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UPND lawyers walk out as HH cries foul

Headlines UPND lawyers walk out as HH cries foul

UPND lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu leaving court
UPND lawyer Jackie Mwiimbu leaving court

Lawyers representing the UPND staged a walk out in the constitutional court protest over the manner in which proceedings in the presidential petition were conducted.

This was after they were given only two Hours to present their petition and present all witnesses so that the proceedings could be concluded at midnight in line with the constitution.

Around 20:00 Hrs, John Sangwa was the first to ask the court to leave saying he will not be able to defend the constitution due to the way proceedings have been conducted.

Musa Mwenye also applying to leave court saying he is unable to discharge his duties as counsel for the petitioner.

Jack Mwiimbu and Nelly Mutti followed suit and they were shorty followed by Mrs Lilian Mushota.
Martha Mushipe also the court room and hurled disparaging remarks against the Judges.

Ms. Mushipe and some judges exchanged words with one Judge threatening her that she will be cited for contempt.

And Mr Hichilema who was present throughout the proceedings asked to address the court and complained that he feels his rights have been abrogated.

Mr Hichilema has blamed the constitutional court over the manner in which the proceedings have gone accusing the court of having kept changing directions.

Mr Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba have asked the court to adjourn the session so that they can go and consult.

The court resumes seating at 21:30 Hours this evening.


  1. Come on people you’re not in prison to go on and on fighting to become president and Vice President. Move on with your good lives and let us be lead by our choice president ELC. He is the man for Zambia please what do you care. You had your chance when you were given to sale parastatal companies and you managed and to date no one fights you or drags you to court.Mr HH you can bull dose GBM and UPND but sorry you very far from ruling Zambia.

    • Lungu has disrespected and not honored the constitution which he pledged to uphold when he was sworn in and also when he assented to the new one by refusing to hand over power to the speaker of the National Assembly.

      This is an impeachable and/treasonable crime.

      Zambians please protect your democratic rights

  2. It was clear the ConCourt was not dealing with the case fairly especially as it it kept changing the rules. Firstly, they mentioned that the hearing will be until Thursday 8th Sept, at last minute changed and ordered for hearing to start immediately. This is a complicated case, and how the H.E.L.L would one expect to defend within a couple of hours? Give me break, it doesn`t take brains of a lawyer to understand this.

    I wounder which constitutional clause they used to now adjourn the session and proceedings to continue until Monday. I mean, i hope all can see and understand now that our judiciary is at risk of being called a corrupt system, and it does open questions whether or not this whole Concourt hearing is rigged as well

  3. Bemba boy take it easy. You will see proper and organized leadership this time around. You don’t know what you are missing until hh/gbm take the reins unlike this jungle chipantepante nonsense you have been used to. What you miss are visionaries with un crooked brains not warped in selfish tribal hegemony! Let God be God.

    • prof
      not hh and gbm to teach zambians leadership aweeeeeee. we have how they lead their thembas. people are crying all over
      Its just that you think their money can lead zambia. no wayz

  4. This is akin to “Legal-dribbliing”; you ask your lawyers to disapper in order to force the court to do things your way. Even in child maintenance cases here in RSA, crooked fathers use this trick to avoid prosecution. They tell their lawyer not to come to court on the day, or change lawyers midway so that the new lawyers can ask for an extension “in order to familiarise themselves with the case”, they claim. The Concourt has been “dribbled”…..???

  5. Guys ba upnd,please for goodness sake,stop wasting Zambians time,what are the new lawyers going to do on Monday to win this case? This desperation for power is becoming irritating,why should two individuals continue holding the country at ransom.Get a life ba UPND please twapapta.

    • Hundreds of PF thugs and paramilitary policemen have been dispatched ………..Zambia is at crossroads and the peace so much talked about may just go up in flames.

    • The problem with your analysis is that you think PF is Zambian Voters, you are ignoring almost half of the Zambian Voters who voted for HH, that is not a small number.

      Don`t focus too much on HH & GBM, they are just representing those good Zambians who had a different opinion.

  6. Whose time is being wasted? Lungu is still in charge against the Constitution. Amos Chanda assured the nation that there’s no power vacuum. People with occupations and livelihoods are going on with their business. Naimwe mwefipuba who use prejudices as reasoning are also doing what you do. So whose time is being wasted?

