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FRA starts closing depots in Eastern Province as it struggles with Maize purchases

Economy FRA starts closing depots in Eastern Province as it struggles with Maize...

Mongu District Commissioner Susiku Kamona distributing relief maize to victims of Spastic Paralysis (Konzo) disease at Kaote Village of Lwatembo area in Mongu yesterday. Government has released 150 metric tons of maize to mitigate food shortage in Lwatembo area up to the next 2015/2016 harvest season.
The Food Reserve Agency is struggling to purchase Maize in Eastern Province as most farmers are shunning taking their produce to the agency’s depots in the province.

Most farmers interviewed in Eastern Province said they cannot deal with FRA deal to the low price it is offering.

FRA is buying a 50Kg at K85n while most private buyers that have flooded the province are offering as much as K120 per 50Kg.

The situation has now seen the FRA failing to buy even a single bag of Maize at some of its depots in the province.

Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu said in an interview that the FRA Head Office is concerned over the low volumes of maize that the agency has bought in the district this marketing season.

In Lundazi, newly elected Nkhanga ward councillor Obote Banda has advised government to close Nkhanga FRA Food Reserve Agency satellite depot.

Mr Banda said government should consider closing the satellite depot for not buying any maize since the market opened in July.

Mr. Banda indicated that it was pointless to maintain workers at the satellite depot when there was nothing happening.

And Lundazi District Agricultural Coordinator Philemon Lungu also recommended the need to close some depots in the district.
Mr. Lungu stated there was need to recommend for earlier closer of some depots which have failed to record any purchase.

Meanwhile, In Sinda, about 13 maize buying depots in Sinda district are earmarked for closure following the failure to record any Maize purchases at the depots from the time maize marketing exercise started.

District Administrative Officer Condrington Sakala confirmed that Makina, Matambazi, Chitawe, Mngomba, Mchembwe and Chimphundu, as some of the depots that maybe closed soon.

Mr. Sakala says that the district has so far only bought 2,150 bags of maize as at September 11th 2016
But Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo says over 1,500 metric tons of Maize has been bought from farmers in Eastern Province.

Mr Kasolo said the volume of maize bought by FRA is expected to rise to 20,000 metric tons next week.
FRA is targeting to purchase 160,000 metric tons of maize in the Eastern province this year.

Mr. Kasolo acknowledged that the province is behind in maize purchase and attributed this to the maize being bought from farmers to high demand from neighbouring countries.

He however said FRA will manage to reach the target of maize to be bought from farmers in the province despite briefcase buyers invading the market.

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  1. This is the all idea FRA should be the last resolt and the GRZ price is the minimum.It is the private sector to buy the maize and FRA shoukld only keep reserves

  2. FRA needs restructuring too much corruption…just look at their officers in all honesty how can a mere officer walk in a Toyota dealership and buy a hilux jeep cash?

    • Thats what happens when you vote based on tribe instead of policy…they will feel it first when Lazy Lungu asks them to tightened their belts whilst he gets fat that his pot belly will be protruding out of that cheap ill-fitting bullet proof vest he wears underneath.

  3. @Mutototo time to insult leaders is gone. Remember that Social Media is NOT a safe place to hide from. Until the Security wing tracks you down, for the abuse of social media, you may not realise the limitation of technology. Apart from this warming, it is just inhuman to insult fellow human beings. Try in the Diaspora, where you live in fear and be mocked daily even by white kids, they will deport you back to Zambia same day!

    • PF thugs are busy threatening bloggers now. But the same PF criminals were threatening KanCourt judges a fortnight ago without consequences. Just know that Zambia is a failed country if the whole state President can call a significant ethnic group like the Tongas as bakachema just because they don’t vote for him.

  4. Wise men came from the east, eventually they were going to sell their maize to the highest purchaser. Sorry government, your cheap buying point is not wanted in the East and in the west.

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