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Wedson happy with growing Zambia team spirit

Sports Wedson happy with growing Zambia team spirit

Wedson Nyirenda says the home-based players are getting to grips with his philosophy as Zambia entered day two of preliminary training camp ahead of the October 9 clash against Nigeria.

Zambia kicked off their training camp in Ndola on Monday where they will host Nigeria in a 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifier at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

“I think they are doing fine. They are getting into shape but as usual when you are a new coach in a team some players maybe skeptical but I think things are shaping up and they are doing a good job,” Nyirenda said.

The team on Tuesday was joined by the Zesco United contingent minus striker Jackson Mwanza and midfielder Kondwani Mtonga who are expected to report on Wednesday after they were excused to attend to some family matters.

The Zesco players have reported for training after Wednesday’s away league game against Lusaka Tigers was cancelled.

Nyirenda has also made a late surprise call-up of Power Dynamos goalkeeper Allan Chibwe who was also part of Tuesday training at Levy Stadium.

Chibwe brings to five the number of Power players in the Zambia camp.

“We are trying to give everyone a chance to showcase their talent, and like I said earlier, we are doing two phases at one time; that is to prepare the team for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, while we are also rebuilding the team,” Nyirenda said.

“We need to formulate and work hard to build a team that will stand the test of time.”

Zambia will break camp on Thursday and regroup on Sunday when the nine foreign-based players are expected to report for training camp.

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  1. Challenge with all Zambian coaches is that they don’t know continuity. They want to do their own things. Talking about rebuilding? This script I know it personally. GET US A FOREIGN PLEASE.WHY DID YOU DO THOSE EXPENSIVE INTERVIEWS ONLY TO LAND IS WITH AN ACTING COACH. Do you need interviews to find a filler? The new coach shud have started with the first game already. If Nigeria beats or draws with Zambia we are announcing a new coach &if we win that chapter is closed. This is not a new script. Twalitbapo iyi movie ba Ponga!

  2. Zambian football is always run like a chicken run, everyone is doing his own thing. They will hold accountable for their poor decision making. The country especially ministry of sports should know that they are responsible for employing a coach and must not wait to be approached for them to take action. Otherwise when you are squeezed like this where time is extremely crucial, they will be the first ones to run away for the responsibility.

  3. Thanks Mr. Coach one thing you should put into favorable consideration is regrouping 2012 squad. The combination it was called copper bullet as they were sharp and well coordinated. In the new emerged squad ONLY W. Kalengo can add value to the team most of these younger ones need more game time in FAZ games. Also Mr. Coach our defense line need proper revival because after Himoonde was dropped Sunzu has no best partner to safeguard our goal. This has been observed in the previous games that after leading by one or two goals we will still be caught up.

  4. I like the “stand the test of time” part. if Zambia beats Nigeria, *****s will say, ‘give wedson the job” if we lose, employ an expatriate. What would be the use after having lost three points already?

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