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I have no intention to abuse the church – President Lungu

General News I have no intention to abuse the church - President Lungu

President Lungu speaking in Church
President Lungu speaking in Church

President Edgar Lungu says he has no intention of hijacking the church but that he wants to incorporate it in the duties of the state.

Speaking during a celebratory mass at Divine Mercy Catholic Church President Lungu said his intention to have a Minister of Religious Affairs for Faith and National guidance was to harmonize the relationship between the State and the Church.

“How can I surely abuse the Church? The church exists independent of the state. We are believers in Christ and the Church and for us who are believers the State is subordinate to the Church,” President Lungu said.

He announced that the Secretary to the Cabinet had been tasked to speak to the three Church mother bodies to look into ways the new ministry would operate.

President Lungu re-echoed the importance of having Christian faith in the country and in politics.

President Edgar Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu attends mass at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Lusaka on Sunday.
President Edgar Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu attends mass at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Lusaka on Sunday.

President Lungu greets congregants outside the Church
President Lungu greets congregants outside the Church


  1. The church must just accept him as any member, NOT to give him the pupit. Where is the holliness of the pupit for you to give it to every Jim & Jack. Is it hunger men of God????

    • Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful weapon the control people.

    • Religion should not be mixed with politics!

      Now the political parties taking advantage from the brainwashed Zambians and religion to win the elections.

    • People should boycott those political parties who play religious card and should choose the one who interest promises the development of the country.

    • The Catholic Church continues to appease and harbour the tribal PF. The domination of the Catholic clergy by Bembas and Nyanjas means that the Catholics aligns with PF, their tribal party. Telesphore Mpundu started this scandal with Sata, his mulamu, and it continues unabated. The Catholic Church should be ashamed of this creeping evil.

    • The church is part of the entities in a nation that help keep a check on the government, making sure the government is not abusing it’s power by denying justice to the citizens, especially the poor who are the most vulnerable. The church’s prophetic message is needed to speak out against corruption, injustice, civil and human rights violations by the government. It acts as the conscience of the nation, holding the politicians morally accountable. But once the church allows itself to be manipulated by politicians, once it becomes bedfellows with the state, and walk hand in glove with the politicians, it loses it’s prophetic authority, and thus loses it’s relevance in the nation. While Zambia is constitutionally a Christian nation, the church shouldn’t allow the politicians to…

    • (Continued)… turn Christianity into a state religion, meaning religion controlled by the government. There should always be some form of distance maintained between the church and the state, meaning the state should have no authority over the affairs of the church. Because like I said, if that happens, then the church loses it’s unique ministry, authority and identity as the moral compass and conscience of the nation. The church and the state shouldn’t appear to be one and the same thing. So the government creating a ministry of religion is not a very good idea at all, because it undermines the role of the church, which is holding politicians morally accountable, and it also cunningly disarms the church of it’s authority.

  2. There is Lazy Lungu doing what he does best on Sunday pretending to be humble and holy…have you noticed that for this act he removes his expensive wrist watches to play this part.

    • Here comes the politics of our politicians to make a victory. They are now using religious people for their victory.

  3. We are more interested in you not abusing the constitution which you are doing right now, hand over power to speaker and let the petition go on without bias. You are such a fake pretender


  5. LT please refer to him as PF president. Do not call someone who has not been sworn and has very serious irregularities behind his perceived victory as President of the Republic. Someone who does not respect the very constitution that gave him power in 2015 to rule Zambia. Let him stop wasting people’s time and handover power so that the truth and justice and prevail.

  6. Allegations surfacing show how Edgar Lungu, the self proclaimed humble man who represents the masses has used every opportunity as President of Zambia to enrich a small group of allies, otherwise know as the den of thieves, which is supposedly led by brothers Irfan and Zunneid.

    The brothers own the infamous Sitatunga Lodge where many of corrupt deals are said to have been conceived.

    The two brothers are said to have been bankrolling Lungu and the PF using monies from suspect deals, such as through Delta Energy, where they apparently make 25 cents (K2.50) per liter on fuel imported into the country. Meaning for each liter of petrol you buy at K9.87, Irfan and Zunneid are thought to receive K2.50.

  7. The brothers are also known to have “won” the contract to supply second hand fire tenders at $1 million each, as well as fertilizer through Neria Investments to the government at twice the price.

    Other deals are said to have included brokering the deal to print ballot papers using a Dubai printing company, with the commission used to finance the PF campaign. Zunneid owns property in Dubai.

    Using Bokani Soko and indeed Edgar Lungu as fronts, the two brothers have apparently acquired Pharmanova paying millions of dollars. Their target is exclusive rights to Ministry of Health tenders worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  8. According to one source close to the brothers, who is now acting as a whistleblower, “When Irfan and Zunneid ask Edgar to jump, he asks, “how high?”. They have become so powerful that they have even been rumoured to appoint Cabinet Ministers. Zunaid personally delivered appointment letters for Given Lubinda as Minister of Agriculture to his house on the eve of his swearing in. In fact, supposedly present at Sitatunga was the Grand Wizard himself; Gulan and his son discussing the new cabinet to be appointed by Edgar.”

    These allegations suggest that Irfan and Zunneid are holding Edgar Lungu hostage through their mafia-like activities.

