ZMA president Dr. Aaron Mujajati
ZMA president Dr. Aaron Mujajati

The Zambia Medical Association says it’s non of it members was present during the MRI scans that were conducted here in Lusaka before the team’s departure for Mauritius.

In a statement to report on the conclusion of its in inquiry into the matter involving the under 17 COSAFA Cup age scandal association President Dr Arron Mujajati said non of the members of the association was present at the time of scanning the players who went to represent the country at the tournament.

Below is the full statement as issued by the association President.


Zambia Medical Association Statement on the under 17 MRI Scan Issued 12th September, 2016.

The Zambia Medical Association has concluded its inquiry into the matter involving the under 17 COSAFA MRI scan issue.

Our main objective was to see if our members were involved in this problem. And if any member was involved, to what degree did the involvement go?

We wish to inform the nation that there is a standard CAF approved procedure for conducting MRI examinations for the purpose of age determination. The procedure demands for the presences of a National Team doctor and a CAF medical team representative at the time that the MRI is done for any player. The procedure also demands that a player that is undergoing the MRI produces a passport for the purposes of identification and the doctors present then take a photograph of the player before an MRI scan is done. After the MRI scan is done the images, passport details and photographs are put together and sent to the CAF headquarters for age determination by the CAF medical committee.

We have discovered that none of our members was present during the MRI scans that were conducted here in Lusaka before the team’s departure for Mauritius. Thus we can categorically state that no medical doctor from our association was involved in the conducting of the MRI scans before departure to Mauritius for the COSAFA games.

You may wish to note that the Zambia Medical Association demands of its members to conduct themselves in keeping with both the ZMA code of conduct and that of the Government as stipulated by the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ).

Therefore, the Zambia Medical Association cannot comment any further on this matter.

As such we wish to advise that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is in a better position to tell the nation what exactly transpired as regards the under 17 MRI scans.

Dr. Mujajati Aaron,
Zambia Medical Association

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  1. The level of corruption in Zambia is so embarrassing. Obvious the images taken were from different young individuals. There is no remorse in corrupt deals in the country, its now a way of life. But how can one fake MRI images sure?


  2. ZMA has never been implicated in this nor have they ever been accused of involvement. So why dissociate yourself from something that you have not been accused of?


    • The ZMA want to show the Zambians who have questions in the background, the role Medical Doctors played in the MRI scanning procedure esp. to those who know CAF requirements when doing the scanning that a medical personnel is suppose to be present. The question to ask is that we did FAZ avoided the Doctor to be present????


  3. One big lesson learnt, albeit at a great cost and embarrassment to the nation. Thank you doc.

    By the way, was the Zambia team doctor deliberately left out when this illegality was being done or what..? Does he have to check through all the players’ papers?



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