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Nevers Mumba Appeals to President Lungu to allow the Election Petition to be heard

Columns Nevers Mumba Appeals to President Lungu to allow the Election Petition to...

President Edgar Lungu with Nevers Mumba during the Zambia Vs Congo match in Ndola Stadium
FILE: President Edgar Lungu with Nevers Mumba during the Zambia Vs Congo match in Ndola Stadium

Dear Mr. Lungu,


I greet you and your family in Jesus’ name.

This note serves to persuade you, for the sake of posterity, to see the crisis our country is facing from an ordinary citizen’s point of view.

The truth you need is outside State House. It is outside both your Central Committee and Cabinet. It lies in the hearts of the ‘not so liked’ individuals who owe you nothing and vice versa.

By proceeding with your inauguration you have deprived yourself an opportunity to legitimize your Presidency.

The country is divided into half in terms of allegiance. To govern such a divided country needs to ensure that most of the population be fully satisfied that they have either won or lost an election. If this fact is not established, peace becomes illusive in a young democracy like ours. A feeling of being in control sometimes betrays our own God-given intuition that what we are doing is unjust.

In view of the developments of the past three months, it has become clear that your assumed victory is in question, not only by many Zambians but by a large part of the international community. This fact can be evidenced by the many Heads of state who declined the invitation to attend your inauguration. I know my colleagues surrounding you have found a way to explain this dilemma away. In diplomacy, if only two presidents out of 54 respond to an inauguration it clearly means that they may not want to associate with that particular event.

Additionally, we should all be deeply concerned when the three church mother bodies write a Pastoral letter distancing themselves due to the lack of transparency in the last election; when local monitors like FODEP confirm that the election was fraudulent and not free and fair; when observers like the European Union and the Carter Center state that the election was not free and fair; when civil society like SACCORD question the legitimacy of the election; when ECZ itself confesses that they had given you 8,000 extra votes in places like Lundazi erroneously; when world acclaimed constitutional lawyers like Professor Muna Ndulo confirms that the ConCourt failed to discharge justice; when three Judges made a private ruling to dispose of the petition; in all these circumstances, we should be deeply concerned. (I will attempt to attach all these documents for ease of reference)

With such dissent against the last election, I wish to repeat that your hurried inauguration could have been misconceived and may not be respected by many Zambians. I fully understand that I am not your advisor, but I am a Zambian with deep interest in the integrity of democratic processes in our country. The most favorable recourse you have would be to allow the Petition to be heard. This alone will free our nation from unnecessary conflict and allow us all to place development at the center of our debate. I would like to advise that those of us who have served under a president who was petitioned understand that a petition is not an enemy of democracy but an effective healing balm of democracy.

President Mwanawasa was petitioned by Anderson Mazoka. I served as Vice President at the time. While the petition was always a source of great discomfort, it also served as a safety catch for the nation until the courts ruled on the case. Until your petition is heard, there remains no safety catch for the people of Zambia.

I don’t expect you to listen to my counsel, but if you do, you will probably become one of the very few leaders today and in history to take advise from a person they profess to hate. Someone who is not within the establishment. I however consider myself qualified to offer you my views. Firstly, I have served under a petition when I deputized President Levy Mwanawasa, secondly, I am giving counsel as a fully ordained minister of the Gospel and thirdly as an active participant in the last electoral process.

I wish to further advise that you caution and counsel those who speak on your behalf to start a new culture of answering the questions Zambians are asking instead of what they have become known for. They usually seek to insult and humiliate those who seek answers from your office. By responding with statements like, ‘Nevers is a failed politician,’ or ‘is a failed Pastor’, such rhetoric does not take away the issue at hand which is that Zambians want justice and want the petition to be heard. I urge them to first address themselves to the critical question at hand. Insulting us will not resolve the conflict on the table. Whether in their eyes one is viewed as an “irrelevant” citizen of Zambia or not, every Zambian deserves to be heard.

I wish to conclude my submission with 2 Chronicles 18:1-34. This is an account I recommend you read. King Ahab only listened to Prophets he liked. Those who were usually part of the Palace’s furniture. He supported them financially and they benefitted greatly from the riches of the King. King Ahab of Israel asked King Jehoshaphat of Judah to go with him to fight at Ramoth-Gilead. As the tradition was, Ahab called four hundred of his “palace” prophets to confirm if it was God’s will to go to battle and all the four hundred prophets gave him a green light. Jehoshaphat asked if there was any other prophet outside the palace. This was the answer from Ahab, “There is yet one man, by whom we may enquire of the Lord: but I hate him; for he never prophesied good unto me, but always evil; his name is Micaiah the son of Imlah.”

I hope you will not throw out this advice because you may have an issue with the messenger.

