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Heroes stadium inauguration event was costly-Savior Chishimba


UPPD’s Savior Chishimba
UPPD’s Savior Chishimba

United Progressive Party President Savior Chishimba says his party refused to attend Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony in order to register its concern over the huge amount of public funds that the PF Government spent organising the event.

Dr Chishimba said the swearing in ceremony was the most glamorous, superfluous and costly since independence.

He said flat screen TVs have been mounted across the country and that jet fuel has been purchased not to mention fuel for military trucks and GRZ vehicles, military hardware has also been moved to Heroes Stadium which had been the case everyday over the past seven days of rehearsals.

Dr Chishimba observed that battalions of Zambia Army, Zambia Police, Zambia National Service and Zambia Air Force have been ferried at a great cost to simply go and march and fly past the President.

“Hire of entertainment groups and the hosting of a state banquette are just some of the costs. Compare this with the swearing in function of an American President and you will discover that the USA, as rich as it, does not spend millions of dollars on such a ceremony,” Dr Chishimba said.

“President Kaunda never spent such amounts. President Chiluba was sworn-in at a simple one-hour ceremony at the Supreme Court in 1991 and 1996. President Mwanawasa was first sworn-in at the Supreme Court in 2001/02, and then at Parliament Buildings in 2006 and this became the smallest ceremony ever. President Banda was sworn-in at Parliament Buildings in 2008. President Sata equally refused to be sworn-in at the show grounds to reduce costs and he chose to be sworn-in at the Supreme Court.”

“To our dismay, the PF-MMD, under Mr. Edgar Lungu has since 2015 entertained wasteful and unjustifiable public expenditure on a simple exercise of taking the oath of office,” he said.

Dr Chishimba said the country is faced with the repayment of US$9.75 billion public debt that the PF has contracted over the past five years.

“Other issues include the challenge of job creation for the youth, achieving universal access to healthcare and education to over 15 million Zambians, and solving the energy crisis etc.”

“We are aware in the UPP that the PF is now set to do what they wanted to in December 2015, but prevaricated for election purposes. They now want to increase electricity tariffs by 300%, fuel by 50% as well as remove subsidies on agriculture and this will push the price of mealie meal by over 100%.”

He stated, “A wage freeze for civil servants, defence and security personnel is imminent – it’s back to business as usual “let the civil servants and the people sacrifice as the leaders enjoy”. When I resigned as MP (3 weeks before millions of midterm gratuities were paid), I categorically refused to be part of a leadership that cares for its pockets and stomachs on the sweat and blood of Zambians.”

He said today, Zambia has seen the majority of the same people recycled back into government.

“The period of dancing and vote buying, as we saw during the elections, is over today and it’s back to reality in our individual homes. It’s no longer about who won the election and how he won or who lost and why he lost, it’s about the issues that are before all of us as Zambians. If there was electoral fraud, as we know it those of us with evidence, we shall leave it to God to judge.”

Dr Chishimba said the next five-year period under the PF-MMD is a worrisome one going by the way profligate spending is being witnessed today over an ordinary exercise of oath of office administration.

“African leaders must mature and put their people first by focussing on priorities with an understanding that it’s not the size of a ceremony that makes a great president but the number of lives that are transformed by a President.”


  1. there are different ways to look at it. for the PF, it was a show of support. Needed to make sure the opposition saw the large numbers, at the same time to keep it secure. that is why they had all those security forces deployed

    • Iwe Savior mwana, nkala chabe pansi. We never had flushy stadiums like Heroes during those old times, and this time we needed the big stadium so that more people have a chance of seeing the president in the flesh.

    • Aren’t you the one who stole from OYDC? or you have similar names with the thief? How expensive was is? were people given money for attending the ceremony?

    • Aren’t you the one who stole from OYDC or you have similar names with the thief? How expensive was it? were people given money for attending the ceremony?

  2. Very tru ba Chishimba. But its a once off in 5 yrs thing. So let us not over react. Sacrifice we o have to. When Sata was kongolaling to do roads we o knew there wld come a time to repay. That time is here. Zambians have spoken, Govt is in place. Campaigns r ova. Cry babies must wipe their tears now.

    • I sometimes wonder whether people defend out of shame or really mean what they say. Do you people care about your children and your children’s children? how can one support reckless spending? You think ECL cares if your children sleep on an empty stomach? Get a life beyond PF, don’t let us suffer because of your passive thinking. Wake up , you gullible Zambians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Besides if his predecessors managed to be sworn in at the Parliamentary grounds and High Court why can’t he do the same especially now that the country is so broke

  3. Ifyabupuba!!! So now you want to be heard??? Just go and sleep…the same would have been spent even for Kalusa. So mwalefwaya kwiba??? Just go an nurse your stupid HH!!!

  4. Well articulated Mr President. This what the Pfools cadres will never realise because of the benefit they are getting from the illegal control of bus stations and markets which was suppose to be channelled to the councils.

