Workers at Trans-Africa Ventures Limited in Kitwe have complained of poor conditions of service at the company which is believed to be getting a lot of funding from its financiers overseas on the pretext of creating employment through the business of transportation and crushing.

The workers, who spoke on grounds of anonymity, said the company was getting a lot of money from its financiers. Musa Capital in the United States of America (USA) and South Africa on the pretext of investing in Zambia, but has few trucks running, while most of its workers have been retrenched.

According to the workers, the company which is headed by Mr Gordon Dodoja was getting money from its financiers meant for expansion of their operations, but has not expanded or improved its operations, while the workers have either been retrenched or are poorly paid.

“As workers, our concern is that this company, Trans-Africa ventures is obtaining a lot of money from its financiers Musa Capital from USA on false pretenses by claiming that it was creating employment through the business of transportation and crushing, but was not expanding or improving its operations.

“Most of the workers have been retrenched, while a few of those who are still working are poorly paid. So our question is how is Trans-Africa Ventures using the money it is receiving from Musa Capital? As workers, we want to know, because it is creating an impression that it is creating employment for the local people when in actual fact it is not,”said some of the workers.

The workers have since urged the government to investigate some investors who were getting a lot of money from their financiers on the pretext of creating employment in the country when they were doing something else.

An incognito visit to the company premises near the Nkana Golf Club found the premises deserted with dilapidated infrastructure and run down vehicles.

Apart from the dilapidated offices which were not being used, only the Security Guard and less than three workers were present at the company premises together with the Accountant who uses the container as an office.

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  1. It is a reflection of the state of economy in Zambia. How can companies be making profits in the current state of Zambian economy. Mutati will have to work hard to revive the fortunes although his counter part for Commerce Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe (highly qualified but not a performer) maybe a let down.


    • I worked for this company some 5years ago. The managers at this company are greedy and have enriched themselves at company expense. They pay themselves hefty salaries. The only workers who were well looked after were Zimbabweans. So please don’t blame the mismanagement of this company on the economy. Problems started in 2011 when Dodoja was appointed General Manager.


  2. Sad but true…….I remember selling fuel to this company when working for an OMC. Let me just say that I would rather take up the task of extracting water from a dry rock than extracting payment from this company. No business management from these bunch of guys.



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