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Canisius Banda is till a member of UPND-Kakoma

General News Canisius Banda is till a member of UPND-Kakoma

Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma
CANISIUS Banda is still a member of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and reports that he has resigned are nothing but speculation, Charles Kakoma has declared.

Mr Kakoma, who is UPND spokesperson, said Dr Banda had neither relinquished his position as vice-president for political affairs nor had he quit the party and was, therefore, still a member of the opposition party.

Mr Kakoma said as far as the UPND was concerned, the resignation of Dr Banda was simply social media speculation and poetry as the opposition party had not received any formal communication from the poetic politician.

Mr. Kakoma, however, said the UPND was not going to find out from Dr Banda as was reported in the media but would wait for the former vice-president to submit his resignation letter.

“As far as the UPND is concerned, Dr Banda is still a member of the UPND and remains the vice-president for political affairs. We have not received any letter from him informing the party that he has resigned and we are treating the reports as nothing but poetic social media commentaries. However, we are not going to look for Dr Banda so that he can hand in his resignation letter,” Mr Kakoma said.

Mr Kakoma said as far as the UPND was aware, Dr Banda was suspended and was asked to exculpate himself within seven days.

He stated that Dr Banda had not yet exculpated himself and was, therefore, still an effective member of the UPND.

But Charles Malembeka, a representative of Dr. Banda has challenged the UPND to stop playing games with Zambians and challenged the opposition party to come out and confess over the resignation of their vice-president.

Mr. Malembeka said Dr. Banda’s resignation letter was delivered to the UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka who had acknowledged receipt.

He said the UPND leadership should be careful with the manner they were going to handle the resignation of Dr Banda because as vice-president, he was a key member of the opposition party.

“From the office of Dr. Banda (Pilgrim) because he is no longer UPND vice-president, we are saying that the UPND should not behave like kids and we expect them to show leadership so that we can learn,” Mr Malembeka said.

Mr Malembeka said Dr. Banda was allegedly in possession of pictures of Mr Katuka receiving the letter when it was delivered at his residence on Wednesday.

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    • No one can be chased from a party of their choice. Dr. Banda stuck to UPND because of the promise of a senior ministerial position otherwise his decision to leave was made after he was sidelined as running mate. Now imagine if he was the running mate? The fact is he is looking for a job and couldn’t resist the offer from the PF.

  1. In UPND facts are dreamed up then declared as such…no verification just declare.
    They axed Banda on social media but they wont accept his response on social media… These demagogues are such dictators … no democracy and fairness in UPND.

  2. Mr Kakoma,
    What are you saying?
    Your same MOUTH says “CANISIUS Banda is still a member of the United Party for National Development (UPND) and reports that he has resigned are nothing but speculation, Charles Kakoma has declared.”
    However within the same Mouth you say “the resignation of Dr Banda was simply social media speculation and poetry as the opposition party had not received any formal communication from the poetic politician.”
    UPND Vice President today labelled Poetic Politician, courtesy of Mr. Kakoma.

  3. You are Right Hakainde, Banda was suspended on social media and he also resigned on social media. how do u honestly say It was difficulty to trade CB, your so called vice President. Move on UPND and replace him with your new wedded Nevers Mumba who dumped God for Satan.

    • Yes that was the problem. HH, it takes a real leader to organize people together. UPND will be in government soon. If I were you do not risk the party by chasing brilliant people away from the party. They may be poor, but they have the brains. Emulate Mazoka, he used to call some of them. Even Sata did that. Pick best brains from other provinces, not used hungry politicians such as Nevers Mumba. He is in the party for his own benefit and never for the Zambian masses. I believe in you even if am not Tonga, but my parents come from Muchinga and Eastern.
      This is the reason, I always miss Mazoka. You can do it man. Do not parade Intellectuals from your province, yes they are brilliant but they play no real meaningful contribution politically. Those like Hansungule should take a back seat…

  4. We watched a clip on ZNBC news showing Banda saying good bye my friends. So what does that mean? He clearly stated that he had quit and would not join another party soon as he wanted to reflect.

  5. Messing with people’s heads is the MAIN doctrine of UPND. PUTTING PEOPLE IN A TRANCE is a speciality, that’s the only reason people who are not Tonga vote for UPND. This saga should be a learning opportunity for the whole of Zambia. We cannot allow these befuddled people anywhere near State House and Office of The President.

    • Patriotic abroad, I disagree. Nobody chooses to be Tonga, or Nyanja or even Bemba. Am not Tonga, but easterner/Northerner. We need to move away from thinking tribal. HH will be president if only he assembles sharp young and intelligent people around him.Yes we also need older ones, but these must take a back seat. We also need Dr. Band around us. We also need to change the slogan of Zambia forward, to Zambia the future, belongs to all of us.
      HH look for Dr. Banda, and talk to him on one on one please. He will listen to you. He is sharp. Never chase away sharp minds please HH.

    • @Perfect. Problem is the young people are easily swayed even older ones like Munkombwe. Five years in Zambia is long compared to Kubulaya, organize and keep opposing. PF should not have an easy ride messing up. There is enough time to reflect, re organize, re group, have a convention even if HH will win… LOL

  6. The problem with Upnd is that they wanted cb to be expelled instead of quitting on his own. It’s like they defeated that left without being fired

    • Yes Chuundu, Dr. Banda is not an ordinary mind. He thinks, he is sharp. Its miscalculation for UPND to suspend Dr. Banda on social media. I would advise HH to find Dr. Banda quietly and talk to him. HH is the best man to lead the party.He is still young, and he should never be bitter at all. HH must never be pushed by a carder to suspend brilliant minds. I can tell you that even if GBM would resign, nobody would care much especially intelligent or educated people, because well it would be expected. But loosing Canisius is a blow to educated people. Sata used educated people to form his party. That’s why he married Kaseba. HH, look for Dr. Banda and talk one to one with nobody around. Hear his views. I believe in the two of your than you and GBM. I had not problems with your picking GBM…

  7. So does this mean that the Dr. CANISIUS Canisius Banda we saw on ZNBC talking to reporters bidding farewell to his friends was a REAL HOLLYWOOD STUNT. Does Dr. Banda have a TWIN BROTHER OR BODY DOUBLE?

  8. You were celebrating when GBM was declared running mate. We warned you but you laughed at us. HH do you smell the aroma of the fresh coffee being brewed ? Its a new ball-game altogether mate !

  9. LUNGU won the elections,they say no he didn’t. now CANICIUS has resigned they are saying no he hasn’t,and within themselves others are celebrating canicius’s resignation.what a bunch of dunderheads these DUNDUMWEZIANS are?mwayamba kumupapatila manje ka.You shot yourselves in the FOOT.

    • If i was Banda i would be stupid not to take job, with hard times and IMF looming who would want to be in opposition? He orchestrated this, then given an opportunity to resign. Brilliant, you might get yourself a post abroad, NY, London, India. Read the Post on Dr Banda.

  10. Perfect: how many Tongas were beaten in Eastern or Bemba land? Do you think normal Bembas and Ngonis are happy? Who doesn’t know that Tonga’s beat and killed Ngonis and Bembas after 11 August elections?

    • Two wrongs do not make right. Nobody chooses to be Tonga or Tumbuka mwebantu. I believe in Mazoka’s party. Just in the same way I believed in Sata’s passion to serve Zambia. HH means well. He just needs rightful men around him. It is never too late. Let HH go speak to Dr. Banda. Am sure things would work. Doing away with intelligent people is a big mistake. People are usually attracted to sharp minds. Even Edgar had no money, but because of his intelligence people got attracted to him. Yes we need GBM but not at the expense of Dr. Banda.

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