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Government wants to construct a new Capital city outside Lusaka

Headlines Government wants to construct a new Capital city outside Lusaka

Zambia Association Women in Constructions (ZAWIC) President Dorothy Mulwila speaks to Special Assistant for Project and Monitoring to the President Lucky Mulusa at State House when they called on him
National Planning Minister Lucky Mulusa (R)

National Planning Minister Lucky Mulusa has announced that Government is seriously considering creating a new Capital city away from Lusaka.

Addressing a media briefing today, Mr Mulusa said the decision has been necessitated by the massive congestion that currently faces Lusaka.

He said there is need to create another capital city and also relook at how other cities in Zambia are coping with the increase in human and motor vehicle traffic.

Mr Mulusa feared that failure to develop a new city would make it difficult for any business to be conducted in Lusaka.

“Lusaka in its current state has breached its carrying capacity and there is need to create another capital city. In the next 10 to 20 years, it will be difficult to conduct any business in Lusaka due to the massive congestion,” Mr Mulusa said.

Mr Mulusa said the situation has been compounded by the fact that there is no room for further expansion of Lusaka.

“We can’t expand the Great East Road and the way the infrastructure is laid out makes it difficult to even plan for a speed train,” Mr Mulusa stated.

And Mr Mulusa has assured that the project is approved will be implemented through wide consultations with all stakeholders.

He said the Ministry of National Planning will undertake all its activities using a bottom-up approach in order not to impose policies on the people.

“We want to create a sense of ownership among the policy implementers and most important on the beneficiaries,” Mr Mulusa said.

And Mr. Mulusa has thanked Zambians for giving the Patriotic Front (PF) another five year mandate to run the affairs of the country.

Mr. Mulusa also commended President Edgar Lungu for appointing him as a full cabinet Minister and pledged to execute his duties to the best of his ability.

The Minister stated that government is determined to perform to the expectation of Zambians.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulusa has disclosed that his ministry will soon sign performance based agreements starting from the Permanent Secretary (PS) to cleaners to ensure every one performs.

He warned that employees under his ministry who will underperform risk being relieved of their duties.

President Lungu nominated and subsequently appointed Lucky Mulusa as Minister of National development planning.

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    • Hahahahahahah! I like your dream, it’s new capital city going to be in chongwe or john cinena?!!!……and where is the money going to come from??

    • Silliness and dullness has started again? damn Zambians we just shoot ourselves in the foot with these dull people. Congestion in Lusaka? you better travel, Lucky you cant think properly? why cant we improve the road network instead? think trams? and well managed public buses to remove those stup.id. mini buses??

      Zambia will never move forward with such dull thinking.

    • Good idea. I suggest you set it up in Dundumwezi, maybe thats the only way those people there will vote for PF instead of their god HH.


    • Please, Please don’t worry about the money, we are the masters of Kaloba. China has already agreed to give us money. ninshi kanshi. And the man calls himself the minister of national planning.

    • A dull proposal coming from a very dull minister. Hasn’t he travelled to other countries to see real cities? Wonders shall never end!

    • We are currently working on this proposal … Itezhi Tezhi is the best location. Once our proposal is completed with the master plan in place we will send it over as one of the potential new Capital City of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      New York City used to be the first Capital City for the United States and for similar reasons, the capitol was moved to Washington DC. That’s our next move and we have been on it for the last 18 months. Connecting to the Island at Kalala over the damand joing down to the south of the country the landscape is beyond heaven.

      We run this country … let’s do this! Besides, a new international airport on the northern bank of Itezhi Tezhi would create spectacular landing similar to what you experience when landing at Tokyo, Dulles and…

    • meant to say … “connecting the Island of Kalala over the dam and joining down to the south with high speed (bullet train) connecting Lusaka, Livingtone, Kitwe, Franscistown in Botswana and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe makes Itezhi Tezhi a new hub for the new Zambia Airways to be launched soon.

      The entire cost is just under $2.8Billion which can be achieved using cost neutral planning from the Central Government. We can also, create an entirely new economy there with Theme Parks such as Universal Studios, Disney World for the entire continent.

      We can create major Conference Facilities (Las Vegas style) and connect by air to every major capital in Africa … we got work to do! Let’s roll …

    • These idyots cannot even finish the Kitwe-Chingola dual carriageway and they are already mouthing off on new mad schemes. They lost their get-out-of-jail card by stealing the Eurobonds. Now they cannot back up their schemes with any cash. Definitely not IMF handouts. The IMF will not allow their money to be used on hare-brained schemes.

    • Also, currently there is a 4 million deficit in housing stock in the country. Our second stage planning involves building 200,000 units per year for the next 5 years. We will still have a 3 million deficit by next election cycle but we would have achieved 25% of the goal.

