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Some people are after my life-Canisius Banda

Headlines Some people are after my life-Canisius Banda

Dr Canicius Banda wipes his eyes after tear gas was thrown at the UPND youth rally
FILE: Dr Canicius Banda wipes his eyes after tear gas was thrown at the UPND youth rally

Suspended UPND Vice President Canisius Banda has sensationally claimed that some people are planning to kill him after his fall out with the party.

Dr Banda revealed that some unknown people driving two unregistered Black GX V8 Land cruisers surrounded his younger brother at Chainama Bus Stop and pulled out guns asking him for directions to Dr Banda’s house.

Dr Banda said his younger brother was offered K15,000 if he gave them the tip but that he refused.

He has now appealed for protection from President Lungu.

“Somebody wants to kill me. Somebody wants to terminate my life. Tonight, at about 19:40 hours, something very sad happened…. two black GX V8 Landcruisers with no plates suddenly surrounded my younger brother who was in a Corolla. This was at Chainama Bus Stop. Eight men, all wearing black suits, came out of the vehicles,” Dr Banda wrote on his Facebook page.

“As the vehicles idled on the tarmac, all of them pulled out guns. ‘Tell us where Dr Canisius BANDA stays. We will give you fifteen thousand Kwacha if you do so.’ My brother refused. ‘…whether you tell us or not we will find him…’ one of them said as they got back into the cars and sped away.”

Dr Banda said the matter has since been reported to the police.

“Fellow citizens come to my rescue. Protect me. I have spent all my life protecting you. Today it is me, tomorrow it will be you. Things have now fallen apart. Pray for me. An attack on one is an attack on all of us…President Lungu see now what your country is coming to. I am a law abiding and diligent citizen, an exemplary patriot.”

“…I am somebody’s son….I am somebody’s brother.
…I am somebody’s father….I am somebody’s friend. …I am a medical doctor…. I am a public health specialist. …I am a columnist. …I am a teacher. …to some I am a national asset. …I am many things…. but most importantly, I am just an ordinary human being only trying to help another.”

He has now appealed for protection from President Lungu.

“I now appeal to you. Protect me. I am one of Zambia’s citizens. Secure my life, Mr President. That is your responsibility…. for now I kneel before my Maker.  Father, what are you saying? Cover me with your blood… Amen.”


  1. Indeed, SENSATIONALLY claimed!!!!! Doc.make up your mind quickly. Stop creating James Bond plots we all know you a very fertile imagination!!

    • Okay, I am back.. Cant run away from my country and people, well, at least half of Zambia are my people. As for the Doc, I am very disappointed with these outbursts and tantrums. HH did a great job in selecting GBM as his running mate. I dont agree with everything that GBM represents but I think i proved it through hard work during campaigns that he is a true leader. People like Miles Sampa make me sick!!

      Dr Nevers Mumba has proved that he is a true leader and fighter. He deserves to be in the UPND leadership. The man worked extremely hard during campaigns and still is fighting for justice.

      Oh, Doc Banda, UPND leadership know where you stay. If they really wanted to take you out they would done it secretly, but they cant cause you are not worth a dime. Just pay your bills and grow…

    • correction… .I think he (GBM) proved it during campaigns… I like GBM. I like Dr Nevers Mumba, too. Both are solid.

      The Doc must just pay his bills and start acting more mature instead of these tantrums of a toddler..

    • I have serious doubts about this man’s claims first he tells us that he knows the cure for AIDS with lots of colourful words most of them unprintable and now he says his life is in danger wow what drama! Learn from Richard Kapita you can still shout quietly! One would be forgiven to think that this fellow is a member of sinkamba’s green party.

    • That younger brother is talking from his backside.

      How Banda somewhat believes him- is beyond him

      Alternatively those are people that are owed monies by Banda. Either way this story is another confirmation to what I already suspected. There is something amiss and the man is not quiet clever upstairs is Banda.

    • I am beginning to think that the good doc may not very well. He could be having serious mental problems. His outbursts of late are not consistent with the character we have known him to be. He sounds delusional.

    • UPND is full of wackos. We have Dongo na Sundu going around the country claiming they won the election and now we have the other Vice President hallucinating! Tsk tsk…

    • I didn’t know we had a James Bond in Zambia. A good one. The doc should just invest in this business. He will be rich as many of us will buy his novels. I believe this is just a Dionko of more stories to follow.

    • Well Banda, yes Banda is running from his own shadows of dununa reversed with a mixture of poor economy.
      Who and why, not “someone or some people” should they be after Banda? Banda Canisious can unconsciously join Lungu in PF and not crying lion dance with dununa backwardness unfortunately. If PF of Lungu didn’t win the elections as perpetuated, how much protection can they render when PF bandits have been butchering opposition parties.
      Banda, just cross over in reverse, time to go.

