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I have a chance to be UPND President, says Canisius Banda as he rubbishes defection story


PF Lameck Mangani and UPND Dr Canisius Banda interacting during the event.
FILE: PF Lameck Mangani and UPND Dr Canisius Banda interacting during the event.
Dr Canisius Banda says while he remains vice president for politics, the future of UPND remains in his hands.

And Dr Banda has rubbished online reports suggesting that he was the next person to exit the UPND after allegedly being paid to defect by the Patriotic Front (PF) and that he was currently being accommodated at Cresta Golf View Hotel.

Instead, Dr. Banda told the Daily Nation yesterday evening that his task was now to provide leadership to the UPND members who were currently disturbed following the August 11, 2016 general elections loss.

Dr Banda wondered why he could be accused of going away from the UPND now when he could even be in a very good stead to succeed President Hakainde Hichilema as the President in future.

He said the online story was so wrong and false that it reeks of malice.

Dr Banda said it was almost as if he was now being pushed away by an insider.
“Is this another internal dirty job?”

“I am a very important member of the UPND because I have been around for a long time when the party had only about 20 Members of Parliament and today the UPND has 58 members of Parliament.

“In 2006, UPND was recording about 18 percent votes at Presidential level but now it is close to 50 percent votes, so all this has been happening with me as an integral member of the UPND,” Dr Banda said.

He said what members of the UPND wanted now was a resolute leader who could console and guide the membership from the disturbance of the general elections outcome.

Dr Banda maintained that visibility and presence of his name in the opposition United Party for National Development was still vital.

Dr Banda was responding to an article posted online that he was the next person to exit the UPND for PF.

The article suggested that the move by Dr Banda to exit the UPND had been orchestrated to divide the party during this trying time.

“Dr. Banda has been courted for the past 4 months but it seems now is the time for him to finally join the band wagon.

“Dr. Canisius Banda is currently being accommodated at Cresta Golf View Hotel as he awaits his defection payment,” read part of the article.

But Dr Banda described the story as total falsehood, adding that nobody had given him any money to ditch the UPND.

“Anybody can go to the same lodge and will not find me because I am currently at home and nobody has given me any money,” he said.

Dr Banda said he was currently surviving on his personal business and his salary as lecturer at the University of Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Dr Banda was of the view that it was time for political party leaders to confer and dialogue on matters of national interest such as freedom, peace and governance of the country.
Dr Banda also said there was no need for “tribal cleansing” and vandalising government and public property by anybody.

Dr Banda said there should be no damage to public property, burning of houses based on political lines.

“A Banda should be allowed to freely settle in Pemba district in Southern Province, a Bemba should equally be allowed and a Silumesi must be allowed to live in Northern Province because we are one people,” Dr Banda said.


  1. Sounds like a Second battle front for HH or should I say the real battle front door has just received its first knock.

    • Dr. Banda is clean and therefore a threat to some crooked leaders in UPND. That is why they have started framing him. They know he can easily take the presidency of the party once HH leaves. Long live Dr. Banda!

    • Job Vacancy: The UPND wishes to advertise the position of Part Presindent due to perpetual failure of the out going president HH.
      1. Must be Tonga
      2. Pretend to be very intelligent
      3. Own a lot of cattle
      4. Never admit to have gotten rich from Privatization or 1,2 and 3.
      5. Must be arrogant, self centered and embrace the likes of William Banda, Mushipe, Muzungu opusa


    • Dr Banda you have the right to dream but not in UPND. In upnd such dreams are a preserve for Tongas. You and GBM are wasting your time if you are thinking of being UPND full president. what you have attained (VP) is maximum for you in that party. You are an intelligent person but if you give yourself another year in that setup, definitely you will need someone to think for you. Move to another party now and lay your foundation for 2021 and beyond.

  2. Excellent Dr Banda. You are free to be ambitious, even in UPND. If they are so democratic, then your ambition should not be a problem but welcome. GBM and others should also state clearly what their future is in the party. Its better to be honest than pretend whilst holding clandestine meetings. Others wanting a convention must feel free to call for one as well.

    • There are two reasons why Canisius can not take over from HH. Firstly and most importantly he is not Tonga and secondly he is broke. Why wasn’t he even picked to be running mate being prefered for a new fat friend? Dr Canitius Banda should come to his senses and realize that only a Tonga can rule UPND alternatively someone needs to purchase that position with billions of cash for a party that has had only one coversion since inception. Does Canisius even have a cow.