      As Zambian Investors we having working on this too … more details to follow! We got work to do! Let’s roll …

    • The reasons given for the need to build a new Capital city are ridiculous. You just need to figure out how to control congestion. Does it mean that if your new city begins to get congested, you’ll have to move again? How many times are you going to move? First of all, begin to figure out how to get rid of all those slums around the city that were illegally put up some years ago. Simultaneously begin to replace them with modern structures, and have people who had homes in the slums move into these new structures. Subtract the value of their old structure and have them pay the difference in installments, till they own the house. In fact if you want to save more space build high-rise apartment towers. Angola is already doing that. Not only will this make Lusaka look beautiful, but it’ll…

    • (Continued)… create some breathing space. Also clean up the city while you’re at it. Those mountains of garbage occupy a lot of space that you can reclaim. Widen city roads wherever you can. No need for a new city. We know you didn’t win the election, but now do something to prove you can develop the country. Come on, get to work.

    • Honestly, we should now make it a requirement that government ministers should have lived in a developed country (such as USA, UK, Germany etc ) for a minimum of three years. That’s what’ll help us. Unfortunately, most of our ministers have never been outside Zambia, and thus lack any proper exposure. A lot of ba kamushi in the government. You can’t develop having such leaders.

    • Ba B.R Mumba naimwe’ why so all these Mad plans kansi??
      Your P.F, cannot even solve simple load shedding, garbage collection, or medicines & infrastructure in the U.T.H, & you are busy hallucinating ati “The Zambian Enterprise” & dreaming about theme parks. & functioning cosmopolitan cities. What will your Cadres role be in this delusional Shangrilla city to be of yours??
      By the way stop using Vaseline ku mfeshi. That ku Zola Vaseline, is so outdated, like your decisional ideas.

    • Ba Keleni tasa atushe … I am no PF Cadre. I am a citizen first and then a UNIPist second, but I support this idea and if that has anything to do with vaseline, so be it. This is going to happen whether you think it is think it is delusional or not.

      Watch this space and be blessed today!! As for load shedding, did you know we will soon be going nuclear and it will be history? You don’t build a country by sticking to one thing at a time. You have multiple operations, things looking messy but after 10, 20, 30 years; Viola!!!

      Thanks a trillion

    • If you want Lusaka to work as a modern city, take politicians and their politics out of its planning. Give the planning of that Goddamn city to people trained for such tasks—and I don’t mean giving it to cheap Indians who will come up with plans resembling the shanties of Kolkata. Lusaka by any standard is still a “jungle” with plenty of room for expansion and modernization. If you think Lusaka is too built-up, then Mr. Mulusa you need to travel and see how other Countries have planned and built their modern cities.

      There is just too much chaos and lack of leadership in the way things are done in Lusaka. No one seems in charge of spearheading the planning and growth of our Capital. And the result is the gridlock we are witnessing today. Landing in Lusaka always gives you the…

    • Just look at B R Mumba typing away as if someone has smeared okra on his keyboard, the man is even dreaming Project cost figures..really laughable…you couldn’t sort out simple Zambia Railways Ltd you misappropriated everything or even sort out decent Public Transport from Chilenje to City Centre in Lusaka. I wonder which Psychiatric ward’s hospital you are accommodated in the States.


    • continue:

      … impression that no one gives a damn about that freaking city. First of all, get rid of all the street venders to open up those goddamn streets to traffic.

      The billions you want to spend on building a new Capital can better be used to built up transport infrastructure within Lusaka which would give a modern touch to the city. There are cities around the world with very limited Real Estate and much, much, much higher populations than Lusaka who have existed in their current locales for centuries and have found modern solutions to their congestion problems. And in fact look well planned and built than our sprawling shanty called Lusaka. The problem with Lusaka is NOT LACK OF SPACE, it is too much UNPRODUCTIVE POLITICS, LACK OF LEADERSHIP, PLANNING, and WILL TO DO THINGS…

    • Ba Jay Jay … I must admit I get excited when one of my projects comes along. You can tell, I can’t even type well and you are right it is like they just threw some delele on my keyboard. Ala na chiwama bane :). Tuletwala ichalo chesu pantashi.

      As for the type of Chaimana I am hospitalized at? The same that keeps making my guy win elections and yours a perpetual loser 5 years in a row. Ala bwafya bane … ichikonko chilasabaisha.

      Have a blessed day Badala!!

    • Ba Jay Jay … my bad I said your guy has been a perpetual loser 5 years in a row. Correction!! Meant to say 5 times in a row. You see, that’s how we run this country, to help you answer your question last week. By making the right choices, putting the right project on the table.

