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Zambian Companies Clinch Deals Worth US$56,000 at Maputo Trade Fair.


ZDA Public Relations Manager, Margaret Chimanse
ZDA Public Relations Manager, Margaret Chimanse

Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Communications and PR Manager Margaret Chimanse has revealed that the Zambian companies that participated in the just ended Maputo International Trade Fair in Mozambique under the auspices of the ZDA managed to seal deals worth USD 56 thousand, reports pan African Radio journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Ms. Chimanse said the Californian Beverages managed to clinch a confirmed order of USD 14 000 for assorted non alcoholic beverages while Seba Foods sealed an order worth USD 18, 000 to supply soya products.

She added that the two companies recorded UDS 26, 000 worth of unconfirmed orders for the supply of assorted soya products and nonalcoholic beverages.

And Ms. Chimanse also stated that two Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Gramiraj investments and Melan cosmetics recorded USD 500 spot sales.

“Californian Beverages managed to clinch a confirmed order of USD 14 000 for assorted non alcoholic beverages while Seba Foods sealed an order worth 18, 000 to supply soya products” she said


  1. Come on lets be serious…$56k can do better than this;lets talk millions…we need to invest more in innovation and marketing.

    • That’s how Zambia is reduced by a kleptocracy to be small minded and mediocre. After stealing billions of dollars from Eurobonds, reality is filtering through that running a country is difficult. The God of small blessings!

    • I think these are very small companies. Perhaps start-ups. But the reporter should have mentioned that. Otherwise you are very right Jay.

    • We are not doing something right…everyone Ministry of Commerce, Bussiness Bodies etc…if its the other way round companies that come to our Trade Fairs are going back with millions of dollars in orders on their books. Where are those so called Zambian middle men who supply GRZ with…nowhere to be seen as they are simply brief case companies.
      When need a branch and root review …as this shameful..dont care if call me negative but we need a reality check!!

  2. I hate to sound negative……. but its not something that I would be proud of. All the way to Maputo for a Trade Fair and the combined unconfirmed orders are only $56 thousand…

    • Lets just hope that next time we do better. The numbers are low, but we can and should do better next time out. What we don’t do in Zambia is collect data, how many companies attended the Trade Fair last year, how much was raised?

    • The Portuguese SMEs are ranking millions from Mozambique meanwhile us across the border are getting excited over unconfirmed orders.

    • Just two months ago you spent $3million of you money on printing mere ballot paper in Oil Rich Dubai…you recieved a pantry $56k…you start dancing like Lazy Lungu on stage after getting a kickback.
      Utter disgrace!!
      Wake up!!

  3. To me this is an equivalent of amount spent on flights, accommodation, beer and other allowances! I would be ashamed to report such “deals”! Learn to think BIG mwebantu please!!!

  4. Gentlemen,
    With your rotten currency and also the lack of purchasing power in your country due to high poverty levels, that amount translates to K560,000 which is not bad for sells. They would not have made that amount in 3 days in Zambia. Remember that your country does not produce differentiated products from those being produced in Mozambique or any other neighbouring. So to clinch orders for that amount (less total cost of participation) makes business sense. Any ngwee makes a difference in business.

    • $56k is utter shameful peanuts, you deduct customs costs and transport to Maputo…you will remain with just vaseline you applied in the morning on yr hands.

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