  3. i would campaign for Dr Caniciuos Banda, he is just a cut above the crap masquearading as politicians in both PF and UPND. he must take over the party after this and this will allay the issues of UPND being a tribal party and will lay the matter to rest once and for all. actually it will be a new face for UPND that will help dilute the dundumwezi or test if it will hold

  4. The same old song, it would have been enough to just say “rubbish”! Why the pregnat epilogue aBanda? So there IS “ethnic cleansing” going on or what….Oooo careful steps there, treasonous paragraphs ahead ! Just do yo part in UPND or get out, you owed this “Explanation” to NOBODY – FOWARD! ZAMBIA ABOVE ALL ELSE 🙂

  5. There is only one person trying to push the Doc away but I can assure you that if there is one person committed to Upnd more than HH and GBM, it’s Doc Banda. Let’s choose an president.

  6. I Thought Never-Ever Mumba was the 2nd UPND VP. GBM and Never-Ever have always been by HH’s side as they battled in and out of court, Excuse me but DR. Banda has been missing in action or rather he has been missing the action. So rumours of a probable defection are quite plausible. Never-Ever is de facto 2nd VP

  7. Reading in between the lines it is clear that the Doc has already passed a vote of no confidence in HH and GBM and their prophet the partyless Nevers Mumba. Fight on sir and save UPND from intruders.


  9. It’s now clear to me, this was H.H’s last chance in the UPND top job.
    Dr. Banda has made it clear, and it seems Dr. Banda has conceded the defeat of august 11th.

    That’s way, Dr. Banda take up the responsibility.

    • It is just a matter of time. After Tuesday’s enoguration then it will sink even in the most stabborn of people that it is Edger 2021 and the battle of top jobs in the oppositon.

  10. But what real value did Canicius bring to the UPND especially that he was brought in to convince easterners that UPND was not tribal? But UPND votes have been dwindling in the kumawa. GBM was brought in to capture the northern vote and he went flat out to campaign in northern, luapula, muchinga and copperbelt and UPND scored incredibly well considering where they are coming from. Canicious has just been riding on HHs back. He cant be president because to be president of an opposition party you need serious financial muscle and aBanda doesnt have the cash nor the drive to take over from HH. he comes out to be talkative-lazy to me





    • Even Mama Inonge has failed to capture the Western vote for PF. So if we reason like you njovu she has not brought value to PF?

  11. Zambians should not be so gullible. UPND is a chameleon like party. The leaders at the heart of it are wicked as sin, hateful and have a mission to divide Zambia. That’s why they bring in all these disgruntled defectors from other parties so as to cover their purpose, more so than in other parties. They will always have a Regionist agenda. UPND will say anything to get you on their side and play all these games…ie. ‘Front’ various members as leaders who hail from other regions to con Easterners and Northerners (GBM et al) thus growing their appeal. There is NO WAY HH will go away. If he is clear that his appeal is not hitting the highs he will put a face pin front whilst he whelds the power behind. Now, …this Joe…Banda is a puppet, ( probably in hock to HH with money he…

    • ( probably in hock to HH with money he can’t pay back or some dark criminal act he did that HH controls him through). Does Banda appear to anyone as a free man who can walk away? Take this article and what he says in it. It’s troublesome! If a man knows he is among racist/regionalists who are putting Hitler Acts of cleansing their regions of others who do not hail from there….would a decent man stay among people with hearts like that? No No, you would call them out, seek redress for the victims AND DENOUNCE that so that the country can eradicate the growing Tribal hatred. Putting a different Face on UPND will just not cut it. Do NOT BE DECIEVED. UPND must be eradicated as it ceased being a party Fter Mazoka. A good Patriot is ALERT AT ALL TIMES to protect the state…

  12. Banda’s flesh and heart is connected to the evil in UPND. That is why he cannot walk away to join PF. He wants to stay in UPND because his ‘minds’ ear’ is being whispered into by the devil, “you can gave all this wealth and power if you obey me.” Can Dr Banda reply like Jesus when tempted by the Devil to go against God’s will??? The answer lies in his heart and therein his Salvation or ………….

  13. this is not the right time for him to come out like that, he would have been still mourning the loss and comforting HH now he is adding salt on the wound.

    • This is the right time for him to come out like that! And talking about comforting HH, do you think that’s the type of person who can take ”comforting”? The man has an egocentric approach to things, very stubborn indeed!No wonder we don’t hear anythimg from likes of Garry Nkombo,Jack Mwimbu and the rest.HH is just delaying the Government. Let him move on the elections are now behind us…just looking forward to that live show of Dununa Reverse at the Heroes Stadium!

  14. This surely will be HH’s stern test for his democratic credentials. Prove to Zambia and the international community that you keep running to that you are a democrat by welcoming Dr Banda to challenge you at a leadership contest.

    GBM will never become president for UPND. Its a foregone conclusion as he will not receive a single TONGA vote or support at their convention or change of their constitution. He failed miserably to deliver the BEMBA vote and caused HH to lose the National Presidential elections. Canisuis is the only credible contender as it is. HH is using his Zambian Watchdog to discredit Canisuis and galvanize his clansmen to remain President of the party giving another mandate to stand in 2021.

