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Pastor Choolwe happy with appointment of Rev. Sumaili as Minister of Religion


Reverand Godfridah Sumaili
Reverand Godfridah Sumaili

Lusaka based Pastor Mudenda Choolwe has welcomed the appointment of Jesus Cares Ministries Founder Reverend Godfridah Sumaili as Minister for National Guidance and Religious Affairs.

Pastor Choolwe who is the Founder of Gospel Envoys Ministry said Reverand Sumaili is a renowned woman of God, founder and President of Jesus Cares Ministries and a bonafide member of Bread of Life Church under Bishop Imakando and leader of the Women of Integrity in Bread of Life.

“I won’t attempt to outline her impeccable track record of success in the professional world for the volume of the books won’t contain it. Beloveds behold our first ever Minister of National Guidance and Religion Pastor Godfridah Sumaili,” Pastor Choolwe wrote on his Facebook page.

“Ma’am we celebrate this and much more we see God’s hand spreading across our governance structures by having such a powerful woman of God in that position. We have seen your passion for prayer and we know you will cover the governance system in prayer. May God give you a mouth and a wisdom that can never be disputed as you provide the voice of righteous and moral conscience in Cabinet and in the nation.”
“Beloveds may the body of Christ stand with her in prayer. We are yet to see the full description of this ministry but when the righteous prosper the saints rejoice. Other religions have nothing to worry about because this is a veteran Human Rights Commissioner,” he said.


    • Whats her role, praying to God all the time night and day, If ministries/churches can not get together, You can find even 10 different churches using the same school for church services and playing very loud music, but they pastors will not even talk to each other, so you think this will bring them together, Our president is clueless and only using Christians to remain in state house.

    • Church Prostitutes finally hit the jackpot!

      This generation has been deceived ALOT!! Can you honor God when you are bought at a price?

    • The Church seems to have taken some pride in its promotion of prostitution.

      So it was that the Church could embrace prostitution when it suited, as it did for financial reasons.

      At one time there was a successful church brothel in Avignon where the girls devoted part of their time to religious duties, and part of it attending to the needs of Christian customers — inheritors of the ancient practice of temple prostitution. Pope Julius II was said to have been so impressed by the one in Avignon that he founded a similar one in Rome. Prostitution was regarded as a lesser evil than sodomy, so brothels were sometimes founded in order to encourage heterosexual sex. Following a series of clerical reports in 1415, an Office of Decorum was set up in Florence to reduce endemic homosexual…

    • Is this Sumaili the same hot and loose biatch who used to work at Standard Chartered Bank in the early 1990s? Her affairs were epic and humiliated her husband who was a lecturer at UNZA.

    • @Silumba-sa-Sata,

      2 Corinthians 5:17New International Version (NIV)

      17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!

    • The Muslims and other religions are not represented. What is wrong with you people. Why call it Ministry of religion? Will it meant for conversion of other non christians?

    • « The More the Better
      Hark, Hark, the Dogs Do Bark »
      A Whore in Church

      What is a wife and what is a harlot? What is a church and what is a theatre? Are they two and not one? Can they exist separate? Are not religion and politics the same thing?
      – William Blake, Jerusalem

    • the earliest professional prostitutes were priestesses who worked in conjunction with temples, and despite the efforts of neofeminists to convince the world that they never existed and those of control freaks to persecute their modern successors for “crimes” against Christian sexual orthodoxy, they demonstrate that not everyone considers sex and religion to be incompatible. Nor are all religiously-minded harlots pagan; though many are, and many others practice syncretisms of Christianity and paganism, the majority practice whatever religion they were raised in just as so many others do.

    • Sanity to You “The Monitor”, means Bu Hu1e, Violence, & Embezzlement. Keep it up, & lets see where Zambia is in 5 years time. I see a mini Zimbabwe!!

    • I know for a fact that many prostitutes are religious because as a whore myself I’ve had the opportunity to talk to and observe the behavior of dozens of my sisters.


  2. I thought the guy was joking when he said he was going to establish this ministry. Its bewildering that Zambia has such a president who does not have even common sense. I mean we all know that we have to reduce unnecessary expenditure, we have way too many useless ministries funded by less that a quarter of working Zambian population. What are we going to tell our children when they ask what our generation contributed to the development of Zambia? Its a disaster. I hate Edgar for his stubbornness and hypocrisy.

  3. Taxpayers are paying for this Female Cadre Sumaili, a religious charlatan who will ask Docile Zambians to shut their eyes & kneel, while Chagwa, & his fellow fraudulent ministers/ official’s steal you money, & hide it in far away offshore bank accounts, NEVER to be returned to develop your broken sick nation. Zambians however deserve such sewer tank leadership

  4. With due respect to her, but this ministry has no value to the nation. My President, why wasting time and energy on such appointments?

  5. Reading most of the comments above I see that most of you are very bitter. No matter how much you insult her the curse is upon you. You can call her all sorts of names. You gain nothing and I mean absolutely nothing. There is no one who is not a sinner not even HH and GBM. If HH had gotten his way he was going to do the same as we are all sinners. Human imperfect beings full of selfish attitude. Why do you think HH is fighting so relentlessly to go to state house at any cost? You think he is fighting for you? You are dreaming if you think so. Work up HH is fighting for himself and his close relations. He has seen that his pocket is dwindling. I have been a UNPD member since the time of the great Andy Mazoka. I know the mind of every politician. They are the same whether in Governemnt from…

  6. All haters, demons and dark forces are now out in full force to try to tarnish the name of a good woman in the name of their master the evil one. You can just smell the sulphur in their venom upon their tongues, their eyes red with every evil intent in their will, their faces deep green with envy and hate. The intensity of their hate and jealousy comes straight from the pit of hell. They are really so incensed that a child of God has been elevated in the land. She has been washed by the blood of the lamb, her cleanliness now offends them. They cannot bare the thought that Christ’s blood can clean so thoroughly.
    Sister Godfridah remember no weapons formed against you by these chaps will harm you. Stay Blessed

  7. Do we seriously expect IMF to fund this ministry? You don’t need a ministry to be a christian country. In fact Botswana acts more of a christian country than Zambia. They observe all major christian ceremonies and NO BAR OPENS on Sundays and on all the christian holidays. So NO BOOZE at EASTER and CHRISTMAS! You sometime feel you are in the Middle East. but they do it without a ministry dedicated to this. How do you employ more people when you have no money? National Guidance? can she seriously guide our nation? There is a huge difference between praying for and guiding a nation. Just drown in your beer you are not a serious people!

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