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Woman jumps from Second floor to escape from abusive husband

General News Woman jumps from Second floor to escape from abusive husband

zambiaPolicelogoA 20 year old woman is nursing injuries in Kafue District Hospital after jumping from the second floor of Mulungushi flat in Kafue estates after allegedly being raped and threatened to be killed by the father of her child.

Kafue acting District Commissioner, Joseph Kamana confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Kafue yesterday.

Mr Kamana named the victim as Precious Mwaba Kambole of Kapirimposhi and her assailant as Sylvester Mwanza of Kafue Estates.

The District Commissioner explained that the incident happened last week when Mwanza took Kambole to one of the flats in Kafue estates where he attempted to kill her.

He further said Kambole managed to escape by breaking one of windows and jumped from the second floor.
Mr. Kamana said Kambole sustained injuries and is currently admitted to Kafue District Hospital.

He described her condition as stable.

The District Commissioner said Sylvester is on the run and the police have launched a manhunt to bring him to book.

Mr Kamana has since called on Kafue residents to report gender based violence to the relevant authorities if the scourge is to eradicated in communities.

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  1. Mutinta Hichilema is hospitalised after jumping from the roof of her Kabulonga home.
    Kaponya (HH) allegedly tried to rape her.

    • Look at what Nyanjas and Bembas are doing to each other after realising that Dununa Reverse means poverty for the cadre.

  2. These are pf cadres who are frustrated that they are even more poorer after voting in the chimbwi called lungu. So now they taking frustration out on their innocent wives. Be a man and face we the upnd wembwa we. Kudos is just a typical pf cadre. Dogs like him don’t live long. Liars and thieves die young. Lungu lied and stole votes

    • I think, you are the most stupid ***** together with your so called president kachema, how many times has your ***** failed the ECZ exams? If ECL is a dog, then your ***** kachema hh,must be a cheap seasonal HOH!!

  3. Everything is politics, the incident has nothing to do with the politicians but a young woman who was being abused and the comments must simply address this issue. It is really strange how astray people have gone to politicize every incident in the country. There is still life besides politics and elections ladies and gentlemen. Can we move forward with other pressing issues in our communities! Wishing the young woman a quick recovery.

  4. Why don’t you observe and not write silly comments? Tell us, whats the connection between Precious’s incident and ECL? You are lucky to be born and you are here today, your father forgot to masrterbate on your day.

  5. us pf we a on the driving seat vuvumvumvum no time for online this is for losers now see u in 2021 time to work now

  6. Quick recovery young lady. Don’t worry there are lots of good men out there for you.
    lock up that man throw away the keys.

    Kudos can’t think about anything but HH.
    It’s nice that you pf kaponyas are scared of HH and UPND!

  7. These are people whose mind is in bondage and the waste part of this is that they themselves don’t realize it that they are sick in their “medula oblongata”. Can someone list at least 5 benefits of INSULTING. I know one of them:
    1. You remain cursed
    2. add on please…

  8. Please you people who insult or who like insults, I beg you to stop. Whether you are PF members or UPND members, you are just cursing yourselves. Repent and apologize in your own homes before God. He is watching you, judgment is soon coming. You will regret on that day. Take time to read the bible. Some people you are insulting are your fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters and you boost to be in a Christian Nation. Hatred is evil.

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