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PF refutes claims it sent Miles Sampa and Guy Scott to spy on UPND

General News PF refutes claims it sent Miles Sampa and Guy...

-Patriotic Front General secretary Davies Chama (R) ,Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya during a press briefing at Pf secretariat head quarters in Lusaka
-Patriotic Front General secretary Davies Chama (R) ,Patriotic
Front Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya during a press briefing at Pf
secretariat head quarters in Lusaka
The ruling PF has refuted assumptions that it sent UDF leader Miles Sampa and former Republican President Guy Scott to the opposition UPND to spy for it.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says Mr. Sampa and Dr. Scott are not the sort that can be sponsored by the ruling PF to gather information of another political party on its behalf.

Mr. Bwalya has wondered how it can make sense for the ruling PF to send spies in another party who end up campaigning for it vigorously in the manner Mr. Sampa and Dr. Scott did for the UPND.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Bwalya says as far as the ruling PF is concerned the likes of Mr. Sampa and Dr. Scott who left the ruling PF are only frustrated people.

Mr. Bwalya says such people wanted to have greater control of the ruling PF without realizing that it is a people’s party which has systems of choosing its leaders.


  1. ok this is pain lunacy. so now you have failed to get your way with the courts, the next thing is to accuse the very people you welcomed with both hands of sabotage? Do you people think before you speak? I mean sometimes just try and write down what you are thinking then read it out aloud, you will realize how ridiculous and insane it sounds you won’t dare take it to any form of media after that.

    Yes you are hurt we all understand, please stop this mumble jumble and start re-strategizing for 2021. its very near. take it easy people

  2. Keep quiet Franc Bwalya! People are tired of useless politicking. It is time for work again. Remember I, like many people, only voted for ECL because I am scared of HH sectarian politics!

  3. But this article has not even said who had accused Sampa, Scot and PF of spying? So what was Father Bwalya and Chama responding to? Ba LT try to give a conclusive story here before we start accusing people of lunatics: either UPND can be lunatics if they came up with such an accusation or the PF duo could if they started such a story with out any one accusing them! So please tell us!!

    • @bwafya, read the context in which this statement was made! Fr. Frank Bwalya was speaking in an INTERVIEW with QTV, so it is a NO-BRAINER to conclude that he was ASKED about these rumors by the INTERVIEWER. How hard can that be for any intelligent person to see?

    • Such sick twisted nonsense could have only originated in Bwalyas sick mind.

      Is this the sort of rubbish what we are going to hear from him for the next five years?

    • @5.2 Truth is hard to see because the article has NOT CLEARLY said “he was responding to a question…” to see the connection between what he said and what the real question was. YOU ARE JUST ASSUMING which is DANGEROUS because it is nowhere in the article YOU ARE PUTTING WORDS INTO THE INTERVIEWERS MOUTH!!

    • @Bwafya, mmmmmm can’t believe you missed reading the very opening statement,”The ruling PF has refuted assumptions”. Does refuting assumptions sound like something Frank Bwalya started or that this arose as a result of a third party making such assumptions?


  5. Crazy people never stop hallucinating. Didn’t these lunatics promise to ensure no inoculation took place? Not that they realised how small they are even put together they have now turned to speculations. We have passed your stage and flying higher now. Good bye

  6. but i wouldn’t be surprised at that move,why is it that the same people that come to offer support leave the very minute we lose. i always think they are there to spy and when given tusks to do they do the opposite..imagine u giv a spy to monitor a place were the UPND thinks they palyed with the figures..that guy would allow them to do that without UPND noticing it

  7. These people and their Phds’ in fabricating stories. Pray to God to help you see the best in other people, and give you hearts to forgive the worst. And Love without expecting something. Please change .If you look for the worst in anybody you will find it, but if you also decide to look for the good in people you will find it. PLEASE STOP WITH THE HATE ALREADY. STOP CURSING OUR COUNTRY JUST BECAUSE WE VOTED FOR PRESIDENT LUNGU. Your children dont have any other Zambia to go to.. The curses you are speaking today are being sown and will surely affect you the speakers not us, we believe in seeing the best in people and in every situation…. GOD does not choose where the rain should fall, it falls everywhere…

  8. UPND people, to me it appears you are interested in knowing what is happening in PF. Why not concentrate on ZWD, reading the post newspaper and watching Muvi TV? Us who are PF we do not even read the post, do not watch Muvi TV neither do we visit ZWD for we know its all full of propaganda. You have the whole lot of 5 years to criticize. Your friend is busy hammering a chic and you are outside insulting through the window (hehehehe). Please give us space. No matter how much you insult and criticize, we are ruling for the next 5 years. If you want rush to court today since you are used to taking petty issues to the courts

  9. Let’s concentrate on working the economy. AND say YES they were spies so that UPND Cadres have some target to vent their anger at losing on! Save innocent citizens. That way you kill two birds with one stone….see!! What do you even care to stand up for the integrity of those two. Let Them Have It!

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