World Vision Zambia in Luwingu district in Northern Province has embarked on an ambitious project of installing pipes for water in chief Tungati and chief Chabula’s areas.

Chief Tungati is for the Bemba speaking people while chief Chabula is for the Bisa people in Lupososhi constituency.

World Vision Zambia Buyatanshi area development programme manager Eliphas Mwanza said the provision of piped water in the two chiefdoms has cheered the community.

Mr. Mwanza said people in the two chiefdoms have stopped walking many kilometres in search of water because they were now drawing the commodity from nearby taps.

He said the solar powered water pumps have been installed at health centres and schools in order to supply clean and safe drinking water to the community.

Mr. Mwanza named the beneficiary institutions as Tungati rural health centre, Nsombo rural health centre, Nsombo primary school, Tungati primary and Mwando primary school.

He said that about 90 taps have been installed in various villages in chief Tungati and chief Chabula areas and palaces.

Mr. Mwanza further said World Vision Zambia was also constructing modern ablution blocks which will be supplied with piped water at Mwando and Nsombo primary schools in the area.

He also said the area development programme has sunk 47 boreholes in various villages in Lupososhi constituency.

And Luwingu District Commissioner Patrick Chanda praised world vision Zambia for its work of good will done for the community in the two chiefdoms.

Mr. Chanda said the community will be drinking clean water thereby reducing water borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera and bilharzia.

He has since appealed to the Ministry of General Education to copy what World Vision Zambia was doing in Luwingu district and improve water supply in all its schools.

He said the supply of piped water to and the construction of ablution blocks in primary schools will improve the enrolment levels in all the institutions where World Vision Zambia was operating from.

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