    • It’s always the case once you bump shoulders and dine with the masonry occult. It’s either you continue in the covenant or get killed. T his is a lesson to Nevers Mumba who has long sold out his soul wittingly. It must be tough for his wife Florence to go through what Nevers has just signed up to. Stay on your knees in prayers and elevate your vigilance. The Democratic constitutional Government of Zambia and its society will protect you.

  2. Can it be that hard to locate where a prominent figure lives? If he lives in Chainama half of Chainama knows where he lives.

  3. 1) it is a sad thing that people want you dead.
    2)Why should UPND look for your house, you mean HH and other top leadership have never been to your house
    3)if really these people want you dead, they would never start by first looking for you brother at the station.
    4) baba you just want a job. This is why Zambia can never develop because our politicians change goal posts anytime when things fall apart. We need consistent people who stand by their beliefs not lelo you are in the forward because you believe UPND will form government and next day you in PF because PF won. Njala yamunyokolani mweo

  4. What kind of a Dr is Canisius Banda? He has no fixed abode and no house of his own. For a medical doctor he sounds reckless with his life. Is he still practicing as a Dr? Lungu should just give this Dr a job after all he has been busy selling UPND secrets to PF. Lungu and PF should reward the poor Dr after all he is a “Kumodzi kumaawa” bed fellow. Dr CB pse hurry and defect or else the PF gravy train will leave u behind. Keep quiet Dr CB and Good luck.

  5. Banda you are not that important to get assassinated. Those are probably the chaps you owe rent money. Ask lungu to protect you

  6. Dr.Banda is trying to insult the crocodile when his ass is still in the river. When leaving an organization it’s better to do so in a respectable manner.

    The tactics he using are very unfathomable. You don’t ask for a job by first becoming a minion and that’s the major problem with Edgar…he has a lot of minions around him.

  7. kikikikikik Doc. Banda. The people who were paying rentals for your house should look for you. How? They know the landlord and the plot number where they directed payment how can they look for you?. Doc. thought he was going to cause chaos in the party but to realise that his departure is nothing to talk about. Bye Bye Doc go and enjoy the PF fruits.

  8. A true LEADER must act under the following characteristics:
    3: WISEDOM
    HAKULALUSAFYE HEVERY HAFTER 5 YEARS has got none of the above qualities as exhibited by his action towards canicius banda.busy decompaining himself and again in 2021 he will blame the ICC,ECZ,ZNBC THE CONCOURT and the electorates.when God says NO its NO.we have seen what UPND are doing in NAMWALA,LIVINGSTONE and DUNDUMWEZI,now they want to kill BANDA.
    This man was naturally born polite with respect for others.he was robbed of the vice presidency and didn’t take no action.
    That’s what you will do even to the innocent zambians once you get into power ,God forbid.you will use the electorates,dump them and kill some of them.what you have done to BANDA…

  9. I personally will only take you banda serious after apologising to of for what you did to president Sata. When need to know who was behind what you where doing. For now, stay in you fellow freemansons party. *****

  10. Dr Banda dont speak in parables say what you want to say directly, it is clear you are no longer needed where you pledged your allegiance, you made your own bed its now time you lay in it or ask for another one from the president but please be plain and straight to the point.

  11. wherever BANDA can run to seeking protection,whether to Angola,Zimbabwe etc,as long as there is protection and hospitality,he is rest assured of receiving it and in this case,its only in PF where he will immediately get it.


  13. Nonsensical gibberish from what seems to be a sick mind. What kind of rubbish is this? This would have been considered a nice script for an action holywood movie but for the clear desire for cheap attention as seen in the drunken rumblings of this clearly attention seeking silly man. I am not UPND but this is sick. And this is the man Hakainde appointed Vice President?

  14. CB is getting mad. He should get his head examined. Whoever wants to kill him obviously knows where to find him. As for him and the UPND, CB should have left in June 2016.UPND is a tribal party even him cant change that.As for GBM and Nalumango, a worse fate awaits them. Any non-Tonga who joins UPND under HH is terribly naive .

  15. Well, am not surprised by what am hearing from DR. Canisius Banda. UPND has been known to be an intolerant party that does not accept dissenting views especially when they happen to threaten the UPND status quo. Dr. Banda’s crime is merely to propose that UPND decides on whether to go to a convention or not. Now since this proposal threatens the hold of 5 time loser on the party president and it instills fear in many members of the UPND that a non-Tonga might take over the reigns of the part should they go to a convention, Dr. Banda’s life has to be intimidated to accept the UPND status quo ante.

