Govt working on Nyawa Chiefdom’s relignment – South PS

Zimba District


GOVERNMENT is considering a request from Chief Nyawa of Kazungula
District in Southern Province to move his chiefdom to Zimba District,
Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoma has said.

And Zimba District Commissioner Elizabeth Kalaluka said she was aware
of the request from the traditional leader but declined to make
further comments.

Nyawa Chiefdom, which is currently in the vast district of Kazungula,
is located near Zimba District and the traditional leader has to pass
through Zimba and Livingstone districts to access Kazungula.

Previously, Nyawa chiefdom was part of Kalomo district and it used to
get various services from that district which was also near.

Mr Simuchoba said in an interview in Livingstone that the Government
was considering the request from the traditional leader to delink some
parts of Nyawa Chiefdom from Kazungula to Zimba district to enhance
service delivery to the area.

“Government wants to bring service delivery to the people of Nyawa
Chiefdom and so I want to state that we have begun the process of
delinking part of the chief from Kazungula district to Zimba
district,” he said.

Mr Simuchoba said his office had received representation from Chief
Nyawa to move the Chiefdom from Kazungula to Zimba.

“I would like to confirm that the request by the chief was received
and is being considered seriously by Government and a decision will be
made soon on the matter, the delinking of the chiefdom from the
district will happen soon,” he said.

Mr Simuchoba was quick note that chief’s boundaries cannot shift as it
is a fixed boundary whilst the district boundaries can be moved.

Recently, Chief Nyawa made another call to have his chiefdom move from
Kazungula to Zimba.

He said people were being side-lined in terms of getting service
delivery from the Government.

He urged Government to quickly come to the rescue of his people.


  1. These guys will never appreciate govt for as long as the President is not from Southern,Even the so called PS is also a proper Dundumwezi.

  2. If our hard working Chilubanama is gone,what is then so special with this guy who is reaping where he did not sow ? Why cant the President pick on even one hardworking and qualified DC or Madyenkuku or Mwananjiti who worked hard in the province ?

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