    • Imagine. Some of us have not stopped working since election day. I guess its those looking forward to getting govt contracts.

  7. This con court experiment has let us down completely. Procrastination never works even a bad judgement is welcome now.please like bemba boy has lamented, we want this circus to end coz we’re tired of clapping. Con court end this before u make irreparable damage to our country.

  8. Read your constitution again you UPND chaps,Why do you keep saying Lungu should handle power to who and for what?He is an incumbent President,INCUMBENT,therefore,there’s no need to handle power to nobody,Sorry HH n GBM,Stop,wastiing our time and the constitutional court’s time,You have no Evidence,no Ground,And the 14 days is over now.HH why do you really want to be President????????You are a suspect the way you are hungry for power dear.Hard luck,your time is over now….

  9. Time is being wasted indeed cos who ever comes into gvt needs to put Ministers in place so that there is implementation of programs to foster development of our nation.Civil service alone are handcapt and hence the nation is on stand still.

  10. All this is as a result of poor case management. The court failed to give a clear direction of how the case was going to be handled. If the court knew about time it should not have been giving conflicting statements on the time frame. The conduct of the court leaves much to be desired and erodes public confidence in the judges. The court now looks like it was working with one side to allow time to lapse and use that technicality to render judgement. This is not good especially that one side was seemingly avoiding service to allow tell to pass. Why is one side seemingly avoiding the process to go on?

  11. Shi mumba its the ecl camp dribbling Zambians here. They know in their small mind that they lost and fear the consequences if someone else takes their seat and discover their corruption. Shame on them.

  12. My Question I want to ask is, Is the ConCourt only going to relevant when it rules in favour of UPND? Anything against UPND ConCourt is useless?

  13. Ba HOL is it handle power or handing over power to someone anyway chizungu chinabwela na boat dont mislead people shame.kikikikikiki ma spelling lessons yafunika before gramma papa

  14. Good Lawyers always avoid petitioning or defending cases which have no merits for fear of losing their reputation. Where a client forces them on the basis of “I know it all myself”, they get the deposit & find an excuse like this one & pull out. There is no way lawyers could have failed to look for reasons to adjourn the case & HH & GBM manage to do what lawyers failed to do? All cases dealing with standard deadlines whether court or any other are inclusive of weekends & public holidays because they are subjective & differ from person to person e.g. Saturday means something else to an SDA or Pentecost. UPND are the ones who had petitioned & their lawyers should have been ready for short notice than the respondents who were not ready, but the opposite is true.

  15. Mr Hichilema blamed the constitutional court over the manner in which the proceedings have gone accusing the court of having kept changing directions. So they want the court to go in one direction which should favour them.

  16. Flames of what??? if you think Zambia will be in fire it only you who will be interested dear…I can’t leave my beloved family and join what you think!!!!!!

  17. I now believe what Mr. Sata said about HH. The guy is truly an under 5 politician. He needs another five more losses to mature. The guy blames everyone for his loss, except himself. Please UPND supporters, find a candidate that can win you a presidential election. This HH guy is just a joke. He is so full of himself that he can’t see the whole picture. He should learn to humble himself before asking for votes from well meaning Zambians. The guy is not liked by civilized Zambians. Only his fellow villagers like him. If you don’t win Lusaka and Copperbelt, then you are not ready to rule Zambia. The best for HH is to retire from active politics and concentrate on his businesses.

  18. Outrageously unacceptable. PF has purchased the court. Utterly disgraceful!
    Its now abundantly clear as to why the PF lawyers were dilly-dallying all along. It was to set a trap of time and try and squeeze the UPND into providing all the evidence in minutes! There is no JUSTICE and it goes without saying that where there is no justice there is no PEACE. Zambia has had peace for a long time and we take it for granted. Judges are clearly not showing the dignity, integrity and neutrality that portrays them as fair arbiters in this petition. They are extremely suspicious and will have themselves to blame for the adverse repercussions of failure to provide the opposition the opportunity to be heard freely,fairly and credibly. Reject all evidence from the opposition and and ask all witnesses…