From where we stand, we are determined not to look back but to fight for justice and to ensure that the petition is heard.

We pray that you do the right thing for God’s people who are disillusioned and are hurting as they await justice. Mr. President, I urge you to stand with the Zambians to get their petition heard.

Sincerely in Christ,

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
President, MMD

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  1. Dr Mumba is this even.allowed under the amended constitution? It’s time to move on. The opposition legal team were given adequate time to present the case at the concourt, but they wasted their own time on preliminary issues. This is a lesson for future petitions. What we need now are discussions on how to move our economy forward. In addition, please remind your opposition colleagues not to shun this year’s National prayer day.

    • This is the problem I have with Dr. Mumba. On one hand he issues a press statement that the opposition alliance does not recognize His Excellence ECL as the president and that they will start a revolution for justice. On the other hand you are writing and advising the same person you don’t recombine as president to have your petition heard. What are you saying? Secondly you are advising a person whom you know that he won’t heed. What are you doing? Pastor Mumba, you also don’t take advise! Many people on line have been advising you to go back to the pulpit because that’s where YOU BELONG and not politics. You have not heeded to this advise. Why do you want others to listen to you? By the way, is it the president who allows the courts to hear cases? Pastor Mumba listen and heed to…

    • Ctd. Pastor Mumba listen and heed to people’s advise. By the way in your own words you confessed that a political appointment is a demotion. Now who vigorously yearns and go after a demotion because that’s exactly what you are doing Pastor. Stop being the spokesperson for matters that you said are a demotion to you. Go back to your God given assignment and continue with His works and God will ensure you prosper in all your ways. You like quoting the Old Testament! We are leaving under a new covenant. Please quote what Jesus said about giving chaser what belongs to grader and to God what belongs to God. Thank you and please listen this time

    • Nevers Mumba you are not fighting for us Zambians because we voted for ECL. You are fighting for your belly and you have 5 years ahead of you to keep tightening your belt or leave Zambia. Your HH will never test state house in his lifetime so wake up and go back to the pulpit bitter man.

  2. Tomorrow parliament opens. The composition is as follows:-
    PF 85 MPS
    UPND 55 MPS
    FDD 1 MP
    Nervious Mumbwe, where is the half that is dissatisfied? arnarchy is only in your and under five’s mind. PF can pass any law with more than 2/3 majority. please stop wasting our time with such rubbish letters mwe fikopo.

  3. Are there no other things to do for Nevers, HH GBM and UPND? Please don’t misuse the term ‘Zambians’ to imply everyone because I’m Zambian and with no shadow of doubt whatsoever that UPND lost and are now proving to be a nuisance to our progress as a nation. Pleeaase get a life!

  4. Dr. Mumba your causes for fair hearing are good but timing seem to be a problem. We are praying that men like you are going to take a role that will enhance healing in the nation that provocative. We are tired to hear men going round and round to provoke the situation. Zambia needs a break time for election is over. I hope you read this also.

  5. Dr. Mumba, You must know that we are treating you with kids’ gloves. You state of mind is currently questionable and each and every time you open your mouth, you want to infuriate the state and the President. Your statements are highly treasonable. The earlier you can come to terms with reality the better for you because not all days are Sundays. Please reflect properly and move on. You know that once the Concourt has ruled that it and once a President is sworn in by the Chief Justice, he is President until the next election result and hand over. You these facts but for you to continue agitating the President is simply a mere provocation. Remember, Zambia is bigger that you, HH and even EL. EL will have no option but to protect the bigger picture and we are waiting for him through the…

  6. U think ka chagwa can risk been found out as a liar and risk presidency? Lunga is drunk with stolen power.

    • You have five years of you to be bitter like your silly ***** party president, i thought he is taking his failed petition to ICC?,

    • Jealous,bitterness, hatred are bad. I dont know why there is too much bitterness, jealous and hatred in UPND. Pliz it’s not Lungu to determine whether the petition should be heard again or not. Six (6) provinces, Copperbelt and Lusaka inclusive
      , out rightly voted for Edgar Lungu and PF, while three (3) provinces southern, western and north western voted for UPND and HH. So pliz Ba Nevers Mumba are you telling Zambia and the World in particular that the 3 provinces (southern, western and north western) have more people than the six (6) provinces. Because in your letter sir, you keep mentioning the majority which we have failed understand because the majority are in the six (6) provinces won by President Lungu. Sir despite suspicions concerning the hidden agenda in your letter i would…

  7. Spill the evidence on social media if all formal roads lead nowhere. As for PF, they have proof that UPND wanted to spoil the elections, Mwaliteta is there for all to see.

  8. Nevers take the advice from the earlier comments. Time to move on and offer solutions for the improvement of the economy. Do you honestly think Edgar Lungu can listen to you?