      You don’t have to be in State House to run this country. Next time I want to see you running this country with me. My idea for moving the capital away from Lusaka has just been introduced. I can point to a lot of ideas I put here and governments starting with LPM, RB, MCS and ECL have implemented.

      Start listing yours delele or no delele on keyboards. Have a blessed day Badala!!

    • But Ba BR Mumba, you have started with your shoddy American History..is it what they taught you in community college that NYC was the first capital of the US? ..lol..Don’t say things that you don’t know Ba mudala..go back and check the proper history and you will find that it was Philadelphia which was the first capital…And please stop idolising the racist Lincoln….??

    • Ba Mangala … yep!! You are right about Philly. It was Philly then moved to New York and then Washington DC. You are right about that … I appreciate that.

      If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee ~ Abraham Lincoln

    • Ba B.R Mumba, Im really lost here!
      In one statement reply to me, you swear you are NOT a P.F, cadre or supporter, but in Your own words “A Unip-ist”.
      You then tell Jay Jay “Im the type of Chainama case who makes my Man win, & yours lose” The only Man whos just “won” with the possible help of Kaiser, & Samuel Chavula is P.F, Chagwa.
      Please Ba B.R, give us consistency! We know you are an unrepentent P.F Cadre, who finds it hard to admit.
      Theres nothing wrong with admitting you are a P.F, cadre, currently enjoying the fruits of the taxpayer in the U.S. Its your democratic right to support a Party of your choice, despite its shortcomings. Please Ba B.R, @ the moment you come across as a “Miles Sampa” type of Cadre. I rest my case!! Make sure U enjoy “the 5 year mandate”, as it…

    • Ba Keleni tasa atushe’ … when you endorse someone, they become your guy! There are over 80 registered Republican Generals (retired some current) have endorsed Hillary Clinton. To these republicans, Trump is not their guy.

      Same thing here … I am a UNIPist that endorsed ECL and that does not make me a PF Cadre. As for Sampa and Mulenga, I would love them to join my party UNIP but I also know that they would not so, coming back to their fold is a better idea.

      I don’t think UPND is a bad party, it just happens to be run by a wrong guy who is not my guy. By the way, when Mazoka ran his party, he was my guy over FTJ. I was still UNIP but Mazoka was a better candidate in my mind than FTJ

    • Ba Keleni tasa atushe’ … now that may sound very strange for you because FTJ comes from Luapula Province and his village Pa Chisale is less than 10 kilometers from my mine Pa Chanshi. But he was not my kind of guy for several reasons.

      I did not go gangful just because he was my tribesman. I was routing for a Tonga Andy … May His Soul Rest In Peace and I am on record supporting Mazoka. The Itezhi Tezhi proposal is not in my village but I believe that it is a better place for the new capital.

      Now whether that location is finally chosen or not is immaterial but we started the conversation and we are heading somewhere. As for the PF and having buyers remorse, I don’t think so. Lungu is going to be a heck of a President and he will make us all proud.

    • Meant to say FTJ came from Pa Chisale and I come from Pa Lwamfwe (not Pa Chanshi) even though I grew up Pa Nkana (Kitwe) … sorry about that!

    • Hear! Hear! Mufulira will make a good capital. Kamuchanga will be for civil servants, Parliament can sit in Butondo State House in Mupambe. The engineering squadron can offer presidential protection. What a great minister this guy will be!

    • The idea is perfect. Any trained city planner will know that it would be more expensive to improve Lusaka that create a new capital city. Lusaka was a village and expanded spontaneously without any plan. That is why you have Chobolya and Kalingalinga right in the heart of the city.
      Malawi moved to Lilongwe from Blanyre and Tanzania to Dodoma from Daresalaam. Visit these two new cities, then you will see the difference between a planned and unplanned town. Government should not listen to certain quarters. They condemn everything even positive ideas. Theirs is about spoiling every effort of those in power. Sorry Zambia needs to move on.

    • Hahahaha.. But Ba Mumba you are a liar. From your post @1.35, Which election was Mazoka your guy over FTJ? Those two never contested in any election together. 2001 was Mwanawasa and Mazoka, the main two. I think Ba Mumba mwalilwala.. Even recent Zambian history mulepona…Kikikikiki

    • Yewe BR Mumba, Kiluba wa pa Musangu… Kwa Kisale kwena awe. Kabili imfyalo yapa Nkana ifyo fine webo usosele. Chiluba’s village is pa Musangu (not sure if then that is pa Chisale), Mwense district. He was born pa Nkana and grew up mostly there. Yaba.

    • the best way to steal in government is through construction contracts. what you are seeing is a calculated corrupt way to placate your un-critical minds to perceive this as development but in actual fact is growing the pot bellies (patriotic fronts I call them). has anyone done any calculations to find the average cost of a road in zambia.

