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UPND has no plans to cause Havoc in Zambia-Katuka

General News UPND has no plans to cause Havoc in Zambia-Katuka

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katunka(c) having an interview with the Journalists immediately after the briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka(c) having an interview with
the Journalists
The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has dismissed the assertion that it has devised an operation dubbed “Operation Armageddon” aimed at causing violence and destroying property belonging to Patriotic Front sympathizers.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the PF should not try to come out clean on the violence.

He says it is sad that the PF leadership is trying to appear holy in the public eye while doing the opposite behind the doors.

Mr. Katuka states that the UPND has no plans to cause confusion in the country.

He says UPND members are equally affected with what is happening in the country, stressing that a number of them have been displaced and have had their property destroyed.

Mr Katuka states that the people of Zambia have followed events in the country and are able to judge who is the cause of the violence in the country.


  1. We are not as barbaric and backwards as the pf thugs. Upnd is a progressive party which believes in the rule of law. Why is pf panicking. Why can’t they wait for the ruling in silence. Can ka mere lungu handover power please

    • @Nez…

      Just because you have said it, and keep repeating it, doesn’t make it true! For sure EVIDENCE speaks louder than mere empty words. If want is going on in Namwala isn’t ‘GENOCIDAL’ BARBARISM, then you and your UPND must have a VERY SADISTIC SENSE OF NORMALCY!

    • @ yambayamba, is that the reason why your government had and is still shutting down private media so that we do not know the truth? You speak of ‘genocide’ in the same breath as your tabloids which said ‘ethnic cleansing’ when in fact those are just political skirmishes which were inevitable after the results were announced. We are not daft to believe your propaganda and truth is PF has been championing the tribal mantra in order to gain whatever idiocy they have gained!

    • UPND is mourning beacause HALUZA hAGAIN (HH) time is up so they are panicking as they are worried who to pick as party leader as they will not choose another tonga as party president because people will label them as tribal. I CAN NOW SEE GBM AND CANISIUS TAKING OVER WHAT A PITY AS THE PARTY WILL NOW RELOCATE TO NORTHERN AND EASTERN PROVINCES.

    • I agree with you, you a peaceful party except the Namwala Ethnic cleansing that your partspearheaded and they are hiding it

    • @Lezgee you lie. The Times of Zambia is a broadsheet and Zambia Daily Mail is a Berliner…Never were they tabloids and never will they practice tabloid journalism…

    • Please leave the issue of Edgar Lungu handing over power with the courts. The courts will determine, otherwise dont be misled by politicias wanting to go to state house at all costs.

  2. Well then how do you explain your refusal to accept defeat in this election that all objective stakeholders, foreign and local, have declared as free and fair?

  3. For sure the real PF is bunch of Thugs that can do anything for political gain.

    However, despite all evil efforts to gain political mileage, PF is losing popularity at a faster rate.

    By 2021, even a Dog will gain more votes than PF.

    • You know the reason UPND lost clean and fair?its because you compared people to dogs…You are shameless and your mouth,careless talks will lead you somewhere very far.Use your words wisely not like a fool.And you cry yourself to sleepas in why you suffer in life?simple!you are too careless such that you believe a dog is better than you.I personally forgive you and all you need to do is forgive yourself coz God has also forgiven you.Stop careless talks#Extracts from your mouth

  4. When a hungry hyena wants to eat its children it starts by accusing its children of smelling like goats. That is what PF is doing to UPND. PF is using violence as a tool to power retention. Thank God people of Zambia know that violence is being instigated by PF cadres who are threatening the AG and Concourt judges. For this reason Lungu is clinging to Presidential powers to cause maximum damage to his opponents. The whole World has seen thru Lungu’s strategy.


    • in short ndulo is saying that ‘when hakaivotela humwine wants to get rid of some of his members for fear of being challenged he starts by accusing them of being pf agents’

  5. UPND and HH are now ashamed of their Armageddon war which the orchestrated before, during and after elections and now reported to the Hague. They have changed their violence Armageddon stance for fear of the Hague. What a bunch of desperate people who fail to reason as mature politicians. No wonder they are called under 5s. Shame on them.

  6. The causers of violence are GBM and satanist.for sure,all the election observers have said that the elections were free and fair.you failed to SONTA EPOWABOMBA now you have failed to SONTA apo rigging yacitikile.imwe ba kwindi.

