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Banned Tujilijili resurface in the markets and streets in Chipata

General News Banned Tujilijili resurface in the markets and streets in Chipata

FILE: Some of the Tujilijili consignment that was surrendered at Kitwe Civic center by a named distributor in Kitwe
FILE: Some of the Tujilijili consignment that was surrendered at Kitwe Civic center by a named distributor in Kitwe
THE banned highly intoxicating illicit alcohol packed in plastic bottles popularly known as Tujilijili have resurfaced in the markets and streets of Chipata district.

Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale disclosed during his installation in Chipata on Monday that the plastic bottles come in from the neighbouring country and were smuggled into Zambia illegally adding that were sold anywhere on the streets of Chipata District which he described as unhealthy.

Mr Mwale said that the law in Zambia abolished trading in Tujilijili sold in plastic bottles.

He stated that whoever was trading in Tujilijili sold in plastic bottles was breaking the law.

The mayor has since given to traders upto two months to traders to stop doing so failure which he would instruct health department to enforce the law.

“It was scientifically proved that these spirits when exposed to the sun are harmful to our health therefore; do not blame anyone when you are visited by the law,”he said.

Mr Mwale said his first task was to ensure that the long awaited expectation of changing the classification of the district from a municipality to a city status was achieved.

He said the classification of the district to a city status would foster an improvement in infrastructure developments.

“A city will attract better investors with good investment programmes for our people. With what result, the creation of seriously sought for employment opportunities for our people,”he said.

He said there was need for strengthening the working relationship at places of work if the council was to achieve a meaningful, conducive and productive environment in the council offices.

He said today, workers spends too much time on Whatsup, facebook and playing computer games on the desktop or laptop computers during working hours.

Mr Mwale said the this culture must change adding that his presence in the council would inculcate in the officers irrespective of their rank and file a new culture of respect among workers.

He saluted the efforts of the Patriotic Front (PF) Government in the promotion of the agricultural sector.

He said his office was open for engagement on issues where the ministry of agriculture needs the cooperation.

He implored all stakeholders in the agriculture sector to work tirelessly in finding markets for the farmers.

The installation was graced by Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu.


    • Why give them two months to continue breaking the law??? The law has been there for years now, why do they need extra months to clean up the act??? Just act if you have the balls!!!!

    • they were given 2 months because they voted for dununa reverse.More Jameson on the street if you don’t give jobs you promised during the election compains

  1. Those fools trading in Tujilijili should have been behind bars and trial dates set for them to appear in Court soon. And you law enforcers don’t wait till you receive orders from higher authorities act now and barn those boxes of useless bear. Tell those demons to stop that nonsense now. If he has no business idea let him consult others but please arrest the culprits. You don’t need to give a warning here just arrest the fools and put the me behind bars.

  2. It can’t be anyone else dealing in those poisons apart from these lndians and Pakistani business men in robes; a pipo that have failed to raise JUST eleven men to play a beautiful game of football at a national level yet, they are in billions in population. Kick them out, let them go do such dirty business in Nyasaland!

  3. NKOPE SINYENGA born from your mothers anus. Stop barking from your stinking anus. Stop pointing fingers at innocent nationals when it’s a known fact that most of the smuggling to and from Chipata is conducted with impunity by PF senior officials and cadres alike.

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