    • Know what guys? Another case of short memory! Its not even Mulusa’s idea, a new city idea was floated some time back as appreciation to Zambia for the sacrifice to the liberation struggle for the southern Africa region

    • Br Mumba please be factual, don’t just type illusions and hallucinations.
      Here are some facts for you.

      “The Louisiana Purchase and rapid western expansion were crucial developments during the early republic. But attention there can misleadingly suggest that the United States rapidly assumed the shape we know today. Focusing on how the capital city of the federal government changed in the early years of the nation reminds us of the limited nature of the early central government. Like so many other elements of the new nation, even the most basic features of the capital city were unsettled. President Washington first took office in NEW YORK CITY, but, when reelected in 1792, the capital had already moved to Philadelphia where it would remain for a decade. Fittingly, Jefferson was the…

    • Ba Kalok mwebo ba wesu … ala kisinka musosele. Pa Musangu na Pa Kisale pali palamisha kabili pamo peene mulopwe! Fwebo fulesi fisi yaipaya umulandu wa kiloli.

      More the same way people from Grand Prairie like to say they are from Dallas just because Grand Prairie is a suburb of Dallas County. Great observation, I must add … thanks a trillion.

    • This is a brilliant idea. Many countries have done this. Why are you Zambian’s so small in your thinking? This is a great idea

    • Sata started infrastructure projects which he was criticized for. Now Lusaka and Zambia looks better, especially roads. Seleniko tubombe so that we can deliver a new capital city by 2021 then dununa again.

    • @[email protected] Don’t worry about money.All the developed cities you see started as an idea which was put on paper as a project proposal and then the proposal was marketed and eventually funded if found appealing. Don’t stop dreaming flying in a plane even if you sleep on the reed mat. Where there is a will there will always be a way. The easy way to build a new city is by using a model called PPP- Public Private Partnership. Let Lusaka remain as a commercial city while the would be proposed city becomes the administrative city. The way it is in South Africa. Johannesburg is the commercial city while Pretoria is the administrative city.

  1. If you develop the cities/towns in Zambia, people will move away from Lusaka. People move to Lusaka because that is where development is concentrated. Take electricity, piped water, roads, schools, hospitals, airports, malls, etc to the outside towns and you will see people migrate to such areas. Being a minister of national development, look at ways to encourage people to go to rural areas. Exchange their shanty homes for bigger pieces of land in the provincial centres or villages and see how they leave Lusaka. Since agriculture is the PF theme, use that. Leave Lusaka shanties, get a 10 hectare plot in Northern province, we will lend money for farming inputs, you will work with DACOs to ensure you are successful in your farming. Let them grow cash crops not maize.

    • @myzambia,well said,advantage of exposure ,zambia will only develop when folks like you and other well minded take leadership position in zambia.just to add on,decentralization of township like matter,chawama,chelstone and others should have their own mucipalities independent from lusaka city council through such these township would offer land for malls and other business and people will not be going to downtown for businesses or bill paying.another area the govt can look at is kafue town,it can be ideal for administrative capital.

    • @3My Zambia, you are very right! In fact in all this, what has lacked is proper planning to due to high levels of corruption,mediocrity and over politicization of councils! Before he talks of creating a new capital city, he must go back to the what is contained in the Lusaka Master Plan and then see what went wrong with implementing that! A city like Kigali has grown from a shanty to a modern capital city within 20 years out of shear determination and foresight in its leaders! Lusaka has room for expansion if we want to have a modern city:create economic opportunities outside Lusaka and put proper infrastructure,people will just move on the own and then introduce a scheme for developers to buy off shanties to put up modern facilities,you see them disappear and also put proper…

  2. kikiki Ba boss Ba Mulusa. Create industries in other provinces then everything will be nice.
    Anyway,we’ll take over from you soon.please come up with good plans not those ideas from opposition MMD.
    Viva PF.

  3. It’s clear, we are looking at options to deal with the Lusaka problem. But Lusaka has historical connections, it’s the centre of our past. A new town away from Lusaka will be bland! Mpika???

    Maybe we should look at regeneration, knocking down old buildings in the current town centre (a few buildings at a time in the next 5 years) and then redesigning the layout so that there are fewer shops around there. It’s too crowded and needs wipe out.

    • Then we can stretch out along the exit routes, Kafue, a short distance along Great East(though not further than Silverest)!

    • There’s nothing wrong with Lusaka apart from politicians who have no imagination. Cities upgrade by redeveloping old places with newer fit-for-purpose buildings. Most of those beautiful European cities like London and Paris have been around since the 10th century. Tear down and rebuild, l would say.