  19. The lawyers for the petioners should have advised them not to waste time with applications like asking the court to take custody or all ballot boxes, asking ZNBC to make available all news items from 5 May to 11 August, Asking the President to step down when it is not supported by the constitution, asking to amend their petition( why didn’t their lawyers do the work properly when they submitted the petion)?. All this took a lot of time, and yet they were fully aware that the case had to be disposed of within 14 days. They should have gone straight for the main petition and time would have been enough for the hearing. Instead they wasted time by assuming that the concourt will rule that a recount should take place hence their undue concern about securing the ballot boxes.And now they ve…

  20. Did you consider the fact that the same ConCourt earlier on announced that the hearing will continue until 8th September? What made them change their mind and force the hearing to start on thursday and end on friday Midnight? Why are you not questioning this change by a court that should be an authority on constitution law? Instead you focus on poor UPND lawyers. The constitution should provide the umbrella guidelines, so it says 14days, that is okay. But its the underlying laws and the Constitutional judges, that should provide the detailed guideline and the proper interpretation what those 14days mean – business days or any other days. But if they cant interpret that, then DO NOT BLAME HH or GBM or UPND lawyers, blame the system. DO YOU PEOPLE GET IT ???

    • All I can say is that ECL lawyers are smart and sharp. Lawyers representing under 5 Halelusa Hagain, on the other hand are dull, useless. You go to court fully prepared for any eventuality, just like an exam. I remember once in an exam, we were presented an exam paper with wrong impossible questions. Some students walked out but some of us stayed to write the exam. The rest is history.

  21. Zambia should be divided ukutumpa na selfishness kwachilamo, some comments as if Zambians only voted for PF what about the other half plus what was stolen?

  22. “Martha Mushipe also left the court room and hurled disparaging remarks against the Judges.
    Ms. Mushipe and some judges exchanged words with one Judge threatening her that she will be cited for contempt.”

    Question is are there no men in UPND to F**** her so that she tones down?

  23. Bane I beg you in the name of Jesus. What ever we do, what ever we say and what ever we think let us be peaceful. Peace is more than anything. Politicians are politicians. They come and go. We are one Zambia one nation wether Tonga or bemba, Lozi or Ngoni we are brothers and sisters. Let’s love each other.

  24. How could H.H. engage a lawyer like Martha Mushipe. This lady lawyer was debarred from her legal practice by LAZ some 8 to 10 years ago for stealing clients money and was even arrested by police and detained at the Police HQ. She bounced back to her practice in 2011 when late M C SATA came in to power. Can LAZ or Ministry of Justice clarify how this thieving bogus lady lawyer got her licence back to carry on her practice .Martha Mushipe is a nothing but a big time kabwalala. No wonder why she ditched UPND petition yesterday in the last final hour of the petition . She had been representing UPND for quiet sometime now. My advice to H.H and UPND is just fire her and expel her from the party. We can do away with that greedy lawyer.

  25. GBM and co brought no added value to UPND, quite the opposite.
    I fail to understand how they “fell in bed” in the first place.
    Oh, silly me; Plot one. Oops

    Mulenga Sata – zee
    Miles – zee
    The Scotts – not a word

    It will appear madam Chalikosa is the only relative of Sata who did not abandon PF.

  26. @Mateo
    I hear you. But let’s try to be realistic; HH got 99% from three provinces; and therein lies the problem.
    I am a northerner, and I like many young people was hoping HH would bring a breath of fresh air and dignity to Zambian politics and more importantly the poor, deserving electorate. But no, he decided to “marry” the same individuals who he held in contempt; so what would have changed had HH become president?

  27. No matter what we can force in to happen according to man’s will, if God has not allowed it to be so. It shall remain the the same. Therefore let’s allow God to do his will not ours. We are one whether white, black, red or whatever color we are all one,Thanks.

  28. 1. People thinking Zambia will go on fire stop wasting your time God is in this country and laughing on what HH & GBM are wasting their time.
    2. Zambians stop causing cheap sins on HH and GBM these are comedians
    3. When HH & GBM came at my Barbershop the language they were using was satanic over Zambia, i just went muka cabin kandi and start praying to GOD to forgive them and my Father in heaven assured me that they will never rule Zambia.
    So guys Chil!

  29. Tongas you cannot impose yourselves on Zambians, am slowly beginning to understand that you naturally do not belong to the ruling class but you are good at business, agriculture and livestock. In life its important to understand what your good at and do the very best in it. Richest men and women on the planet have never been Presidents but they control everything including governments and the global economy. One day, at an appointed time (Gods time) you will have leader from your region.


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