LIVINGSTONE Town Clerk Vivian Chikoti has urged the public to desist
the habit of harassing public health practitioners during
inspections to control the illegal sale of liquor in undesignated

Ms Chikoti said it was a challenge to deliver public health services
in Livingstone especially during inspections to control the illegal
sale of liquor in undesignated places as officers were usually

She has appealed to residents  to consider public health practitioners as
their partners in promoting the wellbeing of the community.

Ms Chikoti said in a speech read for her behalf by
Livingstone City Council director of planning Jamie Mukwato during the
World Environmental Health commemoration ceremony held under the theme
“Tobacco Control – A Response to the Global Tobacco Pandemic”.

“The delivery of environmental health services in our City has not
been without challenges.
“Our professionals have faced numerous challenges including harassment
by the public and lack of appropriate measuring instruments for some
health related hazards such as excessive sound,” she said.

Ms Chikoti also bemoaned the inertia by members of the community to
embrace hygienic practices.

She said the delivery of quality and adequate environmental health
services was a cost effective and efficient way to promote public
health in the City.

Ms Chikoti also urged on various premises in the City to display ‘No
Smoking Symbol’ as tobacco smoking was dangerous to health.

Speaking at the same meeting, acting Livingstone District Commissioner
Harriet Kawina said smoking and  the use of tobacco was the primary cause
of preventable illness and deaths.

In a speech read for her by Livingstone District Agricultural
Coordinator Jackson Soko, Ms Kawina said six million people die
globally because of tobacco intake every year.

“My office will support any resolution by the council to enforce the
“No Public Smoking Law” and therefore I urge all premises to comply
with Statutory Instrument Number 39 and cooperate with law enforcement
agencies as they carry out their duties,” Ms Kawina said.

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  1. Let the Police due their jobs. When anyone harasses a health worker, arrest that contrived individual. Have them get a court date and make them pay fines.


  2. why give permits to shebeens in every corner. why not give permit to operate bars without health facilties or these bats are illegal and cannot be stopped?



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