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Guests complains as chaos mars Heroes Stadium and State House events

General News Guests complains as chaos mars Heroes Stadium and State House events

A ZP officer from mounted section trying to control the crowd.
A ZP officer from mounted section trying to control the crowd.

Several guests complained of poor organisation at Tuesday’s state functions to celebrate the inauguration of President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina.

At Heroes Stadium, teargas was fired to keep people away from the main entrance after the stadium was filled up leaving hundreds stranded outside.

Security was tight and people had their water bottles confiscated by uncompromising police officers manning the gates.

Some guests especially the elderly who had walked long distances complained of thirst as no water was offered to them throughout the entire process of the ceremony.

At the state luncheon held at State House, the situation was even worse as a number of guests with valid invitation cards were turned away at the gate after the venue was full.

A number of dignitaries were heard complaining outside the gate after they were refused entry into State House.

Former Vice President Enoch Kavindele had to call State House Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda to help facilitate his entry into State House.

A number of elderly citizen were pushed and shoved around in the queue by overpowering PF cadres and ended up leaving in frustration.

State House security said they were only allowed to admit 2,000 guests for the luncheon but that the number of people turning up with invitation cards surpassed that number.

A lot of guests were denied food and drinks as party cadres took over the serving area.

Mr Chanda was heard apologising to a number of guests as he continued trooping to and from the gate to rescue some high profile guests who were stranded at the gate.


    • Typical PF Kaponya organisation.I wonder why they still have to allow kaponya cadres at SH even after inviting us the ‘Elite’.

    • What do you expect from a party of illiterates? even the most educated among them are dumb by any standards.
      Now watch God smack them for pretending to be a Christian country and yet they are in alliance with satan.

    • Yep, that’s symptomatic of what’s to come. It’s a preview of a new PF movie, especially where the elderly had to stay thirsty to watch the emperor’s coronation, and were later shoved around by PF thugs and they had to leave in frustration. There’ll be more frustrations and disappointments to come. I wonder, does anybody know how much taxpayer’s money was spent on this lavish gigantic event? From what I understand, this was the biggest inauguration celebration event, and most expensive, in the history of our country—at a time when there’s so much poverty in the nation, frugality doesn’t seem to be a fancy term to PF. It’s party time, boys. Stay tuned.

  1. What do you expect when GRZ sent invitation texts to almost everyone with a phone and yet the stadium can only accommodate a limited number. Concerning the luncheon, I feel for ba Kavindele. Being stranded at the entrance must have been humiliating.

    • This is what happens when you have outlaw running the country. The judges should hang their heads in shame. Useless and political prostitutes. They will come to regret their decisions when Zambians begin crossing the border to live in Zimbabwe when Lungu sends the food and electricity to his bastard father. Even the presidents of Africa did not want to come to this travesty. Those three judges will not sleep well in their beds. They met without the other two which is illegal and I am sure they are casing their checks now.

    • “Chivindele” a tenderprenuer with poor morals, & an equally corrupt mind, scrambling to enter a place full of equally morally bankrupt thugs!!
      This is just a snapshot of how Zambia is currently run, a place where only the fittest, & most ruthless survive.
      Yesterday was just the Dyonko!

  2. So author, in that sirccumstance, what did you expect police to do? Allow all guests who walked long distances get in when who have said it yourself that the venue was already full?

  3. So author, in that sirccumstance, what did you expect police to do? Allow all guests who walked long distances get in when you have said it yourself that the venue was already full?

  4. Security first. People are crazy, one is invited and he also invites his friends under one invitation card. Mr. Author water and food were sold inside the stadium…..

  5. Never been to a stadium? this was the only chance. Never been to state house? this was a chance? Corruption in the insurance of cards.

