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Namibian and Ethiopia congratulate President Lungu on re-election

General News Namibian and Ethiopia congratulate President Lungu on re-election

President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda and Kaizah Zulu tour Bauleni Market Burned
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda and Kaizah Zulu tour Bauleni Market Burned

Namibian President Hage Geingob has joined other world leaders in congratulating President Edgar Lungu for his victory in the August 11, 2016 general election.

In his congratulatory message dated August 16, 2016, President Geingob extended felicitations to President Lungu, the first family and the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership.

Mr. Geingob further congratulated President Lungu for the development the country has experienced under his leadership which he said he witnessed during his recent visit to Zambia.

He has since wished Mr. Lungu good health, wisdom and strength in his leadership as he continues to steer the country to greater prosperity.

And the government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has also conveyed a congratulatory message to President Lungu.

President Mulatu Teshome has stated that it was his firm conviction that President Lungu’s re-election will serve as an opportunity to further strengthen the already existing friendly relations between Zambia and Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian President expressed his best wishes, personal good health to President Lungu and prosperity for the Zambian people.

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.


    • They have professional operatives on the ground who correlate and dissect what is considered good intelligence material. In this case they have already advised their capital cities of power that Opponents of Zambia’s humble man servant ECL took before the ConCourt ashes of their political cremation. Nkhani yasila, chapwa, kwamana, kwatha period!

  1. This message is not for upnd please it’s for us the PF. Bring it on ,you insulted him now let’s see how many will leave and to where? Trump doesn’t need UPND also cause they are unruly.

  2. As a nation, we need to appreciate each other even with difference. it is very painful to see fellow Zambians speak negatively against our leadership and country to outsiders, with a hope of looking good and the expense of your country. Having lived and worked in several countries outside my lovely continent of Africa, I find this behaviour very strange..our colleagues in those western countries don’t do this despite their differences. My prayer is that politicians and cadres will mature to see good in each other. Thank you Namibia &.Ethiopia

  3. Ethiopia is known for the most prostitutes in any African country, men and women. They are the ones filling the boats running away to Europe. Pretty soon PF Zambians will join them. Namibia is a desert so nobody cares.

  4. This is a done deal. The losers here continue to promote tribal politics and they will never rule in Zambia with such mentality.

  5. Thank you Ethiopia and Namibia. We love you and please do not listen to disgruntled losers here, they represent one tribe in Zambia.

    • @james you are lost in a maze of naivity and you sir have confused tribalism with common sense,if you think what is happening in our country is at the moment is justifiable by the pf then take a closer look starting with the man in front of your mirror

  6. Why is South Africa not congratulating ECL or indeed Ghana and Nigeria….why? It’s because they know that elections weren’t free and fair hence they are mute. Only shady countries like Ethiopia and neighboring Namibia will do such. ECL has failed Zambia lamentably. Sad to see PF supporters embracing such cowardly congratulatory messages.

  7. Why super power countries, such as Britain, USA, Russia, etc.. have not yet congratulated ECL. Only countries that embrace and glorify corruption as rule have reached out to their other corrupt counterpart.

  8. Amos has become a nuisance. Where George Chellah. This message should be coming from the embassies not a PF spokesman and Lungu toy boy. If I were Amos I would start planning my escape from jail because God is with the Zambians as they have suffered enough.

  9. You should follow news you people south Africa Ghana and a lot more European countries congratulated ecl bitternes bad seed

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