New ZRA Chief calls for respect of taxpayers



Newly appointed Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda has urged staff to treat tax payers with respect if the institution is to fulfill its mandate of collecting revenue for government.

Mr. Chanda said there is need for the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to harness sound working relations with tax payers if tax evasion is to be eradicated at all costs.

In a memo addressed to all staff and made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Chanda said ZRA needs to ensure that citizens and companies cooperate in paying taxes to foster national economic development.

“I expect all members of staff to treat all taxpayers with respect and courtesy even when the taxpayer is wrong. Without paying taxes, you can’t have these social goods and services such as education, health etc,” he said.

The ZRA Chief warned that he will not hesitate to sack partisan, undisciplined and non performing workers in his quest to improve efficiency and performance at ZRA.

“We collect revenue across the country without political considerations. Therefore, there must be no politics here at ZRA. If anyone dares to undermine or compromise revenue collection because of political prejudice, as alleged in the past, I will not hesitate to fire you,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chanda pledged to transform ZRA into a transparent, vibrant, and effective government agency tasked with collecting revenue for government.


  1. hope the ZRA chief will be true to his word…… Actually , i suggest that he may start to establish if the Ministers and MPs pay correct taxes from their salaries and allowances from parliament and other income from outside parliaments.
    Next , ZRA chief must ensure that withholding tax from rented house is deducted and remitted from all rented houses. A physical inspection need to be done.
    this country needs committed tax payers…….
    lastly out of politics , open Post newspaper with a clear tax repayment plan agreed with the post management.

    • The only respect we want as tax payers is to see to money collected through tax be used prudently for the good of the public. We want to see quality public services. We want to see public institutions operate efficiently. Quality health care, education etc. Not squandering our taxes on useless international trips.

    • Dictators are actually made by people like you! You may be benefiting from the corruption now but when the dictatorship is entrenched in the system and Zambia becomes another Zimbabwe then it will affect you too. My friendly warning is DON’T EVER HEROWORSHIP anyone. Or maybe you are C Kambwili who never learns anything.

  2. Am happy with the CG, it’s good that his plan is to turn Zra into transparent,vibrant and effective government agency.

  3. Just invest in customer service training and introduce flexible hours..instead of issuing hollow statements…you can not tell a kaponya conductor to be courteous to his bus passengers when you pay him on how fast he fills up the minibus..

  4. allowances are taxable…… i know the tax laws better… no pride with me. i am a tax adviser and an adventist.
    Prove me wrong and cite section of the income tax act that exempt the issues i raised.
    better read the income tax act

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