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MISA welcomes lifting of the ban on ITT, but want IBA to also regulate ZNBC

General News MISA welcomes lifting of the ban on ITT, but want IBA to...

MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale speaks to Journalists after she toured the closed Post Newspapers
MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale speaks to Journalists after she toured the closed Post Newspapers
THE Media Institute of Southern Africa(MISA) has commended the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) for lifting the suspension of the license for Itezhi Tezhi Radio following several appeals from various stakeholders including MISA.

MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale said in a statement today that the decision to lift the suspension was timely because the punishment meted out to the three broadcast stations was unfair as they were neither charged nor given an opportunity to appear before the authority prior to the decision.

Ms Mwale said the authority must live up to its mandate of promoting a pluralistic broadcasting industry in Zambia through fair, transparent and effective regulation as provided for in the IBA amendment act of 2010.

She said MISA was also demanding that the power of the IBA to regulate public broadcasters such as ZNBC should be restored.

“This will truly level the playing field and allow for uniform and not selective enforcement of standards as has been demonstrated in the events of the past few days,”she said.

She reiterated the call for all media institutions and practitioners to stand united and remain professional in their conduct as this was the only way for the media fraternity to forge ahead.

Ms Mwale said MISA was closely monitoring the legal suit brought by Muvi Television and Komboni Radio.


    • How can they regulate Znbc which is funded by tax payers. Zncbc is public institution for God’s sake. These beaches of the cartel should learn to sound relevant otherwise time will catch up with them. Looks like these girls are uncomfortable in their Gstrings.

    • Media freedom is not the same as freedom to insult. These media houses have rules and regulations under which they operate and signed to abide by them. What do you expect iba to do if rules are violated with impunity because hh have them money to report what he tells. If there is any media out there planning to be reporting fake stories try online and you will be met by people who are equal to your insults.

  1. So called ka mutototo who told u dat everything z pf if u r cadre nt everyone z a cadre nd it’s u who z useless nd corrupt head nd mind nd u r jst a fool u wil b jst like dat in ur life talkin abut pf.

  2. The licence was restored not because of appeals from stakeholders,that is a lie but because the station appealed and informed IBA they had in fact taken disciplinary measures against the employee.So madam tell the truth

  3. Good statement, but unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears……ZNBC is beyond any help unless full re-organisation is done.

    • ZNBCshould just be privatised. Government has no business owning media facilities. They must just pay like any other user.

      Then the PIG will not be able to use taxpayers money to abuse and lie to the Citizens!

  4. Way to go. Now we shall see those who can’t admit their mistakes and are always rushing to courts.Their case will be concluded in 2021!!I say so because our courts will be choked with parliamentary petitions, this will include Masumba’s!!(imagine a guy who came 3rd petitioning)

  5. Hellen Mwale, you have too long to come in. You should have appealed to international community to intervene if you have failed to do your job. Zambians are missing out on news as their public broadcaster (ZNBC) is a vuvuzela of the past govt (PF). Who doesn’t know that PF closed Post and other private media so that they steal August elections but thank God the Mighty is on the ground who saw every crooked element of PF regime.

  6. ZNBC falls under the ambit of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Act 16. How easy is it for IBA to regulate it??

    I believe it is Extremely difficult for IBA because they don’t issue ZNBC with a license to operate. ZNBC exists by virtual of an act of parliament.

    • Then what is the IBA for? To regulate only the private media? That is segregatory if thats the case. All broadacsting houses in the nation should operate under the same rules. It is only constitutional

  7. You want ZNBC to be regulated so that it stops giving news about ECL or publish the insults coming GBM and HH. That is were we are getting it wrong. If MUVI TV was not exaggerating the news about HH and GBM and were just reporting the truth I don’t think they could have been closed. For example to report that votes were stolen is not only hurting, it is stupid and irresponsible in all terms. So there is nothing wrong being done by ZNBC except that you want to report what you want to hear which is impossible.

  8. So this beach calls the unlawful reporting and wraping of media ethics by muvi and other weired houses is good for misa. If these organizations will start reacting with a partisan inclination they risk being irrelevant to the society.

  9. Where in the world have you seen the Media owned or run by the government by regulated.? when it comes to NEWS AND LOCAL CURRENT AFFAIRS… Just change the channel. Go to BBC ,CNN or others.. ZNBC should seriously improve on their horrible programmes, promoting gossip and passivity through their horrible recycled interviews. It’s also not CHILD FRIENDLY. Horrible cartoons, OLD documentary with terrible cinematography brought at awkward hours . NO FAMILY RELAXING TIME. BAD CHOICE OF MOVIES.. The list is ENDLESS. THANK YOU Dstv..We love you ZNBC, but please learn to love us back too..

    • Good observation and very unbiased.

      Our dear ZNBC has a lot of learning and straightening up to do.

      Actually, it needs to MODERNISE. It is the epitome of ‘borefest’ except the local language programmes which I thoroughly enjoy…

  10. IBA is corrupt and compromised. Shame on them. Poverty is very bad. A true reflection of high levels of poverty in Zambia.

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