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14 year boy allegedly commits suicide in his father’s butchery

General News 14 year boy allegedly commits suicide in his father’s butchery

A FOURTEEN year old boy of Livingstone has allegedly committed suicide by cutting his neck using a machine that is used to cut meat at his father’s butchery.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon around Maramba Market in Livingstone where scores of Livingstone residents stormed the area to have a glimpse of the remains for the boy.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said a report of sudden and unnatural death in which Oozias Mulombwe, 48, of police camp quarters in Livingstone reported that his son Charles Mulombwe,14, had committed suicide by cutting his neck by use of a butchery machine in his father’s butchery.

Mr Phiri said yesterday that the Police had not yet established for reasons for the suicide mission.

In another development, Mr Phiri said report of sudden death occurred where Dan Mahela aged between 30 and 35 years who collapsed and died on Wednesday at about 1700 hrs in Makalanguzu Township in Kazungula District.

Mr Phiri said the body of the deceased was taken to Batoka mortuary Livingstone.

The Provincial Commissioner of Police said the Police had not suspected any foul play on the death Mr Mahela.

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  1. This is very sad. We in upnd mourn with the family and hope you heal soon with the pain you are going through. Rip. A case of frustrated teenagers who feel let down by the political system and government. People want change bane

    • Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said yesterday that the Police had not yet established for reasons for the suicide mission. So where do you get the nonsense that the teenage was “let down by the political system and government.” Such nonsense from UPND media is what led to their loss in the elections. A family has lost a son in tragic circumstances and morbid individuals like you think it is an opportunity to campaign even when elections are past. Why don’t you go ahead and commit suicide seeing you are an equally very frustrated individual.

    • Voted for change and it was stolen from us. Now look how people are reacting. Never in the history of Zambia have we seen so many deaths than under the pf

    • UPND sacrifice for the Concourt to rule in their favour. UPND will never rule this country as long as they are involved in human sacrifices.

  2. Even before I could read the story I new it was from Southern Province. To me it appear the father killed the Son here.

  3. This is not suicide. The boy was murdered, butchered!! It is a pity that in Zambia we still don’t have police who can investigate such cases. The choice of weapon for carrying out the suicide is suspect. Teenagers of that age do not commit suicide of such nature. Who found the body? Where were other employees? Was the boy alone in the butchery? Was he a trained butcher? Was he competent to operate the butchery equipment? What was the relationship with his father? Has he shown any suicidal tendencies before? Talk to friends, relatives, teachers and anybody who knew the boy before jumping to conclusion that she committed suicide. I can assure you the boy did not commit suicide…..He was murdered by a person close to him. Establish the motive although I have my own theory. Clue….how was…

  4. “Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said yesterday that the Police had not yet established for reasons for the suicide mission”.
    What? If ba LT have reported this story accurately, then the Commissioner of Police is ambiguous in his statement. On what grounds has he predetermined that this is a suicide case, rather than an accident or a murder case? Since when did a meat-cutting machine become a weapon of choice for anyone planning to commit suicide?

  5. @ NEZ
    Oh, even fourteen year olds were voting for Under 5 in Southern Province? When satan blinds you, you even start revealing your wrongs, more will surely be known and revealed in Southern, Western and N/Western.
    No wonder the voter turn out was absurdly high in the Hyena strongholds, yalikosa bola!

  6. This is not suicide. It’s murder. Someone killed this boy. Police must investigate thoroughly and not jump to conclusions prematurely.

  7. The level of incompetence on the part of the Zambia Police can most probably be compared only to their level of corruption.

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