  4. As usual sworn PF critics are pouncing on the idea without level headedness! This is a very progressive decision and actually a very wise one as a strategy for achieving speedy diversification of high value infrastructure development. To take it further I’d even propose Kapiri Mposhi because of its central location in Zambia and the massive virgin room it possess for expansion in all directions. Tanzania has done it and so has Malawi. Let’s go for!

  5. This is Mulusa’s personal opinion. He should never say “government” is considering building another capital city out side Lusaka. It is though a good personal idea.

  6. Clearly all these new ministers need a coherent plan. Start with a cabinet meeting folks.

    We only have 1 third of cabinet and we have so many wild statements. Look at Bowman for example. We shall have yet more vuvuzelas once the cabinet is complete, resulting in mixed messages and therefore policy inconsistency.

    Indeed we need a comprehensive urban plan to address the stress Lusaka is facing. However, it has to be couched within a broader plan of development and industrialization. We also need to finance it. Right now we do not have the resources.

    Dununa Reverse!

    • problem is these people won`t even listen to us Zambian engineers/architects/planners who have worked in cities like New York, Johannesburg ,Tokyo Hong Kong your always fighting with someone at Lsk council just to implement a 10year urban plan there too many old heads thinking this is 1980 who need to leave period.

    • Iwe this muntu sees visions everyday. He saw god making a rainbow round the sun at showgrounds . he has another vision of a church building in Lusaka which will house the entire Lusaka population. Next vision? how to give retiree but re-tyred Rupiah Banda another 5 million kwacha

  7. im a architecture and work in city planner i think the lady misspoke she means you create a multi-nodal city ….if she plans to build a new capital and run away from the current lusaka problems i think shes drunk

  8. Mr Mulusa, how will this major undertaking be financed? The colonial government issues debentures in the mid 20th century with support of a surge in the price of copper due to World War 2 and increased industrialization in the west. The colonial government faced challenges servicing this obligation when the copper price fell. Note that 70-90% of tax revenue came from the mines at that time.

    So I ask again, how shall we finance this initiative? Raise taxes on the poor Zambians?

    Dununa Reverse!

    • Financing a new capital shall not be a problem, rather it will be an opportunity to stack the treasury with surplus cash for use in years to come.

      Plan properly for a capital that will cater for twice-thrice the size of Lusaka.

      Acquire all that land and Do not give an inch of that land to anybody without charging for it at, not even to embassies, multinationals, private builders, nobody.

      That will generate enough money not only to self-fund the project but surplus to build government buildings.

      Road network, underground transport system, self-contained suburbs will be profit driven facilities run by private operators. Government creates an enabling environment and leave the rest in private enterpreneurs.

  9. congestion comes from having no efficient safe public transport? still no flyovers ? have roads been expanded to dual carriageways and mostly importantly are they any ring roads …….second who is zoning the land ??? you can`t just build a supermall and connect it to a 2 way road and expect no traffic !!! planners, trafffic engineers, architects are non-existant in the Lusaka city council trust me these people are visionless

  10. Lusaka’s emergence at a capital was financed out of these debentures. These have the guarantee of the British government.

    If you want to build another city, it would have to be inline with the industrial plan and financed from tax revenues of this plan. You will have to consider the shift of the sitting of all three arms of govt. I would suggest you keep Lusaka as the capital but have a chat with Nkomeshya to open Chongwe to development.

  11. I propose you make either Mununga or Chiengi the new capital city. This is very dull thinking coming from a cabinet minister. Lusaka is just a village compared to other cities in the world. What congestion is this man talking about? The problem is he is comparing Lusaka with Solwezi.

    • Lusaka is a shanty compound when compared to the world class cities. It is much better to build a planned capital city.

      Lusaka will still be a city. Nothing will take away its business value completely. Look at Abuja and Lagos.

  12. I think most of the people who are exposed will agree with my friend lucky Mulusa,we need a new city and it should be modeled on the same lines as most American cities.1.The city should be along the river 2.The city should have well designed roads running from North to South and others west to East in a very sensible way and order.3.The city should have preserved vegetation with parks.4.Water should be available due to it’s proximity to the river.Water transportation should be included as well as speed trains,5.Wide roads 6.Cabbage and sewerage systems.Countrymen let’s not always be negative America was not built with money but Cheap Labor we can therefore do it with iur labor and st least create employment. Good Luck.

    • A very wise and sensible comment brother Davies Lombe. It is good for educated and exposed bloggers to give their ideas on revamping vs new capital city. At least that way, government will make an informed decision, with input from the public, town planners, investors, financiers, civil servants, farmers, teachers, doctors. A new city in itself create opportunities for all kind of professionals, traders, farmers. My only submission on that is that if the new capital city goes ahead, it shall not be anywhere near Lusaka. It shall move to a central place, have vast land for development and mild climatic conditions.

  13. I think that the next capital is intended for NorthEastern Rhodesia as a preparation for separation of the two countries.



