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Michael Katambo is new Livestock Minister

General News Michael Katambo is new Livestock Minister

President Edgar Lungu Introduces Micheal Katambo to the voters in Masaiti during really
President Edgar Lungu Introduces Micheal Katambo to the voters in Masaiti during really

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Michael Katambo as Minister of Livestock and Fisheries.

This bring to 17, the numbers of Ministers appointed so far.

Mr Katambo who is also PF Masaiti Member of Parliament will be sworn in tomorrow along with other cabinet ministers expected to be appointed today by President Lungu.


    • He is a Grade 12, period!! That’s all poor Zambians demand of their leaders constitutionally. So why do you need to know anything else?

    • There is nothing wrong to be a fisherman, plumber, carpenter, taxi driver or whatever. It is a sign of a “Complex” to look at professions and jobs are inferior and superior, and not valuing and appreciating the contribution of every human being to the society and mankind. There are so many anecdotes where so-called commoners came to the rescue of ‘Presidents who did not know swimming and the fisherman saved him from drowning’ to a plumber who rescued Babylon’s civilization from extinction.

    • Zambianbyheart, for a fisherman, you write very good English. I guess times have really changed. where do you fish…Blue water dam in Chawama?

  1. Yaba, still appointing up to now. This proves tat PF is not committed to work.!
    Swearing -in ceremony everyday as if there are no important things to do.

    HELL ,NO. We cant develop like that.

  2. So Lungu looks set to first of all fill up the cabinet with MMD before he shows confidence in people that have carried PF on their backs and shoulders since from its infancy!! Why has it become to choose Lubinda and Chishimba Kambwili and give them positions of visibility?! I hope he is reserving some good positions like Works and Supply, Transport and Communications for these people otherwise without them even the Presidency he is talking about would not have been his!

  3. plz give us the full cabinet we a tired let pipo start working now we know tt kabwili neva helped u to campaign in cb so u can’t give the position unless ba v KALIMA who helped u alot

  4. Katambo is former seminarian of Ndola minor seminary. He completed his G12 at Kanseshi Secondary School in Ndola, in 1987. Studied agric in Lusaka. He is a very committed catholic.

    • @Mutachile, You are right on his Catholicism but wrong on Secondary school. Katambo went to Chiwala Boys where he was Boarding captain of Luapula Hostels. He was solid in TD, Maths and pure Sciences and an avid technical sugo who spent much of his time in Laps with Mr. Mwale the TD teacher. He was a year behind me. True also that Katambo was a Seminarian at Mishikishi Catholic Mission in Ndola rural.

  5. Katambo Hon is a former MMD or still MMD member for all i know. yes the president can appoint any one but this is a bit too much mwe. livestock and fisheries is ticking in other countries but here in Zambia its after-thought going by the kind of appointments. Mr president yes you have the prerogative to appoint anyone but remember the money you pay these people comes from us mere Zambians. I dont wish ill on PF but i can see challenges ahead going by the appointments so far. For me minister of health is ok the rest i dont think so

    • Correctly observed like the ministry of Finance Iam wondering how MMD policy on Finance will be reconciled with the PF policy and if this fails the President will be judged harshly…

  6. Iam Pf but I promise to stop supporting Lungu if the two pf political heavyweights, kambwili and lubinda will be sidelined..! Truth be told that the two are politicians unlike the other job seekers who can not stand on a podium and convince people about government policies..! Plz our listening president, don’t break my heart and that of all those pf supporters who share my thought over kambwili and lubinda. Long live pf…!

    • @10 Munene, with you..! In fact it is utter stupidity to show confidence in new comers at the expense of committed founder members who campaigned so heavily for him and endured a lot of obstacles in the name of keeping PF in power.

    • Definitely the same guy. We used to play a lot of social football with him at his lodge. He’s changed for the better because he used to unleash a lot of swear-words to his young team (-mates)…

  7. @Bwaafya …two things 1) It’s next to impossible for PF to win a seat in Lamba land but Matambo and the other chap in Kafulafuta managed to deliver not just one but two consitituencies ..if that is not working hard for PF then I don’t know what you call hard work. 2) You people have been calling against appointments of appeasement. 3) Kambwili is very sick and only a cruel person can appoint someone whom we don’t know when he’ll take up such an appointment. It can also aggravate the condition due to anxiety. 3) Your threat to ditch the PF is a sign that every time your friend disappoints you’ll end that friendship.

  8. It is prerogative of the President to appoint or disa-appoint.. Forming or constituting a Cabinet Team is as easy as most of us look at this issue. If my opinion opinion was to be ‘hired’ I would advise NOT give ‘sensitive’ portfolios such as Agriculture & Health to Comrades with Presidential AMBITIONS

  9. i doubt if anyone would appoint a person he fails to supervise. its not about hard work but how you fit in the work plan. Imagine his excellency appointing people like Hitler for defence, Kadaffi for home affairs, Suddam for foreign affairs, Mugabe for lands, HH for agriculture, Nevers for Religious affairs, Iddi Amin for Traditional affairs, Koffi Olomide for education etc. would he manage them? He knows what he is doing please.

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