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A 60 year old man killed in Pemba

General News A 60 year old man killed in Pemba

A SIXTY year old man of Pemba District in Southern Province has been
murdered by unknown people.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Godwin Phiri said a report of
murder received at Batoka police post in which Moses Mulongo, 67, of
Siakakwale Village in Chief Moyo in Pemba District reported that
Daniel Siamakuba Siamasansa ,60, was shot dead by unknown persons.

Mr Phiri said in a statement yesterday that a shotgun was suspected to
have been used in the killing.

He said the deceased sustained multiple injuries on the head and neck.

Mr Phiri said the incident occurred on Wednesday this week around
21:00hrs at the named address.

“So far no arrests have been made and investigations have continued to
establish motive of the murder and circumstances leading to this
unfortunate death,” Mr Phiri said.


  1. This is the ethnic cleansing kambwili and his fellow thugs have been promoting through their hate speech against tongas. Very sad . Rip

    • Try to use your brain to think if you have any. Where is Kambwili in the story. Where have these idio ts come from kanshi mwebantu? Stop this nonsense of politicizing everything.

  2. kambwili should be brought to book surely are all policemen in zambia scared to arrest him or are they scared of the unknown

  3. @1 KK cabiner, sounds more like a UPND killing. By the way the deceased is a man by the name of Daniel. You seem to know something about this heinous crime, did you guys mistakenly shoot an old man when you were hired by GBM on behalf of HH to kill a woman for maximum sympathy? That is your stronghold bane, there is no party that can commit such a crime in that UPND intimidation area where no dares go.

  4. it pains me to see how the comments above have one thing in common ,tribal allegations, truth is people get killed all the time the world isnt perfect thats reality but it seems everyone now is an expert on deduction of murder , let us wait for the statement from the police rather than placing blame.

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