Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Zambia free-fall on FIFA rankings continues


Zambia continues to plummet on the FIFA Rankings that were released on Thursday.

Chipolopolo dropped three places from 88 to 91 for the month of September, 2016.

They are three places below Kenya who held them to a 1-1 home draw in their final 2017 Africa Cup Group E qualifier last Sunday in Ndola.

Meanwhile, Zambia are also the lowest ranked team in their 2018 World Cup Group B qualifiers.

Algeria are Africa’s highest ranked team on the rankings and in Group B and are unmoved at number 32.

Cameroon are 54th, down one place, while Nigeria are up three spots to 67 in the World.

Zambia will host Nigeria in the two sides opening Group B opener on October 9 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.


  1. Current faz president does not care about rankings and performance. He just wants transparency in ticketing and replica jersey sales. Typical of people with money, just thinking of profit and they’re greedy as well.

    • And the Great Galu cared? He never believed in them…yet the strategy is simple organise friendlies with teams ranked higher then you!!

  2. Reason why you voted for Kamanga , he is giving his best result than what Kalu did.
    He has vindicated himself the man doesn’t know anything about football ,

  3. I agree with Jay Jay. The coach just looks at players from the Teams he has Coached. I was surprised to see the Katongos on bench. He can’t look for something fresh. Yes, he can do better club level coz the players are almost few and can be managed. But at national level, we need someone with vast knowledge in skill identification not ati; Ba Coach inteyeko fye mwalalyamo.

  4. Again, the FAZ president is Clueless on Football Management. He is just a Business man. Running business and football is different. Let football be run by footballers and business by coperate world. Yes, Kalu had made some mistakes here and there but knew the tactics of football management. All was needed was guidance by all stakeholders. But what happened? He received insults and condemnation from people like Simataa Simataa, AK etc. When Kalu was President, how was our Ranking? I’m not campaigning for Kali, but want I’m just saying is that; let footballers run football, Cooperate world run business, Teachers run teaching services, Doctors/ Nurses run health, farmers run agriculture etc.

    • Business man is good as Faz needs to self sufficient but thats why they need to create a separate company to run the business arm of Faz let them focus on administration and development.

  5. What i have learnt this year is- 1.leave football to footballers 2-business to businessmen -3 politics to politicians.

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