  6. It was announced that people will NOT be allowed in when the stadium was full!! It’s not an issue. Of course security would remove bottles(Molotov cocktails..in case) , Important dignitaries were entering there! In 1964, during independence celebrations, I was very young but have partial memory, it was the same crowded situation. They were using horses too then! Family folklore retells how I managed to toddle under a horses belly and caused panic, commotion as my desperate mother, Dad and Police had to bring me to safety! We got in due to dad’s small status, he’d got staff to save seats….but people were still celebrating everywhere!!! It is a joyful occasion and we should just be thankful for free drinks!

  7. Use experts to organize events not compromised civil servants the produce 5000 cards for an event of 2000 people result chaos.

  8. bA UPND now because they have lost they calling voters illiterates!kkkki.In 2021 they will come to the same illiterares to ask for votes!

  9. Wooh chikonko. Upnd are only interested in hearing the negatives.there were a lot of people some without good manners like you fi upnd. Ecl still in state house okeeey. Keep on convincing yourselves that your votes were stolen. Balimidununa you don’t even know the meaning of dununa reverse.


  11. In future the authorities should hold separate functions for PF cadres at the show grounds or other venue. Its embarrassing to see these guys behave any way under the influence of liquor and becomes difficult for police officers to take full control as the Cadres always behave above the law. Lets not send a bad signal to the outside through their various representatives at state functions. A brass band and few local artists are all is needed to avoid overcrowding the venue. Yes cades are needed at state functions but not every jim and jack of them.

  12. It’s sad development all failures to organizing their own event they attribute them to Upnd. Failure to control and feed your own people you bring in others who are not involved. Basically from inception it’s failure after failure.

  13. I can see the hurt in upnd carders even useless things to them they want to make news,but chababa Ku loser zoona,accept dat Edgar is in state House and someone in dudumwezi go hug the 500kv transformer.



    1.?They are EXTREMELY bitter (bitter than poison itself)
    2.They want everyone else to be bitter together with them
    3.They get angry with anyone who is not angry together with them
    4.They label even innocent anyone and everyone as PF for as long as you don’t agree with them on any issue no matter how simple it is
    5.They are radical, irritatingly arrogant and stubborn
    6.They deny the truth no matter how clear it is
    7.They rationalize failure instead of learning from it
    8.They blame everyone else except themselves for their failure
    9.They are the perfect ones and so is HH and everyone else is not
    10.They are right and everyone else is wrong according to them


      11.They believe if HH became president there would be absolutely no more pain, no more suffering and we would all live happily ever after
      12.They are cry babies
      13. They think propaganda is democracy and freedom of expression (atase)
      14.They are shamelessly inconsistent
      15.They are TOXICLY biased, not objective and see things from only what they want and not from what they truly are
      16.They only watch Muvi tv and read the Post and the Watchdog
      17.They believe whatever the Post, Muvi tv and the Watchdog report as ‘golden’ truth and they do not bother to question any suspicious, bogus, fictitious, conflicting and childish stories
      18.They wish everyone ill, bad luck and suffering just because their man ‘president HH’ is not republican president


    20.They are not innovative but just imitators so even this very list they would try to counter it foolishly of course

    Just send this to any UPND supporter and mamama huh!…I can GUARANTEE you 100,000%, I can bet K1m that they will respond by one or more or in fact by all of the above ways…just try it you will see. Awe politics teyabana iyo.

  16. ’18.They wish everyone ill, bad luck and suffering just because their man ‘president HH’ is not republican president’

    On the above score I ludicrously object to that fallacy. HH is no one’s saviour. He may have been born in a manger, but he is desperately wicked because for many years he has held us at ransom, holding the UPND at the helm firmly with his selfish grip. There is no democracy in such despots who kick against every idea to make them give way for other leaders to take over from him. If we fail to replace this LOSER, I REPEAT, “We are in for a rude shock in 2021” as I do not see the PF going into opposition with HH as candidate again! BB, Kalomo

  17. Once beaten twice shy. The event is now history. We have a President in State House and for all. Now its time for each one of us to contribute towards our own survival and to that of the Nation. Crying, even when you shed bloody tears, shall not put food on your table. Selako tubombeko.

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