  9. Ba Mumba that issue is over, we know you want Zambians to keep talking about senseless HH.. our future Children should learn that if they don’t put there evidence to the court within 14 days it means they can’t go anywhere.

  10. for the first time in Zambia there is no hung parliament the PF GOVERNMENT has an absolute majority. The logic of this to nervious mumbwe, under five, fat albert and all upnd minnons on this page is that at 85 mps, PF has more than 60% popularity in Zambia. the talk of a country split in half is utter rubbish. it is necessary for the minister of home affairs to ensure internal security prevails by caging all those advocating arnarchy and rebellion. surely its time to move on.

    • For the first in MULTIPARTY ZAMBIA. But even then I thought FTJ when he thumped KK with a 2/3 majority MMD had an absolute majority of seats in parliament because they were MPs even in the so called UPND stronghold because at the time it was not in existence.

  11. UPND should just post there so called evidence online were they are popular. They should start so by putting it on ZWD for dogs.

  12. Nevers may have taken a huge loan on the assumption that Upnd were going to win. Now he’s cornered so all he can he do is to bark rabid impossibles. Edgar is not the one who can allow the petition ….how does a player award a penalty on behalf of the opposition team?

  13. Why appeal to ECL, are you not taking your petition to ICJ and ICC. Mumba, I am an ordinary Zambian and I am not facing any crisis so please do not generalize, we have moved on. There is no division in the country except in your head. Nevers was promised a job by hh that is why he is talking so much. Njala nyamunyokola.

  14. It’s very clear that this has been the most painful LOSS to HH and his surrogates! My humble advice: koseni fye bane; we’re not interested in the suicides I hear some of you are contemplating as there’s more to life than a political office! It’s not like you had it and have just lost; you never had so please chill and move on!

  15. NERVERS Mumba has now become a nuisance with his primitive and provovative insinuations of vote riggings, stealing when in fact. Its the UPND who manipulated this election when they recruited a known NGO as a money lender in exchange for voters cards. Our silence as Zambians on this matter cannot be taken for a ride. We know who rigged these elections. HH cannot amass 1, 760, 477 not possible!!!!Stop bucking u under gods u have nothing to do and HH cannot create a job for u. Shame on u Nervers Mumba.

  16. Nervous, all this for an election you never stood in. You sign off as “President, MMD”, did the MMD as a party petition the outcome of the elections. Better sign off as “UPND sympathiser”.

  17. This in my opinion is the most useless letter coming from Dr. Mumba.
    its useless in that in one breath he Dr. Mumba is requesting His excellence the President of the Repubic of Zambia to consider and allow the petition to be heard while on the other hand or at the end of his letter he states that he Dr. Mumba and his friends will ensure that the petition is heard, “From where we stand, we are determined not to look back but to fight for justice and to ensure that the petition is heard”. end of quote
    due to the above i find his request not to conform within the confineness of a request and in any case, currently the President has nothing to do with the petition, all Dr. Mumba and his friends need to do is to continue moving aimlessly from Court to Court for they seem not to under…

  18. Nervous, the Spirit of God has departed from you hence your bitterness especially on Prime TV. Your bitterness is equalled to the taste of quinine. This overdose will kill you. The real owners of UPND are quite leaving attack barkers like you doing the mopping up. Your language of saying ALL Zambian is misleading, I am not one of your bitter kind, I am happy with the legally declared and elected President Mr ECL who the world recognises. We know where you are coming from…a known DESTROYER OF PARTIES…Everything you touch TURNS to DUST…

  19. I like the the scripture though in this case it is misapplied.ELC wants a free and independent judicially.Nervers might be planting a trap for ELC to show the world that he interferes in the operations of the judicially by directing courts to hear an expired petition.Pesident ELC is too big to fall in your mouse trap.Lastly am imprest that you still posses some potential in spiritual guidance.

  20. Excuse me!!!! I thought the UPND Legal team took this petition to FIFA after discovering that International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court don’t deal with such cases but disputes between the 192 UN member states and war crimes rated cases respectively…
    What has FIFA ruled or said???
    Can somebody help me……

  21. People…..help me please….the seven (7) days ultimatum that he was given to exculpate himself which has since expired for Dr Canisius Banda did they include weekends???????????

  22. Dr. Mumba you better keep quiet for your own little integrity still remaining from entirely evaporating. You are a pastor and you should remember this and apply to your situation.
    1. The rich man in the Bible prayed to a wrong person.
    2. The rich man in the Bible prayed at a wrong time.
    3. The rich man in the Bible prayed in a wrong place.

    Good lucky pastor.

  23. Sinkamba Wisdom – Nevers Mumba thanks for your wise counsel. Those are wise words you have spoken but very few will see sense in what you have said because of poverty in their pockets

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