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President Lungu should consider trying Brian Mushimba as Minister of Energy


President Edgar Lungu Address Parliament
By Frazer Musonda Energy Engineering graduate from Linköping University

With the elections and the eventual petition now behind us, the onus is now on the Patriotic Front to translate the confidence the Zambian people have given them into a developed Zambia where everyone will be able to participate in the economy. President Lungu should be mindful in selecting a team that will help him deliver as this will be elemental for the success of his 5-year term. He shouldn’t feel obliged to reward people with ministerial positions at the expense of expertise and performance.

One of the challenges that Zambia has faced is a lack of investment in power generation infrastructure to match the ever increasing demand for electricity. On the petroleum side, we have for many years now paid extra on crude imports as a result of special feed to our old refinery. It is time will start intensive lobbying for a new modern refinery that will make our oil procurement cost effective and translate the corresponding cost reductions into low priced finished petroleum products thereby reducing the cost of doing business and putting more money into people’s pockets.

We need someone at the helm of the ministry of energy with matching expertise and vast experience in the energy sector. This will be a faster means of removing barriers that have constricted flow of the much needed investments in infrastructure for power generation and transmission as well as the upgrade of the INDENI refinery and TAZAMA pipeline.

In this light, President Lungu should consider the new Kankoyo member of parliament for the minister of Energy position. Hon. Brian Mushimba may be inexperienced in politics but is not new in the Energy industry. Moreover, it is more of experience and expertise that Zambia needs at the ministry of Energy than politics. The country stands to benefit a lot from the new Kankoyo legislator from his vast experience in the power sector in different countries and portfolios.

The complex nature of the energy problems we face both in electricity generation and the petroleum sectors requires a holistic approach in devising solutions. We do not need to isolate ourselves. We need more than ever before to engage regional players and leverage economies of scale in our quest to improve our generation capacity and lower pump prices for petroleum products.

For instance, investment in a complex refinery requires a corresponding big market to be economically feasible. We therefore need someone that can engage neighbouring countries as well as use the available regional bodies in striking deals for preferential trading both in finished products of oil and electricity, this way we will attract the much needed investment.

Hon Mushimba’s vast experience in the power sector in America, South Africa and Uganda has built him enough contacts and I believe this will help him apply a systems perspective in dealing with the challenges in our energy sector. He also brings fresh energy and zeal.

Frazer Musonda
Energy Engineering graduate from Linköping University


    • He is a forged President. ANything he does is questionable and of no use.

      HH will be President by 2018 if History is anything to go by in Zambian politics



    • Lungu will pick Dora again…… Not because she knows anything about energy, but because she is from Eastern Province.

      M.Mwankatwe, V.Mwale performed badly but will be in cabinet because they are his tribes-mates

      Ministers have already being picked, any recommendation will not be considered.

    • What vast experience in energy? No more than 5 years ago, Mushimba was working for La Farge in Chilanga. As I recall, he was not in charge of UPS. As matter of fact he was let go. For those of you who may not understand, he was fired for under performance.

      Check the records!

  1. I agree with reservation based on the following factors:
    1. Besides knowledge and experience, We need a Minister with Integrity and love of the country. Remember Clive Chirwa that MCS imported from UK with technical-know how in Rail transport who wanted to take even the little we had…..
    2. PF Government has a Dream of developing this Nation by any cost. We therefore need a Minister with shared passion and vision, not one whose major focus is wealth accumulation.

  2. She is not wanted in the PF strong holds and appointing her is on e of the reasons HH was even getting some reasonable votes in those places. So Lungu watch out

  3. An expert in energy may not necessarily make the best minister in at the ministry of energy! you someone who can get things done and Dora is such a person!!! She is very hard working and very has wide knowledge! ask the guys at the ministry they have a lot of respect for her cause she can make things happen

  4. Illegitimate president to appoint who? Edgar did not win the 11th August elections; he knows it deep down his heart. And may it haunt him the rest of his life. He used ECZ to steal HH and GBM’s vote. Our Concourt is nothing but a sham; laughing stock world over period. NEXT!

    Problem with our Zambian politicians is despite degrees, knowledge, & everything, they are tenderprenures & belly politicians first!
    Therefore they will NOT be thinking of Zambia first, or their grandchildrens futures, but how much they can steal, how much they can drink, how much they can b0nk e.t.c.
    Any wonder there are so many political defections??? Had P.F, not managed to steal this election, a lot of these so called P.F diehards would have left by now. Remember M.M.D?

