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Mutati MMD Faction warns Nevers Mumba

General News Mutati MMD Faction warns Nevers Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba during the news briefing
Dr Nevers Mumba during the news briefing
Mutati MMD Faction National Youth Chairperson Dauzen Tembo has warned former party President Nevers Mumba to stop entertaining any thoughts hiring some desperate youths to come and attack the party Secretariat because he will not like what they will do to him.

Mr Tembo said he is aware that Dr Mumba has been holding meetings and making phone calls with some of the former leaders of the party and have been planning to hire thugs to attack the Secretariat but that he should not go ahead with the plans because MMD youths will react in a manner that he has never seen before.

He said the youths will not fight the fellow youths but will follow him to his residence and sort him out as he is the source of the conflicts that led to the conflicts which were faced in the party, and our party is now at peace and is growing in strength.

He said it is unfortunate that a pastor has continued to propagate violence when he is supposed to be in the forefront preaching peace like President Lungu especially at time like this when the nation is going through a healing process after the violence witnessed during the just ended general election.

He said the party is aware of all the plans and that the sooner he abandons the plans the better it will be for him and everyone.

“You the media must tell Nevers Mumba that we are not fools like him, we are always one step ahead and we know way before they execute anything. I am sure you the media recall we had a copy of his contract of memorandum with UPND way before he even signed it.

“He thinks everyone surrounding him is with him when in fact they are always here at secretariat reporting his clandestine moves and pleading with our National Secretary for re-entry into the party. He must think again, we have all the paper trail and are ready for him and his minions. We have exhibited alot of patience and maturity with his unbecoming behaviour and he must thank God for our leader Felix Mutati who has restrained us from vindictiveness,” he said.

Mr Tembo further described Dr Mumba as a joker who is playing with fire.

“These jokers like Mumba are playing with fire, they honestly think this vibrant youth whose Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Kampyongo will allow lawlessness in the country, they must think again. They know him too well.”

“I warn you in advance Nevers Mumba try throw your tiny little punches and the law will catch up with you and your minions in its fullest extent, mind you these guys can’t even afford lawyers and they are tempting us. This is time for us as a nation to heal, if he doesn’t want to heal let him retire to his tiny little hiding place and reflect on his life and the future because Zambia needs us all,” he said.


  1. What F00l so you think your so called President who is a puppet serving as a minister of Finance is the president of MMD?
    Please why cant you for once have some shame? What is Mutati going to do for mmd apart from protecting his job?
    Ba LT you have been also bought by politicians? I thought the court ruled in favour of Nevers?

  2. Ati mutati mmd. There is no such thing kikiki. Ala muli fipuba imwe. Mutati cannot be a leader because he lacks integrity that is why he has only ever worked under some one. Please stop embarrassing that betrayer further

  3. Which calculations naimwe have some principles and shame. How do you leave you house and family for your openents house? I mean do you expect your house to stand?
    These are kind of politics you are supporting?
    Nowander in this next five years nothing will come out of F00ls pf apart from sharing positions.
    What do you expect from recycled polition like Mutati to do in five years that he failed to do in 15 years saved as cabinet minister under the mmd?

  4. Clearly this thug Tembo has no idea on the origins of the MMD. You may wish to insult as shown in your article, but trust me there are people out there still alive who suffered and experienced so much pain through torture to bring about the formation of the MMD. You Tembo like the puppet mutation are mere opportunists who always follow the gravy train because you cannot initiate any thing on your own. You have never, ever made any sacrifice to achieve any thing. Yet you you have the cheek to insult people. Be careful chap!!!!!! The battles some of us fought to bring down the one party dictorship and usher in the democratic movement is still fresh on our minds. So be careful what you bark about.

  5. Threats, threats threats!
    Ati vibrant defence Minister, Pleaaase! Kampyongo is Not Vibrant. Check the definition in your dictionary, unless P.F have invented their own “Thugs Dictionary”
    KAMPYONGO IS A STONE AGE BRUTE, WHOS ONLY INFAMOUS CLAIM TO FAME, OR REALLY NOTORIETY IS USING ROCKS,& SPEARS TO BRING DOWN HELICOPTERS. Speaks volumes about the alcoholic masquerading as head of state currently squatting in Plot 1, who appointed this Thug coward “Defence minister”

  6. ‘Dauzen Tembo you are just a paid thug by ex convict Nakacinda. You people are a bunch of crooks together with your Mutati who doesn’t know anything.

    How come all MMD presidents refused to appoint him Finance Minister? It’s becoz he is a failed Accountant not an Economist. But anyway your ‘president’ does not understand the difference. He gets his orders from RB. MUTATI was expelled from MMD. nothing can change that. Lawless PF are the ones destroying Zambia with their rampant illigalities

  7. Iwe Tembo,we know you are still eating bones from Felix mutati.can you eat quietly and give us a break and leave our honourable man of God Nevers Mumba of of your nonsense.Dr.mumba is still our legally and dully elected MMD President.

  8. @5 Chongo Shula ….Nevers was never MMD so he’s not among those who suffered. For your info Nevers had full time on Tvz to demonize the mmd. He called its members thieves who would send the country into civil strife.

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