  15. Putting the cart before the horse ? Cities develop primarily due to private sector growth ,not bcuz of Government. Build a city and it’ll be a dead zone bcuz the only jobs are gov’t offices with no private sector vibrancy.

  16. Good Idea, why not encourage this one!!!

    Nigeria did it, we can do it as well, but my concern is the level of corruption in Zambia, that is the first and biggest risk to this whole project

    Now I understand why Miles Sampa, wants to lick someone`s A….S hole in order to get back to PF.

  17. Some bloggers are just dull. Some one is proposing for the New capital city to accelerate development, you start insulting him. Instead of debating how it should be done. There’s English adage which states; a person who chases the dreams is the one who catches them.

  18. Bwana Lucky you do not solve problems by running away from them. There is partly no space in Lusaka because of lawlessness such as unregulated vending. Well you are now holding the Leopold by the tail. Anyway you can still do something- can government please buy some of the dilapidated buildings in Lusaka and let the Chinese Engineers convert them to packing lots. What is so difficult about constructing underground packing lots?.


  20. i love this governments thinking lol,we dont have power,clean water,medicines etc and they want to build a city….seriously who voted these in…

    • Mulungushi Textiles was opened to produce chitenge at a higher cost and will be sold at a higher price than material from China. Thats Zambian Economics.

  21. Ehe, ilyashi lyamoneka bwino pa surface. Maybe Lsk is falling into territory that may belong to another jurisdiction in future. So the idea is to do somthing quickly ku Chisali or somewhere else so that aba bambi ngabatupasa twakwata apa kwikala. Anyway, I’ve taken 4 already so don’t mind my over indulgence.

  22. We should learn to digest issues before we comment. If you hate an indivual and the party, may be the best is to keep quite.
    You need to think and plan ahead, it will look impossible now but with these negative mentality, we will not go anywhere.
    Moving or creating a new city will create business opportunities and expand the economy not fo your who is 50 years old but for your children and grandchildren.
    Think positive all the time and out of those boxes you have lived in for years.
    You will die complaining while others are seeing opportunities

  23. Very good idea. Nigeria did it and we can “did” it too! You guys are a working government! Please do not listen to these UPND supporters. They are losers! Our cities in Zambia lacked good planning and is the major problem we now have. I hope this will be extended to other cities. Please go on and do it! It is a brilliant idea. Make sure that all land will be demarcated with worthwhile buildings and no shanty shall be allowed to sprout! God bless you!

  24. Good Idear and propose Mpulungu to be a new Zambia’s capital city because of its location on coast of lake Tanganyika and its abundant of fresh water just like other major cities of the world which are located along the coast. cities like New york, london, Dubai, washingtone, luanda, los angels, armstedam and many more. So Mpulungu city can do. With alot biches. it acatually a good move, and you *****s upnd carders stop insulting our minister who is the initiator ok. Go and construct your own city in dundumwezi. Let our govt do the job.

  25. Mulusa amd your government are fools. Especially yourself wi kabwa who has even forgotten about the Solwezi Chingola Road. Bloody good for nothimg muta F*****kers!

  26. Constucting a new capital city “due to Lusaka’s massive congestion” …. amounts to running away from your problems.

    Fix Lusaka its easier to repair than to start anew and the exercise will give you valuable lessons and teach you how to approach huge challenges.Surely building a US aircraft carrier is more daunting than fixing Lusaka into a liveable city.

  27. The idea is good,but kaloba twanaka bane.We have not even started paying back. The future of next generation must be put into consideration.

    • Lukwesa I totally agree with you. The idea is brilliant but let’s check ourselves. Creating another capital city is not a cheap undertaking. We will require more Eurobonds.Infact don’t even talk about it.Let’s concentrate on developing other areas and income-generating ventures, not every time spending and borrowing ventures. This country my foot!!

  28. Close LUSAKA. You have fail to maintain the infrastructure in you LUSAKA and now talking about building a new city? I think you mean shopping malls.

  29. Lukwesa & Planner thanks for the +.
    Look Gents the man is simply saying in the next 20 years it will be unbearable to run commercial and GRZ activities in Lusaka. It doesn’t require one to have travelled, NO. Next door here in SA they had to move GVT admin to Pretoria from JHB, why? commercial activities over shadowed GVT administration, Chinese plan there cities 50 years ahead why, they don’t want to be caught napping. New York to Washington DC, Lagos to Abuja, in Libya from Tripoli to Sirte. This is long term planning but let us finish the upgrading of existing infrastructure, remember its 20 years from now, 2036 and beyond. One step at a time.

