File:Voters at a polling station in Chililabombwe
File:Voters at a polling station in Chililabombwe

CHILILABOMBWE mayor Christabel Mulanda has assured residents in the district that land allocation will be transparent and that she will work with all councilors to bring sanity to stop illegal allocation of land and finish all projects that have been implemented.

Ms Mulanda said illegal land allocation has been a source of concern and that the new team will work hard to streamline the problems that the residents have faced.

She said those who had applied for land will be allocated land according to the law and urged residents not lose confidence in new civic leaders.

She said most of the projects that had only received phase one will be completed in phase two to change the image of the Chililabombwe district.

“In phase two the remaining 35 kilometers of roads, the district hospital, youth training institution and streets lights will be worked on to change the image of Chililabombwe district” Ms Mulanda said.

Ms Mulanda said she will spearhead the Patriotic Front (PF) manifestos in all areas and complete projects which had only received phase one.

She said her approach will be to mobilize all ward councilors and work on developmental projects in line with PF manifestos.

She however, said her strategy will also focus on empowering all elderly people, women and youth to reduce poverty in the district.

Ms Mulanda said Chililabombwe being the border town where most foreign transporters and famers transit to ferry commodities to Kasumbalesa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) needs good facilities such as roads, clinics, hospitals including hotels.

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    • I just had to stop reading, can’t continue seeing the same mistake over and over again. LT webmaster or dull editor, you cannot regurgitate verbatim or as pronounced words that clearly do not make sense in a sentence. What in God’s mercy is face one or face two of a project supposed to mean? Surely that should read as ‘Phase 1’ or ‘Phase 2’. Please twapapata mwilatusebanya, your newsletter is read internationally and this kind of reporting just downgrades other people’s perception of the literacy levels in Zambia. Please twafweni mwefinangwa ba LT.



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