PROFLIGHT Zambia is supporting this year’s World Tourism Day by bringing people to Africa’s top attractions quickly, safely and affordably.

The airline has announced that it is committed to backing tourism and freedom of movement in Zambia by signing up to the theme of this year’s World Tourism Day which is ‘tourism for all – promoting universal accessibility’.

World Tourism Day is held on September 27 every year to support the growth of tourism around the globe.

Proflight Zambia’s director of government and industry affairs Captain Philip Lemba said that although Zambia has a vast range of incredible tourist attractions for both international and local visitors, many of them are spread out across the country, with long distances between them: “The fastest means of getting to these destinations is by flying, which is the best option for reaching all the far-flung places, quickly, safely and affordably.”

Proflight Zambia, the country’s only domestic airline, flies to Zambia’s main tourism destinations which are spread out to the north, south, east and west of the country. Zambia covers just over 752,600 square kilometres, and the tourist destinations are scattered around the country.

“With the aim of promoting trade and movement in Africa, Proflight flies from its base in Lusaka through the regional routes to Lilongwe in Malawi, and Durban in South Africa, and through its domestic routes, which include Livingstone, Mfuwe, Lower Zambezi, Ndola and Solwezi,” added Captain Lemba. “Today, the airline carries over 130,000 passengers annually with its fleet.”

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  1. Air Hostesses should move you to become a regular flier but I cant see in this mothers…only 2 can make me fly every time leaving my D4D engine parked pa yard going to ndola


    • Bu kaboi bwamundeke tesana, Why wear high heels for so long its not healthy, flats shoes would be more appropriate when serving passengers with all that pressure n the sky!


  2. Ba Proflight, we know you are doing some good work but honestly why can’t you get better and faster jet engine planes for local flights considering that you have the monopoly.
    Please consider retiring the propeller planes, they discourage many would be passengers to use them.



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