  16. Let us not forget the intimidation by UPND during the last elections. As FDD President Nawakwi intimated during her ZNBC TV1 2016 post-election Sunday Interview, villagers in Monze and elsewhere in Southern Province were being threatened with their entire villages being burnt down if they did not vote for UPND. The FDD Namwala parliamentary candidate had her limbs broken because she was a threat to the UPND candidate. This is the UPND Mapatizya formula that is being applied now to Dr. Canisius Banda.

  17. You see what comes out of associating with evil people? Dr Banda is in real mortal danger, spiritually and physically because HH is a sorcerer and uses charismatic methods to entrance people. If Dr Banda is serious, he must step away from UPND, and in any case it’s clear association is over now. Sounds like intimidation, because Dr Banda is known by UPND, they know where he lives. These assassins knew, threatening his brother would get to him and his family. He needs to pray and denounce Satan, and his agent HH, calling on Jesus Christ to save his life spiritually and physically.

  18. I felt sorry when this chap was kicked out of his rental house and I thought HH was cruel for not helping him out. Now I know he is a useless Dr. Who can be after his life? it is PF that has been killing people’s lives. now i know HH was right in suspending him. He needs to be dismissed. his wako ni wako wants to give him a job and he wants to fram things in his mind. shame on this so called doctor.

  19. This is the problem when HIV dementia strikes, you even start talking publicly to God and claiming to have the cure for AIDS. Political expediency has a price

  20. Is it more difficult to find where you stay than to intercept a moving Corolla at a bus stop and then just say “OK bye mate we don’t need you anyway”? Boza che

  21. Pipo, CB knows a lot about upnd and hh, what they do and what they did during elections, so the are afraid of him spilling the beans hence intimidations. CB just expose them and u will be free, the truth shall set u free.

  22. Banda is asking for protection from ECL, funny, just say you are asking for a job. UPND will send William Banda with his petrol bombs and smoke you out.

  23. It may look a laughing matter but the Doc. knows very well what sort of people are in this game. They say”if you want to know how a crocodile lives ask the hippo”. For the soft spoken Doc. to cry openly and that loud something must be worrying him.

  24. Mr. Banda, please just make your mind up. Whether you are going to stop politics and focus on your career as a medical doctor. You dont own anybody an explaining. Even you did, its you to handle the consequences of your actions and decisions dont anybody else. Enough being a people pleaser (Boot Kisser) Dr. Banda, that is a prison on its own. One has to live up to one’s own life expectations and not live up to the expectations of others..So please stop doubting your decisions and wasting time. Be decisive and do what you need to do already.

  25. Canisius banda Dr.get down on your knees and cry to Jesus and you will be protected,the bible says if it is not the lord who builds,they who build labor in vain.have faith in Jesus.

  26. Team PF let’s take these statements from Doc CB with a dash of suspicion and caution.

    We don’t want to bring a Trojan horse into our midst that will burn down the castle!

    2020vision is about perception and intuition let’s visualise what we cannot see!!!!

  27. You need to pray not every one will understand you. You are under attack you need to denounce the devil CB. Bad association corrupts good morals. People from the dark world are difficult that one can not comprhend with ones interlect.

  28. Dr Banda the writing is on the wall. stop squinting.just wear your glass of wisdom and accept that you are no longer with them. we know it hurts to belong to a professional losing party. a part that can advise best on how to lose. you were denied of the second position for Fat Albert. you clang to them because you could not stand on your own. just swallow that pride and announce that you are joining a wining team. you will lose nothing. No satanist will follow you. Sad sad sad

  29. This sounds like some amateur propaganda to smear Dr. Banda. This desperation of power in Zambia seriously needs to be nipped in the bud. The one way ticket to riches is creating madness. We need to bring back sanity to governance, we need that fear factor to public duty and respect each other in disagreements. Freedom of expression is not a right to abuse. It’s a pity our law enforcement and investigative journalists have lagged behind this new digital media revolution or perhaps it’s a new way of diverting attention and stage managing situations. If this is true, Dr. Banda should stand up for what he believes in and spill the beans.

  30. Is that true banda,or just get Edgar attention we won with out u,so stay with upnd you just suspended why cry us if u thrown if u show no fruits of repentance than u b out and of won’t get u bcoz its party of rejects or bin to throw persons no no we are principled people learn from Samoa we refused him too!

  31. All those opposing CB will regret should anything nasty happen to him. Dont just be doubting Thomases of today to please this little rich fool hh and Big Tabby gbm. Be considerate or we shall take you for under dark world activists who do not consider friends’ plights. Be Godly.

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