  6. But before you start soliciting for jobs for yourselves and others,which is a very noble thing to do. Don’t you think ,this THORN IN THE FLESH that has come in form of a PETITION by Mr.HH should be completely be a CLOSED CHAPTER. To await the generations who will write about it their HISTORY EXAMS in the near future…

  7. Nonsense! you think you can just drop from the tree & overnight become a minister? How many educated people do we have in this country who are hopless just like mushimba? infact what qualifications is he bosting about? you obtain a ka degree na ka master ati l will become a minister? Infact this character is the one who is marketing himself but hiding in the names offrimpong or whatever. You will remain a back bencher for five years and never come back in the next elections.

  8. He is a perfect fit for this role. Well qualified and experienced in energy industry. Brian will transform the ministry. All the best Brian you got this one!!!

  9. I know Brian but to suggest he run our energy sector because he lived and worked in the USA, is poor. I want to believe we have better engineers who have remained in Zambia and understand our perennial problems better. I can also suggest Johnstone Chikwanda atleast he stayed close to our problems and has contributed greatly to energy sector, another person can suggest Mwape Dode Kambafwile or Innocent Mondona, Wyman Kaluba, or Sita, or Jokindo Mwape better still Agripa Daka and Daliso Daka. let Brain first make Kankoyo vegetatively green then we can try him as gender minister or traditional affairs/local chiefs minister. Our illiteracy levels can vote for you but does not mean that you can run government. Zambia is not a dropping centre for unpatriotic who after gaining weight by eating…

  10. World over the ministers are not necessarily professionals in the field of their ministry. This left to permanent secretaries as equivalent to Zambia.

  11. Frazer –

    Experienced people make good technocrats.. Maybe Brian can be tried in a PS or Deputy Minister position. Cabinet Ministers are seasoned politicians and the Job Description for Ministers is largely “politicking”. As a young politician, it is time for Brian to be a good follower, towing the line regardless who has been appointed to lead him. Brian has a powerful platform to exhibit his passion to serve the public starting with Kankoyo. Time to learn the ropes and how to effectively influence his peers/fellow lawmakers. Managing up and managing down. Get to work Brian.. We are watching

  12. It is beyond reasonable doubt that the New ZESCO Board of Directors is Unqualified despite being composed of highly educated, experienced and successful individuals. Choosing of the directors was carried out by incapable personnel who do not value hydro operational excellence competencies required in guiding ZESCO to be successful. Only one director, and that is not a CEO, in the current Board is qualified. Having a degree in electrical, civil, mechanical or hydrology engineering without operational excellence competencies at a specialist level will not make ZESCO BOARD of Directors Successful.

      Please realise that the composition of boards in parastatals is such that people are drawn from different disciplines. For Ministers, please stop dreaming that only Engineers should be Ministers of Energy. Ministers are not Directors who should be technocrats in particular fields. Economists make good Energy ministers, even Demographers. Of course, I am not saying you make one with a certificate in cookery as Minister of Mines.

  13. The fact that we are passing through the worst tortuous load shedding which is torturing us, one would think the Board is to be born out of much prayer, anguish and thought. Unfortunately, the Board was born out of technical incompetency, that is individuals with academic qualifications, successful in their expertise not related to utility, and have connection to appointing authority were appointed. How will the Board with no utility expertise provide strategic guidance when it doesn’t have? That’s the reason why we have been load shedding for a number of years now.

  14. The primary reason why ZESCO has failed to deliver is inability of Unqualified Board of Directors to see that our generating stations are no longer built to utilize our water supply’s dependable flow, which is not based on the lowest flow on record. Dependable flow was consistently well below the average flow in the original design. But as ZESCO increased generator unwisely, well below the average flow configuration was compromised. If ZESCO is to be building to dependable flow ensures always capable of meeting electricity commitments to all its customers regardless of low, heavy rainfall or climate change. Further, the inability of Unqualified Directors to persuade government’s indecision to build series of generating stations for the past 24 years. Example of incompetency by the…

  15. Typical example of incompetency: why would any reasonable government install and run 380MW generator at Kariba North Bank Extension knowing that the designed capacity for both Banks is 1350MW? North Kariba Bank capacity is 650MW. Why would Zambia install 1080 MW at Kariba when the dam has not be expanded? And that Zambia has many potential places where the generators could have been installed. That was unwise decision that caused turbine outflow of water to be higher than in flow of water, resulting in low water level at Kariba Dam despite low rainfall.

  16. Final list of cabinet ministers and perm secs is out. Swearing in ceremony begins on Wednesday before President Lungu leaves for the US:

    Final list Cabinet Ministers and Perm Secs
    1. Finance……………….. Ngandu Magande (Nom)
    Secretary to the Treasury – Charles Sipanje
    PS – Dr Ronald Simwinga
    2. Home Affairs………. Dr. Martin Malama
    PS – Dr Chileshe Mulenga
    3. National Planning Eco. Dev….…..Dr. Mbita Chitala
    PS – Felix Nkulukusa
    4. Foreign Affairs………………………Harry Kalaba
    PS – Emmanuel Mwamba
    5. Transport,…

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