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HH wishes Miles Sampa well in his political journey

General News HH wishes Miles Sampa well in his political journey

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles SampaUPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles Sampa
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema with Miles Sampa

We sent out the below media statement regarding our former alliance partner and my young brother Miles Sampa.

Press Statement

6th September 2016

We take note of the democratic decision taken by the United Democratic Front President Miles Sampa yesterday.

As UPND, we would like to sincerely thank him for the great partnership him and his party members brought through the Alliance we entered into via a Memorandum of Understanding.

True to our Memorandum of Understanding, Miles Sampa did not join the UPND, but we had a great alliance that made us traverse the country and campaigned together, while recognising that he was also a leader of his own political party with membership in Zambia.

We would like to sincerely thank him for the extra votes he brought for us through our working relationship, and we would now wish him the best as he grows his political party or indeed in any decision he would like to take as it is his democratic right to do so.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. Thanks HH i have started seeing something changing in you. Psalm 119:71 says “It is good for me that i have been afflicted, that i might learn thy statutes”. God raise the humble and not the arrogant. Be born again madala.

  2. That is actually a very positive statement from HH. He acknowledges they were just election partners and now that the elections are over, the partnership seizes to exist as well. Keep up the positivity HH.

  3. Now can you also congratulate ECL too so that your supporters can wake up from fantasy island and move on with you!!!

    • I am beginning to think UPND supporters suffer from delusions. President Lungu has invited political party leaders all the time. Listen to how disrespectful HH and GBM have been to him. He is calm, I would have walked all the way from Kaoma and slapped both the UPND leaders.

  4. Finally some maturity coming to the under five politician!!! That is a very good start. Now stop wasting people’s time by running to a lower court after the higher court has ruled against you. Swallow your pride and congratulate the president elect. you will gain a lot of respect by doing that!!!

  5. HH my young brother, please, please prepare a decent congratulatory message to your fellow Zambian, ECL who was voted into power by the majority of Zambians. That is democracy. Thank you for keeping our multiparty democracy dream alive by participating in the just ended local, parliamentary and presidential elections. Also don not forget to thank your supporters, sorry some of us did not seem to buy into your vision.May be we will see it next time.

  6. I stated a long time ago, that HH will not rule Zambia in my lifetime, at least not in my generation. UPND and HH should embark on a countrywide baby boom so that all the 10 provinces have a southern seed which can then propagate and raise the Bantu Botatwe numbers across the country. Otherwise, this losing party will forever remain a party in opposition. Sorry HH, not in my lifetime.

  7. Not just condemn everything, this is good message from HH to Miles but let him replicate the message to on Edgar on his victory of August 11, 2016 election.

  8. HH is a very smart guy who has detected something very wrong in Miles Sampa’s doomed political career hence he has distanced himself from whatever Sampa can and will do in future. Like Frank Bwalya, Miles Sampa is another political prostitute…bamuselela kwakaba….who is seeking a political appointment once this confusion is over. I can never trust such a politician. HH however is speaking for close to 2 million Zambians that voted UPND–mind you these are not foreigners they are Zambians. HH and GBM as leaders of the main opposition have revolutionized the way we perceive politics. HH and all those who voted for UPND are winners here. PF sucks!!

  9. We do not need another UNIP in government where wako ni wako. Now we are educated and exposed internationally therefore we cannot just sit back and let thugs rule the country. ECL and PF failed to read and understand the constitution and it is the same constitution that he(Lungu) expects Zambians to abide by when ECL clearly has overlooked its importance so he can cling to power illegally. The moment I knew Lungu has not given up power to the speaker as the constitution demands, is the moment I realized UPND will not win the petition. The Concourt judges were massively influenced and probably handed some brown envelopes full of cash hence the petition result. A result devoid of trial and scrutiny. The ruling lacks merit. ECL is such a scam bug, a fraud. He cannot be my President.


  11. I now understand the song ZNBC used to air, “Kwalolo mwela eko twalola mayo, kwalolo mwela eko twalola!” Some Zambian politicians lack discernment and cannot see a losing party and a winning party. The go with the wind.

  12. Please also wish the judges well in their day to day deliberations as they try to solve the difficulties that you are presenting them. Remember that Miles’ vote was on your side despite loosing to ECL. You really tried hard to take every one on board but alas, the Lord had already made a plan. I do realize you gave the PF a good run for their…….and how I wish it was from Nationwide. That scenario would have positioned you for a better chance come 2021.

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