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UK lecturer donates 16 parabolic solar cookers to various communities

Economy UK lecturer donates 16 parabolic solar cookers to various communities

Parabolic Solar Cooker
Parabolic Solar Cooker
A LECTURER at Plymouth University in United Kingdom (UK), Karen Treasure, has donated 16 parabolic solar cookers to various communities in Livingstone as well as in rural areas between Monze and Mazabuka.

Dr Treasure, who is also the founder of Solar Empower Zambia, plans to source for more solar cookers in UK to be distributed to various communities in the country.

Speaking in an interview in Livingstone shortly before she returned to UK, Dr Treasure said solar cookers were sustainable and reliable compared to charcoal and electricity in view of load shedding.

Dr Treasure said research had indicated that solar cookers could create independence especially for people faced with challenges of electricity deficit.

“I first brought five parabolic solar cookers and later went back to UK when I fundraised and got 16 cookers which I already distributed to different households in the communities,” she said.

Dr Treasure said the facilities were user friendly as they did not require spare parts or important materials to maintain them.

“For the last few years, Zambia has been losing at least one per cent of trees really and at least 300, 000 hectares for charcoal and other timber purposes.

“This year, there is a prediction that Zambia will lose 400, 000 hectares of trees which is not sustainable,” Dr Treasure said.

She said solar cooker were the best and sustainable options especially for people living in rural areas


  1. This is what GRZ should be encouraging while rushing to sign climate change treaties in NY.

    Unfortuneatly There are no bribes to be had so you would not see any PF working in this area.

  2. This is a good project which the government should take lead and implement in rural areas people will be very happy to be beneficiary of such a project.

  3. No nshima for the kids on a rainy day. How do you explain to your kids that, from today you will eat your supper at 14.00 hrs ,because there will no sunshine in the evening. Agonising! No early morning boiled maize cob! No ways!

    • !!!!!LOL,

      What’s the idea of distributing in one area only? Trust these colonialists to come and stir things up in Zambia. Note to Immigration, please don’t let her in again!

  4. @ Patriot Abroad. He is donating where he wants. You can also buy and donate where you want. I bought reflective material on e bay and i was able to assemble one in June. These are simple things that one can do. This is the problem when you are paid to blog negatively on every thing. You risk developing brain damage.

  5. We do not need a UK Lecturer to make “parambolic” cookers for us.
    WE HAVE OVER TEN UNIVERSITIES in Zambia. This is just a JETS Project that is well funded.

    I am sure the PF-GRZ think it cooks Jameson too. *****s, just give funds to our Children to make this S**T!

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