused by both you EN, PF and UPND. She withstood your abuse- thats why she has an alias “IRON LADY”. Do not forgive your deliberate forgetfulness. You are currently insinuating that Justice Esau Chulu favoured ECL right? Given the scenario, everyone can “misthink”. What an ungrateful way of thinking. I challenge you here and now that there will not be an ECZ team that will be liked by the losing lot, No not one!
    We are being reminded to stay-off commenting on issues before the Concourt but please be…

    • Contd.
      .. reminded that they are just 4 to 5 months old in that institution. Sworn in on March 21, 2016. They are just too new to be bombarded with quite insurmountable number of lawsuits after lawsuit, injunction this, petition that, have you gone bonkers? Treat them as a startup business.
      LET the sleeping dog lie.

  47. We agree with madam Nawakwi, the ECZ needs fresh blood and a patriotic commitment to ensuring a free and fair election.

  48. Madam Nawakwi, and your Running mate can harmonise your statements into one tommorrow other than confusing us or tell us you and your mate of convience have parted company after losing an election. Congraturation for scopping one constituency (Chiengi)

  49. Edith complaints comes from the fact that ECZ did not disqualify the UPND candidate for Namwala after the FDD candidate was brutally attached and hospitalised.You remember ECZ suspended campiagns in that area.She brought this issue up again with ECZ at Mulungushi Conference centre.Its from that back ground that she is demandind that commissioners and senior managers resign

  50. I agree fully with Ms Nawakwi. The ECZ has shown itself to be an organisation without proper controls and checks and balances. It’s however a reflection of the state of our country. One has to recognise that an organisation like the ECZ needs respect from the stakeholders, which means that processes for appointing the head and critical staff have to be through an independent body. Over the years we’ve seen Presidents trying to influence outcomes of elections through partisan appointments or hegemony. Instead of democracy, we’ve ended up with a system heavily favouring the incumbent and making the abuse of power a routine event. What I disagree with is that life goes on, as if all is well. People have to stand up and challenge the status quo for change. We are tired of mediocre people…

  51. No comment on this disgruntled woman seeking attention.
    Now imagine this loser lodging an election petition under whatever article, should the President of Zambia be sent on forced leave just like that and create insecurity in the nation? That is precisely what Hakainde is crying for, a power vacuum to enable him launch his armageddon.

  52. Since when has Madam Nawakwi been participating in elections? And which body was in charge of thsoe very elections? Why do losers behave like this ayi?

  53. Suggesting to disband ECZ? I hope that those who would be put in place will have three heads each to be distinct from the learned people now manning the ECZ who have one head each. I nominate Nawakwi and ANTONIO. They failed to show ability to grow their party but can do better at ECZ.

  54. Comment:
    We have all seen and believed that the ECZ did not act professionally in the just ended elections. the ECZ was biased and this is why Zambians are condemning it with its Esau. Now with this, we are waiting to see if the Concourt wil as well accept to be condemned together with the ECZ which must be dibanded

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