    • Pretoria has always been the ADMINISTRATIVE capital of South Africa from the inception of the Union of South Africa in 1910 when two Boer Republics Orange Free State and the Transvaal joined the British Natal and Cape colonies. Cape Town was chosen as the LEGISLATIVE capital and BLOEMFONTEIN as the JUDICIAL capital. At no point in the history of South Africa was Johannesburg ever the capital.

  30. Learned friends. Those who know how the new city should be developed please offer your guidance rather than calling Mulusa all sorts of names it won’t help us. Lusaka is congested and no one can disputes that truth. My proposal would be developing the new city the way Egypt has planned Cairo. You have what they “Cairo proper” predominately for administration, a combination of light commercial and upmarket housing and then you have “Cairo Giza” predominately for your heavy commercial, industrial and tourism purposes. I would suggest the new city plan should focus on administration and housing devoid of any industrial development. Leave the current city for other commercial and he at industrial developments. A new city is needed. Just a thought

  31. No one will develop our country apart from ourselves. I am after the idea of working hard and contribute to the infrastructure development and create as many jobs as possible. I am a proud Zambian and I love my country because it was not a mistake to be born a Zambian. He new I will be a hero for my country. If I cannot develop it who will then come and develop it for me?
    Time to work up guys, Zambia has everything, including big brains. If you have an idea please feel free to contact me so that we have serious Technocrats who are serious to come up with solutions to help the President in developing this Nation. Like I have a solution for the Youths of this Nation and how we can handle the issues of unemployment levels. therefore, I need to be heard by the State as soon as possible.

  32. This is a good idea. Zambia did it before when the capital was moved from Livingstone to Lusaka. Zimbabwe is in the process of moving its administrative capital from Harare to Mt Hampden – some 20km from central Harare. Nigeria did it when they moved from Lagos to Abuja. Lagos still remains the commercial hub. Lusaka is so crowded everything will eventually grind to a halt if not decongested somehow.

  33. Good idea this is a long term plan Zambians let us think ahead we definitely need a new capital city that will be competitive. Sata wanted to demolish squatters and people protested and he cited good reasons like floods and poor sanitation. People are happy to live in filth.The discussion here is not about how one looks but about the future of mother Zambia.

  34. its an ambitious plan that can create much needed jobs and de congest lusaka. let the Govt go ahead with the plan let us not worry about where will money come from. we have the Chinese to help us.

  35. Though I never supported PF in the last elections and do not support them even now, this will be a good idea. Development in most cases is in Lusaka and moving these activities to other places especially the remote parts of Zambia will a good idea.

  36. and you trust what these thieves say? Where is the new Zambia airways? where is the Jubilee city? they just want to excite passive Zambians and cause them to forget about them stealing the election and the deaths of Mapenzi and others. they promised a clean lusaka but is is still dirty with street vendors.

  37. LCC failed to source land for a grave yard in chief Mungule ‘s area ,an area just near Lusaka. Kafue has been earmarked for some economic Zone as proposed by ECL.Chongwe is already a growing town and soon will be conjested. All these areas sorrounding Lusaka have cool and cold whether conditions suitable for a capital city.Where then will Mulusa find some land to build a new capital city? Will it be in Mumbwa Mumbwa?

  38. Do the PF ministers read their manifesto to guide them the way to run their ministries.
    Edgar tells the nation that we have to remove subsidies on electricity and fuel because the country is broke….and his minister is dreaming of a new capital city. these people really do not know what they are doing.

    Iwe Mulusa what kind of a chartered accountant are you? Have you ever run a finance department of a very big company in your life responsible to serious educated and experienced members of the board.
    Zambia has a cadre of educated people but decisions they sometimes make leaves one wondering what kind of graduates they are- no wonder we remained undeveloped country. You are following the foot steps of Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe with good academic credentials but extremely useless on…

  39. Typical Zambian attitude. Condemn the proposal before even evaluating it. You don’t need to have money before thinking of such investment. You can get financing for that project. The only thing that should be asked is whether building another city would be sustainable. Would it be a bad idea if building a new city could kick start urban revitalisation and local industrialisation?

  40. Lusaka is as it is because of a total failure to plan for it. Haphazard building without the relevant assessment of road, sanitation, environmental issues, cabling, water articulation, public health measures and planning for a growing population, has been the order of the day.
    Solution? You decide to ‘build’ a new capital. I was watching a documentary recently that showed a struggling main hospital in one of the provinces of Zambia. Inadequate staff, medicine stock outs and poor maintenance and hygiene. I am sure this scenario is replicated in other provinces. Yet, Zambia will find money to build a new city? If the running of that new city fails, like with the current Lusaka, you will build another one?

  41. Mulusa you are a big joke…you fail to maintain UTH and other critical infrastructures and yet you have all the time to fool helpless people that it’s even difficult to introduce a speed train in Lusaka!!!

