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SABMiller Zambia is set to increase efficiencies at its Zambian Breweries Plc. Lusaka brewery with the arrival of a new state-of-the-art bottle labeller valued at US$1.7 Million.
The machine is the latest demonstration of the investment in Zambia by SABMiller, which encompasses Zambian Breweries, National Breweries and Heinrich’s Syndicate, and comes amid the company’s renewed confidence following the reduction in clear beer excise tax from 60 percent to 40 percent in January this year.
The labeller, which will be able to label all beer brands in 340ml and 375ml bottles has a capacity of 27,000 bottles per hour. The machine was ordered from Hamburg, Germany, and took 75 days to transport by ship and truck.
With the arrival of the labeller, Zambian Breweries is now on course to commence local production of Castle Lite. This development, further, enhances our role on promoting local investment and job creation,
“We are excited about the new labeller. Once it is installed and fully operational, it will increase the productivity and efficiency of our Lusaka plant exponentially. We will produce more of our product at an even faster pace thanks to the state-of-the-art machine,” said Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele.
“We are passionate about brewing and have a long tradition of craftsmanship, making superb beer from high quality natural ingredients. The new labeller will enhance this,” he added.

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  1. When is Govt going to invest in Govt Printers so we do not waste another $5million on printing mere ballot paper…here a company is re-tooling for $1.7m if this was a govt company the final quotation would be $4m for the same machinery.

  2. I bet this company is just bringing its investments to bandits. President Edgar Lungu has been requested to take his suspects to the ICC. they plunder in Zambia, they steal in abuse of state machinery and abuse of the court process. There are white collared criminals whom President Lungu needs to break the silence over.
    If a Zambian Female UN Diolomat could be pillaged with his full knowledge, what is this in ester coming to do in Zambia. We need our money from his bandits we need them at the ICC.

    It is really sad for the Highest Court in Zambia to be accused of Human Rights Violations. Such acts touch on the lives of the entire Zambian population and can only be effectively dealt with by an international criminal tribunal or the ICC.

    I have reported crimes against humanity…

  3. The year is 2021. GRZ awards SAB Miller a tender to print ballot papers. SAB Miller, seeing an opportunity, prints the ballots on Mosi Lager and reduces the price per bottle. Voters are urged to stagger into polling stations with a bottle of Mosi, drink the contents and mark X on their preferred candidates. Hilarity ensues.

  4. Nsama – crying for stolen votes which were not there. You had your people at all polling stations and totalling centres. You sealed all openings for possible rigging- alas- you lost terribly- To say the vote was stolen is to excuse your defeat. And with your tribalism at the helm of your politics, you will keep saying the vote was stolen – even in 2021.

  5. When upnd comes into power we will not allow such type of investments. Why cant they bring a machine that will process milk in southern province?

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