  9. The whistleblower continued: “Other members of this den of thieves are thought to include Valden Findlay who has allegedly paid a $300,000 deposit to lawyers led by Eric Silwamba representing Edgar Lungu at the Constitutional Court. The owners of Melissa Super Markets Majestic Casino were supposedly used as a conduit by Irfan and Zunneid for $1 million that was paid offshore with intent to grease the Constitutional Court Judges. The Treasury has also not been spared. Allegations have surfaced that on 10th August an equivalent of $2 million was withdrawn from the Ministry of Tourism and this money was distributed to electoral officers across the country to manipulate election results in the favor of PF. As a consequence ZAWA officers have not been paid their August salaries. Jean Kapata…

  10. After the official announcement of the election results, Edgar Lungu went to “rest” at a lodge in the Luangwa National Park owned by two brothers of Asian origin, Irfan and Zunaid. The core business for these two is game ranching and they have near monopolized the hunting license business.

    Irfan and Zunaid allegedly gave $500,000 in cash to Lungu, which was then passed on to another shady character named Farouk Ghumra to act as intermediary with Yousuf Akubat, who apparently changes money on the black market. These people can supposedly confirm that this money was then delivered to Judges Anne Sitali and Mungeni Mulenga on Tuesday 30th August and is allegedly now sitting in the bank accounts of surrogates who may soon be exposed.

    The Judges have allegedly assured Edgar Lungu that…

    • @Wise Commentator
      This is serious stuff, are you a former CID or what is the source of your information? If you believe in source and you have all the facts then why don`t you sue the named culprits?

      I think that will be appreciated by all Zambians other than relying on hearsay. You have an obligation and exercise your constitutional rights and SUE THEM if you have the facts.

  11. Upnd again were given a window dresser by concourt. The judgement will be in favour of Ecl and Upnd will have nothing to cry about. The concourt are merely treating you like under5 babies but Monday will be last for you because petition will be discontinued. Elections are won at polling stations not in courts and Ecz are the only organ in the land to declare a candidate winner.

  12. They must be strictly in Counsel to him as in advising on instilling equality and fairness for the poor. However, it looks like the Church Mothers had a different idea by going off on their own direction to criticise on Media temporary closures. Care must be taken not to empower Tambourine basing folk into wading into Politics. That’s not God’s purpose otherwise we may as well ask sub prime Bankers to be advisors to the gov’t and we all know what happened to the security of our homes …..

  13. Look at this crook masquerading as a man of God. He goes to church but has just instructed PF thugs to camp outside the high court drinking beer to intimidate the judges.

    What a sham leader this lungu is.

  14. It’s better not to turn the church meetings into platforms for politics. Let the politicians attend church and talk about salvation and Christ. The church meetings are now becoming political platforms. It’s not good. Why can’t we go to church just to worship go? Christ talked about the Pharisees who prayed publicly and said they already for their prize.

    • He does not believe in cross. Just check at the back of one USD. At the top of the pyramid there is the eye. That is the sign he worship together we inscription, “In God We Trust”!!!

  15. I was just reading that Miles Sampa has congratulated Mr Lungu on his re-election and I notice some people are already abusing him. Free advise to UPND leaders, please publicly urge your supporters not to demonize those people that stood by you during the last election even when they have decided to move on, especially people like Miles who has not said anything bad about your party or anybody. It just shows how mature and cultured the young man is. These are moderate people whom the country needs more than ever. Both the PF and the UPND need to use these people to unite the nation.

  16. “Mother” Teresa Was No Saint!!! The woman was a monster. I once watched a documentary about her abuse on the dying…

  17. Father Picard · 10 weeks ago
    May mother Theresa burn in hell for all eternity for allowing innocent babies to suffer and wallow in their own feces.. It’s time to spit on her grave. Heartless biitch that she was… Thank god she is dead…

  18. I will also steal cash and donate it to a church! Or maybe I should change to Islam, because it seems Christianity is too compromised!

  19. Of course you do not intend to abuse the church!!!
    That dirty work you are going to entrust to the minister in charge of religious affairs.

  20. prophecy is being fulfilled,revelation 17 is about to be fulfilled were a church will ride or control the beast(government) and the result will be blood shed against Gods church.Notice that the Woman(apostate Church)was drunk with blood of the saints and (martyrs) and the beast(government) was red(Rev 17:3) because it had drunk the blood of martyrs(those who protested its doctrines i.e Sunday observance).WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO THOSE WHO WONT AGREE TO THE DECISION OF THE STATE-CHURCH OF MAKING SUNDAY THE OFFICIAL DAY OF WORSHIP?JEWS KILLED THEM,CATHOLICS KILLED THEM,YOU ALSO WILL KILL THEM)
    MATH 24:8-13..LUKE 11:47-52…..LUKE 13:34….ACTS 7:51-52……REV REV 6:10-11.

    Notice revelation 6:10-11,’until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were,…

  21. ……should be fulfilled.’MEN and WOMEN WHO WILL SPEAK AGAINST THIS UNITED CHURCH-STATE WILL BE KILLED AND THIS WILL BE THE LAST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD AND GOD WILL SURELY AVENGE THE BLOOD OF HIS SAINTS)…He who has an ear let him ear,away from any church which is uniting itself to the Government,it will surely shed the blood of those groups or individuals who wont worship it.REV 14:9-12 and Rev 13.

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