  7. Edgar Lungu and PF former ministers must pay back the money they have stolen when parliament dissolved or get jailed. Their assets must be frozen and movement restricted until all what was stolen is recovered from them. PF are thugs and theives and their end is coming soon.

  8. Able to judge,are you foolish or something.May God forgive you.Support with dignity and not with stupidity.Its clear,the only time HH spoke about peace and no fighting is when he had already petitioned,AM SURE HE WAS JUST TRYING TO PLAY WITH US.HH in his own mouth said it on TV that he cant tell his people to put away machetes because pf cadres move with guns.Like really,stop acting foolish.EDGAR IS NO SAINT TOO BUT HE PREACHES ABOUT PEACE.And please dont involve God in your foolishness ,may the devil you seek find you.Ala ,we are tired of all the noises,we want to continue with OUR normal lives.And you UPND MEMBERS Woke up if really this your president had evident ,he wud have presented it a long time.His votes were stolen before election GO PICK THEM IN THE PAST.so tired.

  9. It’s sad that people today are being identified as PF or UNPD instead of their names and compound they resides from . If this tag of PF or UNPD continue as a identification it will bring division in our country Zambia.
    The political parties should stop giving t-shirts, wax material (Fitenge) etc as symbol for their parties because it has become a danger to other people. And it is promoting people not buy clothes always they are in their party regalia.
    It’s unfair to point on one tribe that is tribal, we all practice it this vice of tribalism we have to stop it.

  10. Katuka, thanks but even think of perpetrating trouble because you’ll be crushed to baby powder. Gbm had openly warned that if Upnd lost there would be Armageddon in Zambia.

  11. Mr. Katuka please let your beloved ruler HH and his lieutenant go and answer at the Hague why he mauled the villagers in Maala on a selective basis once they face the world they will know better next time the blood, the burnt goods the lost homes the displaced villagers, all evidence collected by the Red Cross and Amnesty International who the villagers are calling as witnesses…so to late your leaders committed crimes against humanity which are International crimes with the attendant sanction

    • @14 desmond, that is the real stuff! I salute the guys who reported these guys to the Hague bcoz if they didn’t by now we could have been witnessing the real Armagedon their leader was talking about! Let them just wait for that time. It could be the ICC is waiting for a full government to be in place so that they can know well who to coordinate with.

  12. You are a rotten dog who can’t see that you have brought the country to shame. UPND is selfish and when you look at the history of the two of its leaders it’s crystal clear that they don’t mean well for Zambia. Go to hell where you belong.

  13. Is it true that Charles Milupi is taking over the UPND presidency while Caniscious Banda is taking over the vice presidency running mate positions.

  14. HH HAS DONE WELL TO STEP ASIDE FOR CHARLES MILUPI. I feel Caniscious Banda should have been the best Candidate to take over from Hichilema Hakainde instead of Charles Milupi because Milupi is a new commer and zambians may think it is tribalism.

    • @17 Jonas Zimba,if indeed it is true then UPND is doomed bcoz Milupi failed to run his own party and he is a know tribalist too! In January 2015 presidential by-election,while campaining in Mongu he said “Southern,Western,Nwestern let us come together so that we can control Zambia” so where did he put other 7 Provinces? These are all tribalists to the point where even GBM to campaign was telling people in Nothern Part of Zambia ” Don’t vote for Edgar he has taken the VP to Lozis,vote HH he has appointed VP so he cares about you Bembas” – total rubbish,the entire collection fit for the Hague!!

  15. What an ignorant way to assume that UPND had no plans. I thought it was Mr Lungu who once said he had no visions.you won’t be taking zambians for granted any longer you damn useless so called politicians with no brains.

  16. I have noted the resigned syance from UPND loner leader HH these days. The only one yapping is the ex-alterboy Nevers Mumba ! Where is Mwimbu, Mweetwa and all the UPND Old Guard ? Has it just dawned on them that HH has again driven the party over the cliff in a vehicle driven by the Sata Family Forest / Cartel ? Even Miles ‘Fyaba Yama’ Sampa and Maureen have literally evaporated. Take my hand Pilgrim, politics teya bana’ Godspeed as we walk together to Dundumwezi

  17. United Party for National Development (UPND) losing candidates from Eastern Province have joined the Patriotic Front (PF).
    The two have also withdrawn their filed election petitions in the Lusaka High Court to dispute the Electoral result.
    The two are Samson Thole-Chadiza Central and Moses Moyo-Luangeni.
    The duo was welcomed by PF Central Committee Member, Chairperson for Elections and Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata

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