    How strong is Dr Canisuis backbone? Can he stand up to HH and GBM financial muscle when internal politics for succession arise? Or is he a puppet controlled by HH with out a brain of his own( some of us have long suspected). Has he got his own following within UPND to support him on his personal political aspirations. Has Canisuis got good strong steel balls to stand up and fight his political battles? Watch the space

  17. Dr. Canicius Banda, I feel pity on you. You have all the qualities to be hold any position in UPND, but to be president is a preserve for the TONGAs. If that is your ambition to succeed Hakainde when he leaves presidency, that Iam sure he not, is a pipe dream! GBM was just used by HH to penetrate Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces a tactic that failed because GBM is NO LONGER A FACTOR.



    Yafi baka!!!!………kikiki

  19. I really like Dr Banda because when he opens his mouth know that something sensible is coming out… a true professional. Not people like Kalumba Kalumba… Kamulya eka

  20. Ba Banda balabapepeka mu UPND. Bushe HH na bantu bakwe balafwaya ukumfwa ifya so? Banda shd seek an audience with Sakwiba Sikota and he ll get an accurate picture of what to expect…

  21. Seriously Badala,


  22. Where are Cornelius Mweetwa, Garry Nkhombo to challenge HH. The are deathly quite. Please stand up and kick HH out.

  23. hehehehe Mr Banda,nkhalani chabe naimwe….dont embarrass yourself. “YOU WILL NEVER LEAD UPND”.We all know that the party belongs to a certain ethnic group of Zambia… just apply to start practicing medicine again and start earning a salary,otherwise the landlord will kick you out again.And please get rid of your dirty looking beards bamudala!!Pilgrim rubbish daily……get a job or something nigger!!

  24. HH is UPND and UPND is HH , he is the main sponsor ,never join politics if you just have two kwacha.
    To run a party you need a party president who can mobilise money within or outside Zambia not collecting MBEBA or MONKEYS , it does not work that. Remember we are in Africa , as far as we are concerned in UPND , we will not substitute HH even IF he losses 1000,000 (Million) times until he lands at state house. Why do we say so
    (1) 2001 UPND had 48 MPS
    (2) 2006 UPND had 18 MPS
    (3) 2011 UPND had 28 MPS
    (4) 2016 UNPD has now 58 MPS

    Cant you see that we are growing , we would have agreed with you if by now we have only 2MPS.
    Have you seen the results above. Continue wishful thinking , in fact we will change the party constitution 2020 to allow HH eligible for life.

  25. Is this another internal dirty job asks Dr Canisius? The first involved the ousting of the renowned Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota, the leading contender at the time . HH is at it again, the only game he is good at, mobilizing everything in his power to kick out internal opposition. All this is being done to the detriment of the party.
    Selfish HH has now hit the self-destruction button. His political career is over. UPND need a savior. Dr Canisius is currently in pole position to take over UPND Leadership.

  26. In hindsight we also know that the current petitioning of the elections with the High Court has nothing to do with the final decision of the Con Court or ECL . HH will continue fighting the case even it takes 5 years to justify his continued stay at the helm. He plans to have HIS final attempt ( as per UPND constitution ) discounted as a stolen election so that they retain him as a Presidential Nominee for the 2021 elections. He is fighting his cause using different fronts. Discrediting Dr Canisuis using his personal propaganda machinery Zambian Watchdog is one of them.

  27. Why should we change somebody who got above 1700 when all goverment machinary were aganist him?
    It is up to us 1700 who voted for him to decide if we want him or not but we are proud of our leader.
    Viva HH Viva UPND.

  28. This guy is going to defect. Just read between the lines. He does not believe in the merits of the petition.

    ““In 2006, UPND was recording about 18 percent votes at Presidential level but now it is close to 50 percent votes, so all this has been happening with me as an integral member of the UPND,” Dr Banda said.”

  29. Easterners should NOT be allowed to rule this country anymore.
    Dr Canisious Banda can go and join PF if he wants. HH should be given chance. You need someone who is well known. Does Anglo American knows Banda, what is his profile. RB,ECL and CB are the same.
    The only easterner who can do better is Gen. Miyanda.

  30. GBM= HH failed project.
    He was recruited to woo the Bemba vote to enable HH step into State House. The project ended when ECL was re-elected. HH intends to use Dudumwezi formula to kick him of the party. He is now a liability to his continued stay as Party President. A simmering tension has already been felt by those close to the two. This volcano will erupt very soon too.

  31. UPND is in big dilemma. Keeping HH may be their best chance for 2021. But I am sure founder members such as Gary Nkombo, Cornelius Mweeta and the like would also like to have a goal at it. But the problem is if another Tonga succeed HH then PF will beat the tribal drum even louder on UPND. But again everyone knows that Dr. Banda and GBM wont be allowed to lead UPND just like Sakwiba Sikota was not allowed

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