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Relatives start identifying victims of Serenje accident

General News Relatives start identifying victims of Serenje accident

Scene of the Serenje accident
Scene of the Serenje accident

Relatives of the people that perished in the Serenje accident have begun identifying the bodies. Police Deputy Spokesperson Esther Katongo said most of those that have been identified were based on the Copperbelt while two bodies are for Congolese.

Mrs Katongo said the bodies of the two have been transported back to Congo today.

“Most relatives have opted that post-mortem be conducted from the Copper belt. All the bodies that were in Serenje Hospital mortuary will be transferred to Kabwe General Hospital mortuary today. We appeal to members of the public to continue coming forward and help in identifying the remaining bodies,” Mrs Katongo said.

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  1. I just wonder if what we pray to is really there or maybe its an illusion brought by the whites to corrupt blacks. Rest in peace to the departed.

    • Most people falsely think that their religion can save them. You can bet most of those killed in the accident prayed to their invisible sky daddy for protection and get them safetly to their intended destinations but their prayers were in vain. I stopped praying 30 yrs ago and more happier now than when i thought someone was up there reading my mind! NO MORE MENTAL SLAVERY FOR ME!!!!

    • Faith is belief without evidence.
      I’d say it’s mainly the indoctrination by parents, teachers and other crazy church people that gets them hooked. I’m not religious because my parents didn’t teach me any of it (why would they? they’re no crazy).
      I agree with you about people not actually believing, but saying they do out of peer pressure, it’s sad really…
      People who do believe have been told over and over again by ‘authoratative’ figures that it IS definitely true and hell IS real, etc. so I guess they’re scared, as children, and this fear of being punished is brought with them into adulthood, it’s sad really…

    • So basically if we follow this “non-delusional” logic then the human race should embark on a journey to extinguish all life not preserve it since its ultimately meaningless and we are nothing but glorified chemical reactions. That’s all that’s left once you eliminate the “Sky Daddy” or have you not realized this. Why even bother celebrating life? Why bother having laws to protect life? If there is no absolute grounding for existence then everything you just said is meaningless drivel and you too will someday just disappear into the nothingness you came from. Such a happy existence that is… pointless if you ask me. Yet believers are the ones who are delusional?

      May God bless the families of the bereaved.

  2. On the issue of identification, the security wing should set up a department of SCIENTIFIC POLICE, specialised also in carrying out autopsy and Identify the person even just from a blood stain found. HOW DOES THAT WORK? Every person that is born, gets any ID, enters the country has their finger prints scanned and stored in the National Security or Medical Services with the code that only identifies that individual, (not as we get them on ink, pa NRC), to update, that even without the persons consent, for security reasons, such system is connected between the National Medical wing being civil or Security wing and any movement or taste done withing the country by the individual, the information reflects on the database of the SCIENTIFIC POLICE, hence it’s automatic update about the…

  3. ba exposed zambian expose your stupidy in your diaspora were you clean white peoples asses that technology cannot and will not work be adopted here . I identification is very easy we look at the ntwenu and we know how it was for both male and female

  4. Pf substandard roads all in the name of infrastructure development on kaloba. Very sad. Mtsrip.

  5. And then this useless govt will come and say will pay for burial…and wait for the next Bus accident INSTEAD of coming with tangible policies like
    1. Introducing speed limiter on all PSVs
    2. Completely banning travel of PSVs between 23:00 to 05:00hrs
    3. Complete overall of PSV and HGV training,
    4 . Completely computerize the way all Driving tests are booked to eliminate contact and corruption.Introduce theory tests …most drivers can not interpret road signs.
    5. Create a Govt body that regulates this sector and not the Bus Union which corrupt,
    6. Involve Insurance Companies to cover for personal injuries with conditions to promote responsible driving by Bus owners on their drivers.
    7. Bus owners should be also liable as well..

    I am tired of sending messages of condolences…

    • wasosa sense mune. If only we had people like you managing rtsa and not dull thugs like soko who are just good at wearing raybans and saying nothing at interviews

  6. Dont inconvinience us please. There is too much poverty in Zambia so some of us work/travel even at night. Accidents will always be there weather night or day time.

  7. May their souls rest in peace and how wish its the plane carrying our useless president that has crashed in the amazon river

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