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‘Housing allowance thirsty’ teacher abandon houses

Rural News ‘Housing allowance thirsty’ teacher abandon houses

Some teachers in Mongu district of Western Province are allegedly abandoning government teachers’ houses for them to be eligible to receive housing allowance.

A check by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) at Kande Primary School found five teachers’ houses deserted son that the teachers, who once occupied these houses, can start receiving housing allowance.

The only house which is occupied is for the head teacher. A reliable source, who sought anonymity for fear of victimization, told ZANIS that the teachers were renting houses in Mongu urban area leaving government teachers’ houses unoccupied.

The source further explained that the teachers were boarding mini-buses from Mongu to their designated school and back home every working day.

And Mongu District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Mulonda Sendoi said he was aware of this development but quickly blamed the community for failing to report such matters to his office.

Mr. Sendoi noted that the trend was common in many schools especially those that were located in Mongu pre-urban areas.

He however lamented that he was facing harassment from the members of the public whenever he attempted to take strong action against erring teachers.

He has since advised teachers to reoccupy their government teachers’ houses at their respective schools before disciplinary action is taken against them.

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  1. There is no need for any disciplinary action in this case. Just terminate the housing allowance and allocate them houses. They will go back.

    • Zambians like complicated “solutions”. Why give a housing allowance to somebody who should be staying in an institutional house? And why blame the local community when the DEBS himself cannot discipline these erring teachers? What other evidence of bad behaviour does he want to see?

  2. That is what happens when govt wants to micromanage people’s lives. Clearly those teachers don’t want houses. They want housing allowance so that they can live in a place of their choice. Yes of course they don’t mind the bus rides, they value their freedom. Just because one is a teacher doesn’t mean one has to live in a school compound. What disciplinary action they have not committed any crime. Just reallocate those houses to teachers who prefer to live in the school compound period.

  3. Those teachers have not committed any crime. They are merely exercising their rights! They are at liberty to choose how and where to stay. Find teachers who are ready to occupy those houses. The debs must be a very dull man.

  4. Ati disciplinary action? For what? Teachers just like the rest of citizens have choice of where to live so long they report for work. This DEBS is dull.

  5. Blame it on poor recording keeping. Prudent recording management will indicate clearly which teachers has been allocated houses and thus exempt them from receiving a housing allowance. Zikomo.

  6. Even me if I have my own house obviously I would prefer to live in my own house so I get housing allowance to supplement my small salary in this biting economy of the worst government in Zambia’s history.Disciplining the teachers for that reason is a big injustice.

  7. The teachers were not being paid housing allowances because they had been accommodated. Who ever reversed the condition is the one who is supposed to be punished for the deed. Check with the DEB in that area.

  8. the best thing let them live in preferred areas, where there is easy access of goods, my be the school is far from the towns. just give them there demand that’s so.

  9. Pink Toe you are right. The teachers are not to be blamed. Common sense tells you if you can make a little more from your employment conditions then by all means do so. Teachers are so poorly paid they can do with a little more. Besides who says you have to live in school? Even soldiers these days do not all stay in the barracks!

  10. SALARIES-Please dear Boma feel 4 us,up 2 now there are no salaties.Forcefully,we’ve now opted 4 kaloba-which is xtremely bad
    Help us please.

  11. Be DEBS, why force those teachers to occupy institution houses! You can’t even feel ashamed reporting the reaction of the community on the matter! Just transfer those teachers to schools that do not have accommodation so that they can arrange theirs. Ba DEBS that is a simple problem! It could have been a problem if the teachers were refusing to teach or reporting late for work culminating from their relocation.

  12. I guess those houses should be of substandard. Those teachers: not necessarily that they hate the rural area where the school is located. But they need houses of standard that may satisfy their accommodation need.

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