  42. Kabwe has the best potential to takeover from Lusaka…..its more central and can be expand in all directions…..land is almost flat…..good suggestion….people who are scared to better suggestion are scared to change which is inevitable in the 21st century….SA changed also from Johannesburg to Pretoria and USA too from NY to DC

  43. Mulusa, since when did you plan or are you telling us those are just dreams? I would advise to first finish off with the decentralization and the other projects in the pipeline. Who ever came up with LUSAKA had VERY SHORT vision. Everywhere one goes, stones are the order of the day making it difficult to even make a small soak away pit. Instead of worrying what brought down the plane, lets think how we can improve Kanyama generally. Lusambo and Mulusa are misplaced “planners”

  44. that is a good idea, but first do you mean the land as finished in Lusaka province, when I travel other part of Lusaka province I see a lot of land laying idol, it belong to who, is just most of the malls and other business are just in central part of Lusaka, what about areas such as chongwe, Luangwa,kafuwe, mumbwa and other part of Lusaka, just expand Lusaka to the fullest, if you think of that capital city let it be in western province so that it can also develop and get more votes in 2021.that is the only way to convince the people of this province.

  45. With this caliber of thinking by the ministers, it would just be by miracle if Zambia can receive even an inch of development. You don’t need another capital city to decongest Lusaka, but all that is needed is just good planning and rebuilding Lusaka into a modern and admirable capital city. I can imagine how may capital cities such thinking would bring about 100 years from now??? where every time you mess up with a city, you don’t think of cleaning but think of building another one. The solution lies in bring sanity in Lusaka and rebuilding it.

  46. Great leaders built great nations. Mulusa,you have failed to remove Street vendors from Lusaka,you have failed to revitalise industry, you have no idea what to do with our minerals.And you want to build what?

  47. BR Mumba Sr.,
    Tell me, in what ways is what Lungu or rather PF doing constitute “Tuletwala ichalo chesu pantashi?”. Anyway, from your name, you hail from Luapula or Northern and your nearest example to “ukutwala ichalo pantashi” is Zaire, where “economic and political dununa reverse” are the order of the day. That’s why we should just separate this country because our ideas of development are as far apart as night is from day. With you chaps in power, we are clearly hearded for stone age, “muzanganu, onacwalo wa nja ya litungulu, yona yata kakateliseza kwateni kamukana i yambuzi kaswende”.

  48. Who ever stated that in politics stupidity aren’t a handicap was dead right. I mean, how elese can one explain BR Mumba Sr’s rants above? It’s really like people loaded in a Chimbayambaya heading straight towards the Muchinga Escapment and everyone in it pretending they are still firmly on the Great East Road enroute to Chipata while busy frantically arguing over where they’re going to sit! BR Mumba Sr is the driver here, having just collected the truck from the garage where the mechanic told him he couldn’t repair the brakes, but made his horn louder!

  49. It looks like Katangese stupidity is topping the charts on Lusaka Times, ubupuba awe sure abena Mumba muleke!

  50. ‘Cloud cuckoo land’ I’m afraid! If the present capital was vacated probably 75% of the capital asset base of this country (not to mention most of its companies) would be lost. Property prices would plummet, banks would go under, the nation would be screwed for ever! Those countries cited as having more than one capital differ in many fundamental respects from Zambia. Fundamentally, Lusaka is Zambia’s ONLY major city and therefore to make any switch elsewhere becomes much harder. Zambia is drowning in debt and at present there are millions of Zambians unable to afford a decent meal Where this guy thinks even 1% of the development money would come from. You could however selectivly move the Civil Service or even Parliament to a satellite city or town – perhaps 25 km away and free up…

  51. Selectively!!! The key to economic success in new town construction is to make the new town (or capital) complement the old. Moving civil servants into the sticks would be a good idea because most are blinkered by their own circumstances and need to look afresh from the outside as well as plan developments with a little more brain power! Lusaka is located in a good place – there are few places in Zambia more suited either in resource terms (cement, aggregate, water (yes, believe it or not) and well as infrastructurally (all the major routes radiate from Lusaka). So please see sense Mr Minister!

  52. Excellent Idea by Lucky Mulusa. He is from the School of Developmental Studies / Developmental Finance. This is not just about the glitz and glam, Opera Halls fast trains and theme parks, this should be deliberate project founded on market based approaches to ensure its self sustaining. More importantly it will serve to lift the impoverished masses from abject poverty by creating labor intensive job opportunities. However I must caution that the Bond market in Zambia is not very developed which can be used to part finance large scale long term oriented infrastructure projects. Borrowing from IMF is not always the answer there is need to forge multilayered partnerships and draw from best practices of other future cities. I shall personally be looking into this matter and advise Lucky…

Comments are closed.

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