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President Edgar Lungu implored to reunite Zambia


Former Munali Parliamentary aspiring candidate Patrick Mungo has implored President Edgar Lungu to reunite the nation, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In an interview, Mungo observed that there is an ethnic division in Zambia and the Christian fabric the nation was known to hold has been ravished by disunity perpetrated by citizens of certain tribes who hold other tribes to be inferior in the land.

He also added that because of political violence Zambia is no longer a beacon of peace because of political slander and other vices.

Mungo has since urged politicians to desist from propagating tribal contentions in Zambia and concentrate on peace building.

He further advised all well-meaning Zambians from the different ethnic regions to refrain from using unpalatable language against other tribes.

” Am appealing to president Lungu to ensure that he unites the country like it was before” mungo said

Meanwhile, Mungo who disclosed his willingness to work with the Munali lawmaker Nkandu Luo said he will not harbour developmental ideas to himself despite still interested in becoming area Member of Parliament in the future.

” Am willing to work with professor Nkandu Luo” he said


  1. That’s the spirit ba Mungo. Please help hh to understand that principal as well. If anything he was the one who started promoting tribes by saying it’s time for the tonga to rule. Now the bad seed has been planted in whole tonga land. Ecl is willing to unit the country but it’s up to our tonga brothers to accept ecl and work with the whole country. Whether they like it or not ecl is president for the next 5 years. But bitterness aside and accept the fact.

    • Mungo is a misguided Zambian. Most people know that Lungu started this tribal nonsense in an attempt to discredit Tongas as HH is one of them. Lungu was the first numbskull to call Tongas as bakachema. If you expect this ethnic cleanser to unite Zambians then you must be duller than Chakolwa.

  2. Musonda kateule you are an idi0t! HH never said that. Check your records well you foolish tribalist! People like you only deserve death, nothing elso.

  3. A toothless hippo is no threat to its own kind but to those on the banks of a pool. It wont be easy to unite the country after this damage. The facts is that in a nation where resources are dwindling and population is expanding, devide and rule is the only way to go.he survival of pf in politics are based on devide and rule system. Ecl was quated saying that he will deliver development to areas that will vote for him.
    So in areas dominated by the lamba bantubotatwe, lozi, lunda kaonde luvale will remain undeveloped. This is a political survival stratergy. Watching znbc new confirmed this since sata took over power in 2011.

  4. President Edgar Lungu was sworn in inspiteof the UPND having contested his victory in the just ended elections, as fraudulent. I read an Article in the Post by Getrude Imenda stating that he is a product of corruption, whilst the Watchdog online press stated that he is an illegal President???

    All these issues ought to be investigated and clarified. Zambia now looks to the international community on how it will be interacting with President Edgar Lungu. The International Community faces a challenge in President Edgar Lungu’s legitimacy and they have an obligation to act. The ICC already has reports of gross human rights violations in Zambia, including sexual violence, which has become endemic. Mysoginists form the majority in both the public and private sector and the country has just…

  5. Hahahahahahaha! Lungu if you are to face the reality, the man is just a benefiary of violence. He used the same tactics he used to be PF president. The man has no respect for the rule of law. He is evil! He lost the elections and he decided to steal HH’s victory. That same Bible he was holding, he was just cursing himself. He cannot manage to unite the country because he is enjoying the divide and rule tactics with his minions.

  6. In fact Mr. Mungo, telling Lungu to reunite Zambia is like telling a stone which you know it can’t act but be used by a human being. Lungu has no capacity to reunite Zambia because he is benefiting from his divide and rule tactics. In the just ended elections, he used the same tactics he used at mulungushi in kabwe to be PF party president. Lungu is evil, he is not Like the way selfish individuals are portraying him. Evil lives in him and he lives with evil, that is why only the wife and those that are righteous can see how evil Edgar Lungu is and a threat to national unity.

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