A nutritionist in Kasama district has bemoaned the high levels of malnutrition in infants in Northern Province.

Northern Province Principal Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health, Daniel Chiluba, said the 49 percent stunting levels among children in the region was too high hence the need for immediate interventions.

Mr. Chiluba, who is also Northern Province Acting Provincial Nutrition Coordinating Committee (PNCC) Chairperson, said there was need for concerted efforts in addressing malnutrition levels in the province.

He told ZANIS in Kasama that malnutrition was a major cause of stunted growth in children.

He said more women should be sensitized about giving a balanced diet to their children in order to scale-down malnutrition in the province.

Mr. Chiluba observed that good nutrition in the first most critical days of children was important to curb malnutrition.

He has since urged lactating mothers to exclusively breastfeed until the child is six months old to prevent stunting and malnutrition.

Mr. Chiluba said it was important that children are well nourished noting that this will make them grow into healthy citizens that will contribute to the economic development of the country.

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  1. With this kind of poverty in the country you have a so called humble drunk president chartering planes to the USA and wasting a lot of money which could have saved many kids. the prime minister of Australia went to UN in NY and travelled in trains with ordinary people while drunk Changwa is drunk with obsessive high life living and obsessive oppression of HH & GBM. Shame


  2. mr. Chiluba, dont mistake those children for stuntedness, thats how they are. They are gifted to have big teeth for craking fresh cassava and caterpillers. Kekekekekekekekeke



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