  5. Kikikikikiki I It was a celebration that needs expenditure. Oh it was classic I was there. PF is a huge party but they should encourage members to be voting….to avoid giving enemies a chance

  6. Saviour Chishimba you were removed from National Youth Development Council (NYDC) as Chairman over allegations that you misappropriated funds while serving at the council.

    At that time you claimed you had evidence to show that it is in fact some officials at the Ministry of youth and sport who are involved in corruption.

    Why have you never revealed those officials unless of course you were equally bribed into keeping quiet as you were equally guilty.

    Now here you are claiming to be concerned about misuse public funds when you are equally a culprit.

  7. This is the 21st Century Chishimba. Technology exists to be mounted and used.

    Your absence did not save our treasury a ngwee.

    Thank you for making room for others to gain entry into the Stadium.

  8. Ba PF, enjoy yourselves … After all that is what you wanted and docile Zambians have allowed you to steal the vote from the real winner. From now onwards its survival of the fittest. Kwiba bebele at every level. No morality, no conscious, no responsibility, no discipline, no rule of law as dear Lungu has clearly demonstrated by totally disregarding the constitution and disrespecting the courts. Nisangwapo mukwai! Ifintu ni Lungu, kabili ni Dununa Reverse, eyo abantu basala. Aleni bane ba PF, kabiyeni mufyonaule!


  10. One needs to move with time. Why find faults in everything.. If it was very simple again, you would have said , POVERTY. Get over it.. As you find faults in everything and people, the same measure will be used against you. Its called KARMA. OR ripping what you sow….

  11. The 5 years of enriching your selves is upon us. Eat eat and eat some more if you are in a position to eat GRZ funds.

    There probably will never be a time to steal like this 5 years we have.

  12. Ba Chishimba, faulty, faulty plse move with time and don’t comment on the cost of swearing American President you don’t know. PF have elected MP meaning it has a has mandate of pipo at a constituency level from the pipo before reaching reaching Vice & Presidency level. What about your party who views are you representing not because failed to win a ward. Talk on your behalf not on any behalf of anyone unless you tell me at what level you have the mandate to represent the pipo.

  13. Ba Chishimba, tell us more about your embezzling of funds at OYDC. You are a thief and you think everyone is a thief. Today you are praising Sata who you wanted to destroy because of money from MMD. You are a traitor and who does not know you.

  14. chishimba you earlier stated that would send your staff instead because last time, cadres sat on your reserved chair and during the banquet they were rushing for food.

  15. Please, Please Ba, Chishimba. Is it the first time you are seeing such Gadgets mounted in such Occasions? Look at the time When Zuma was been Inaugurated. How many Heads of States attended and how many Big Screens where mounted Countrywide?
    You always want to justify your wrong doings in a wrong way. So, you thought if you don`t attend, others will not attend too. But surprisingly, the Stadium was fully Packed and you are ashamed. Lekeni Tubombeko.

  16. It could have been a simple ceremony attended only by senior government officials and other VIPs like the way it used to be during Chiluba and Mwanawasa’s time, not the exaggeration and luxury that we are witnessing today. This is the time we are supposed to exercise thrift in spending.

    • As if HH would have had a small ceremony had he won! The whole of southern province would have been celebrating in that stadium for a week.

  17. You have never been president,so you can say anything concerning that event. Did you want that to be done at a school? Boss it was a one off expenditure so it was okay. Do just blame anything the gvt does at times if you have nothing to say better t be quite.

  18. It is a waste of time trying to get PF cadres to understand things, even from Saviour Chishimba. Just wait, the dancing is over and reality will be felt in homes and PF cadres will still be singing and going to bed on empty stomach full of Jameson

    • Spot on Miriana!Most of the people in the stadium yesterday just went to celebrate, not realizing that they were celebrating fraud, cheating and deceit. Oh Zambians, surely what pride do we have?The Dove failed to fly. What does that tell us?

  19. Zambians need to be serious about what matters to save the ailing economy. Dr Chishimba is right. Is he not talking about the same austerity measures ECL talked about but he is not implementing. Are we now almost US$ 10 billion in nkongwole. I thot it was less

  20. This money was supported both by PF and the UPND when it was approved in the budget for 2016 in Parliament…So those danderheads complaining should have raised a red flag before the issue was tabled before Parliament approved the same…

  21. Ba PF, enjoy yourselves … After all that is what you wanted and docile Zambians have allowed you to steal the vote from the real winner. From now onwards its survival of the fittest. Kwiba bebele at every level. No morality, no conscious, no responsibility, no discipline, no rule of law as dear Lungu has clearly demonstrated by totally disregarding the constitution and disrespecting the courts. Nisangwapo mukwai! Ifintu ni Lungu, kabili ni Dununa Reverse, eyo abantu basala. Aleni bane ba PF, kabiyeni mufyonaule! …

  22. Awe Ba Saviour, Kasangani Mulyaweka Party jealous down. The problem with loners is that they’ll always see only negativity in everything, same with Charles Milupi. No substance, go to sleep guys. As for us we are moving on. Bye, bye.

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